List of best Scary movies 2018

If you are the fan of adrenalin, then horror or scary movies definitely hold your attention. We are representing our latest TOP 10 best new Scary movies 2018 that you can easily turn on a sleepover or watch in the cinema with the friends. There are lots of brand new installments following and continuing the events from the previous ones, as well as independent films that have the potential of becoming contemporary movie series.

10. Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

This horror is scheduled to be released at the end of December 2018 and follows the story of Edgar – the man who has recently divorced. He decides to return to his home where he spent his entire childhood in order to make his life normal again. One day he accidentally finds a creepy puppet in his dead brother’s room. Edgar makes a quick decision to sell it to earn some money he needs.

His next-door girl finds out about Edgar’s idea and decides to join him in his journey to an action where the man plans to sell the doll. He is also accompanied with the fan of Comic books. In fact, the auction is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Toulon Murders. Suddenly on the convention, something relives all the dolls and puppets making them kill the people in order to spread bloody show.

The best horror movies on Hulu right now - Puppetmaster

9. Friday the 13th Part XIII: Jason Vs. Jarvis in 3D

The upcoming sequel to the Friday the 13th franchise is also on our TOP 10 best recent Scary movies as it has waited for a very long time. According to the franchise, the only person who managed to win the fight and successfully defeat Jason Voorhees – the most dangerous slasher of all time. Since then the fans have been asking for the return of a new brave hero but as an adult. So the upcoming movie represents the new bloody and scary adventures of the killer in the hockey mask and Tommy Jarvis once having defeated the main antagonist.

Friday the 13th movie

8. A nightmare on Elm Street

It is believed to be the second remake to the original film being first released in 1984. Moreover, there are some rumors being referred to Johnny Depp taking the possible participation in this scary horror film. This movie is a brand new interpretation of the movie following the same storyline. It is about a teenage girl who wakes up from the nightmare in which a terrifying man in the gloves makes the attempt to kill her. Suddenly her mother notices weird slashes all over her nightgown that appeared from nowhere.

The next day the young lady shares her story with her boyfriend, as well as best friend. On a sleepover, they organized Tina falls asleep and awaken afterward only to see her body is completely slashed by some force nobody sees. Later the girl dies. But this is not the end of the story as the best friend of Tina – Nancy – begins experiencing the same symptoms.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

7. Halloween

Another installment of the scary franchise, a new interpretation of Halloween on the list of best Scary movies 2018. The movie follows the woman that finally comes back home after a dark past only to struggle with her old enemy who has been waiting for her for several decades.

6. The Strangers 2

The second installment of the well-known horror about three men in the masks killing the people in the abandoned place. The brand new movie follows the story of a family going on a family road trip to the mobile home park only to discover the place is completely abandoned and the only persons hiding there are three crazy murderers in the mask trying to separate and kill each member of the family that is struggling in order to survive in the deep darkness of the night.

5. Meg

Another horror, as well as an action film that is included to TOP 10 best Scary movies of 2018 to watch focuses on the story of a rescue diver with the big experience and the terrifying monster on the very bottom of the Pacific. After the years of a successful work for the very first team in his career, the diver is defeated leaving the rest of the crew on the bottom of the sea. After some time he organizes a new team in order to save people and meet the dangerous ocean creature that is believed to be one of the biggest predators of all time face to face.

4. The Nun

This upcoming scary horror film is the spin-off to the second installment of the Conjuring franchise. The film follows the 1952 events set to be in Romania where a few investigators are trying to find out the reasons of the local nun’s death. Demon nun character briefly appears in the Conjuring franchise but this film totally focuses on this antagonist of the main project. The actual production process of the movie included the casting part that started in April 2017. The director of the movie didn’t want to Taissa Farmiga portraying the main character due to her being the sister of Vera known for Conjuring franchise but after watching her audition he changed his mind. The principal photography took places in Bucharest and Transylvania.

3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The fifth installment of the well-known franchise once being set up by Steven Spielberg is also on our TOP 10 best modern Scary films 2018. The movie focuses on the events right after the ones shown in the previous installment. And it is pretty much everything we are aware of this upcoming project. The principal photography of the whole film took multiple spots in England and finished at the beginning of July 2017.

2. The Predator

This film is believed to be the fourth installment of the popular horror action franchise. It takes place between the one released in 1990 and 2010 respectively. In fact, the director of the brand new installment got a supporting role in the original movie that came out in 1987. This contemporary project also unites the original producers of first two movies about the predator.

1. Insidious: The Last Key

If you are still wondering, what is the best Scary movies in 2018, you should visit the premiere of the fourth installment of well-known franchise Insidious. This time, the plot focuses on the brand new paranormal adventures of Elise as she begins a new investigation that takes place in New Mexico, in the house she used to live in when she was a young woman.

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