Top 10 Steve Jobs Pixar films

Pixar is a unique animation studio. Its cartoons can be recommended to both children and adults. Pixar had almost no failures for all their professional activities, so it was very, very, very difficult to create a TOPof the best-animated cartoons. But still, we did it.

If you still do not know, what movies Steve Jobs made, then we are glad to share this information with you.

Here we go!


  1. Cars (2006)

A full-length cartoon from Pixar’s studio tells about talking cars that live in their amazing car world. The hero of the cartoon racing car Lightning McQueen likes to win in everything, his main goal is a victory in the Piston Cup. Going to his trailer in California to participate in the next stage of the cup, sleepy Lightning McQueen accidentally fell out of the trailer and lost his way on track 66, which led him to an abandoned town called Radiator Springs. Everything would go well if Lightning was good in the town and did not spoil the only normal road.

So the city authorities sentenced the poor fellow to thepunitive deduction. When Lightning became closer to the inhabitants of Radiator Springs, he made new friends with the next wheelbarrows: Judge Doc Hudson, the old Metra truck, the seller Luigi, the master of painting Ramon. Lightning even fell in love with the chic girl Porsche 911 Sally Carrera. New and loyal friends became McQueen’s team at the races and helped the rider realize important things that are more valuable than prizes and fame.

  1. Brave (2012)

Brave Merida is in the TOP 10 best Steve Jobs Pixar Movies for all Time.

The main heroine of the adventure cartoon – Celtic Princess Merida was born in the family of the King of Scotland Fergus and Queen Elinor. The red-haired girl showed her backbone from birth. Despite the fact that Merida is a princess, she never wanted to be, she is not interested in court gossip, she does not dress in chic dresses and does not dream of a beautiful prince. The princess prefers to enjoy thefreedom and also to ride her horse through the forests and meadows.

However, Queen Elionor cares about the future of her daughter for which she invites to the castle the lords ofMacintosh, MacGuffin, and Dingwall, as well as their three sons who will compete for the attention of the young princess. But Merida does not like to marry an unloved person for power. A brave woman runs from the house into the forest, where she meets an old witch. To change the views of her mother, Merida resorted to the sorceress’s magic, but she could not think about the consequences…

  1. The Incredibles (2004)

The superfamily lives in a quiet suburb. All its members have long ago decided to live the unremarkable life of the most ordinary earthlings. They all had supernatural powers in the past, which helped them cope with the world’s evil. But one day, dad and his family again have to put on the rubber suits of superheroes.

  1. Finding Nemo (2003)

Among the stunningly beautiful seascapes, in the area of ​​the large barrier reef, in the coral house lives a clownfish, Marlin, who alone brings up his only son Nemo.

The ocean is fraught with not only the beauty of the underwater world but also the many dangers that scare Marlin. He tries in every possible way to save the extremely curious little son Nemo from trying to find out more about the mysterious reef that lies next to their house. But the curious Nemo is too far from home, people caught him. The fate of Nemo is to be one of the beautiful aquarium fish, complementing the interior of the office.

Having lost the son, Marlin has decided on to go in search of his son. Together with his good friend the royal blue fish Dory, who also suffers from unconsciousness, they go on a crazy journey in search of Nemo.

  1. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

A cheerful comic cartoon tells us about the secret world of monsters that like to scare little kids. All kids know that monsters exist in reality, they hide under beds, in closets, and in flush toilets. But monsters scare the kids only for their own needs; from children’s screams, they get the energy so necessary for their world.

Each monster has its own kid whomhe needs to scare, the stronger the better. But one day a corporation of monsters is going through an extremely difficult case, when a human child, a baby named Boo, gets into their world. All monsters are going crazy, and the hairy, naive, good-natured monster Sally and his green, one-eyed and very mischievous friend Mike are trying to save the world and bring the girl back home.

  1. Ratatouille (2007)

It is the Golden Mean of the List Steve Jobs Pixar movies.

The cartoon tells about an unusual rat, which has a very developed sense and taste. Thanks to it, many of his brethren remained alive, not having tasted food with poison for rats.

Ratatouille lives in the basement of a large restaurant and can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, but a quiet life it is not for him, he is attracted to cooking and he dreams of becoming a real chef!

  1. Up (2009)

A full-length animated film animated studio Pixar, released in 2009, was awarded the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Music for the film. It also opened the Cannes Film Festival, for the first time in its history the festival opened a cartoon.

Carl Fredricksen from the very childhood was a fan of the researcher of Paradise waterfall Charles Muntz. Once upon a time, he met a girl named Ellie when they grew up, they got married. All her life she wanted to go to South America to the Paradise Falls, but years passed, and dreams were still dreams. After the death of his beloved wife, 78-year-old Carl decides to fulfill her dream of getting to South America to the Paradise Falls. To move his house and lift it up, Carl ties thousands of balloons to it. He will have real adventures!

  1. Inside Out (2015)

Incredibly colorful adventure cartoon tells how the emotions coexist in the person’s head, and how difficult it is sometimes to curb them. In the center of the story is the young girl Riley Anderson, who moves with her parents to a new place of residence. From a quiet town in the Midwest, the family moved to bustling San Francisco and now Riley has to study in a new school.

  1. Toy Story (1995)

It is Steve Jobs favorite Pixar movie.

A comic cartoon tells about the hilarious and dangerous adventures of toys living in the room of the boy Andy Davis. As soon as Andy leaves the room his toys come to life and live their lives, but every year they are forced to have a strong fear because on the day of birth Andy always gets new toys and throws old ones. From a small age, the boy’s favorite toy was Woody, so he is a kind of a star among the rest.

However, on the next birthday, Andy got a new fashionable toy space ranger Buzz Lightyear, who immediately replaced Woody.

  1. WALL-E (2008)

The main character – the robot WALL-E, which cleans planet Earth from a huge amount of debris. All this stuff was left by people, and they themselves went to live in space. They wait until the robots clean the entire planet. However, earthlings, resting and having fun on the space liner, have already forgotten about the Earth.

Top 10 Steve Jobs Pixar films is coming to an end!

Thank you for your attention!

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