List of best Uncensored Japanese movies to watch

When it comes to the film industry, the Asian folks are known for their weird, ridiculous, and awkward stories, plots, characters, and everything in between. Most of these nations – the Japanese in particular – aren’t shy to be controversial. In this post, we’ll discuss the TOP 10 best Uncensored Japanese movies for all time.

Anime is known internationally for its unique atmosphere and a completely different mindset as compared to the Western cartoons and animated movies. Furthermore, there are a lot of anime films that are aimed at the mature audience and come with, well, grown-up stuff. Alright, let’s see what we’re dealing with today.

Attack On Titan

  1. Tekkon Kinkreet

Censorship is not what anime is all about. As a matter of fact, people who work in this genre take advantage of the fact that it is, pretty much, boundless. This release is special because it was made by a man born in America and has that contemporary vibe. Plus, the music was made by a British artist, which, again, is a rare thing in anime.

As a result, we get quite a mighty mix of several cultures that work great together and deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the true fans that appreciate style. Adventurous, fast-paced, fun and engaging, this is one of those films that will find a proper place in your collection. However, if you can’t digest anything but Japanese production, then it will be a bit of a disappointment.

  1. Prison School

Now, this is a proper anime that you’ve been waiting for. The story follows a bunch of regular boys – five in total – who end up in a boarding school. What’s so strange about that? Well, it’s an all-girls school! All these vagabonds wanted to do was mask themselves as ladies and take a look at the girlswhile they were taking a bath and coming out of the shower. Unfortunately, they get caught and the punishment is horrifying.

The girls themselves take justice into their own hands and show these “invaders” that you can’t get away with something like this. Obviously, you shouldn’t watch this disturbing thing with your kids, but, as far as the TOP 10 best Uncensored Japanese movies for families go, Prison School is a worthy cut.

  1. Redline

You might say that there are more than enough adrenaline-charged tales about racing in this genre, and you’d be right. But Redline is a stand-out cut. It’s crazy, unique and stylish – a golden combination. First of all, the animation is simply superb. Second, the fancy art style will blow you away. And finally, the incredible character and world design will leave you speechless. The fans of anime will find this film to be highly entertaining, thought-provoking and overall totally awesome. Are you ready to dive into a world full of corruption, hate, betrayals, secrets, and horrors? Take a ride with the lead character and see what a group of talented people can do.

  1. Akame ga Kill!

What sets mature anime from that intended for the younger audience? Violence, of course! And if you want some of that in your boring daily routine, we recommend checking this masterpiece out. Akame, the heroine of this disturbing tale, handles that sword like it’s a part of her body and slices her opponents as if there’s nothing to it.

Like any other Japanese production, it comes with some weird stuff. On the other hand, that’s part of its charm and you might just fall in love with it. Vicious killers, blood-thirsty assassins, and big-time crime bosses – that’s what you’ll find in Akame. As we usually like to say, our list of best Uncensored Japanese movies to watch would be incomplete without this delicious cut.

  1. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

It’s been a decade since WW2 was over. Even though the world is not at war anymore, terrorist cells bring pain and despair to the innocents on every step of the way. A member of an elite military unit fails at neutralizing a threat – a little girl with a bomb – and people die. The boss suspends him until further notice and the man tries to learn the real truth about her by getting in contact with the girl’s sister. Soon, the two fall in love with each other and join forces in this wicked war. It’s safe to say that The Wolf Brigade is one of the truly mature anime movies to ever hit the big screen. There’s enough drama in there to match the greatest movies of all time.

  1. Akira

True, this is one of the classic films and the modern-day generation might not even know about it. But, in all fairness, it’s still just as intriguing and thrilling as back in 1988. Kaneda is a too-cool-to-die biker, the leader of a mighty gang. Tetsuo is his BFF, and he becomes a part of a top-secret project led by the government.

Kaneda puts his own life on the line to save his friend and rides through the mind-blowing Neo-Tokyo to bring the criminals to justice. The man will have to battle the strongest opponents he’s ever met and put an end to the terrifying Akira project. The prize for bringing Tetsuo back alive and well turns out to be unimaginable… Of the TOP 10 best Uncensored Japanese movies to watch, this one’s a no-brainer.

  1. The Tatami Galaxy

Watashi used to be just another student until the day he came across a God-like creature. It agreed to grant him a wish, and the boy asked for a chance to go back in time – 3 years back. He’s in love with Ms. Akashi, a sexy young woman, and is ready to do whatever it takes to win her heart. Naturally, it’s not going to be easy to make the dashing girl fall for him, but it’s now or never. The boy’s best friend also has feelings for her, and it’s going to be a rivalry between the two. Who will end up victorious? The Tatami Galaxy is one of the finest anime films out there. It’s original, comes with fresh ideas, a twisty plot and engaging characters.

  1. Tokyo Ghoul

Yes, you’ve probably heard about this banging classic. Heavily inspired by a world-famous manga, this is a stand-out cut in the genre. Welcome to a reality where scary ghouls invade the capital of Japan and live along with the humans. No, scratch that: they attack the innocent men and women and eat their flesh.

There’s a war going on between the two species and Ken, a shy student, becomes a key player in this fight. When a ghoul leaves him dying in the middle of the street, the boy turns into a hybrid. Which side will he choose? As far as the TOP 10 best modern Uncensored Japanese films go, Tokyo Ghoul is a movie worth checking out.

  1. Overlord

The plot is centered on a striving young fella who finds himself trapped within the limits of a computer game. He’s a warrior king, and, instead of breaking down and crying, he decides to take the battle to his virtual enemies and create his own empire. The creators of the game pulled the plug without a proper announcement, and that is why he never had a chance to leave. There’s a whole new world out there, waiting for him to explore. But will he find his way out, or is the player destined to be forever stuck in this virtual reality? If you’re a fan of video games and unusual settings, give Overlord a chance.

  1. Attack On Titan

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there could be no doubt about this – Attack On Titan in on top of our list. We don’t even want to tell you how great it is because you probably already know everything about it. The anime is rated 16+, which means you’ll be able to watch it even if you’re still a teenage kid. The Titans are gigantic creatures that eat people alive.

They’ve taken over the entire world and are destroying the human race. The surviving few managed to create incredibly high walls that protect them from the monsters. But they’re not going to hold forever…

Ok, so, what is the best Uncensored Japanese movies? Pick one from our list and enjoy!

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