List of best Zombie movies 2018

Since the Victor Halperin hasshot and released the first ever zombie film, it’s been 85 years already! It was then that the audience first saw on the screen a living dead – undead. The movie was so impressive that these horror stories were the main backbone of the horror genre.

During the first thirty years, the image of zombie characters was somewhat different than now. As a rule, these were the dead people resurrected by Voodoo sorcerers, obeying their orders, or living people who lost control over themselves under the influence of witchcraft or alien mind.

Thanks to director George Romero, who in 1968 made a real revolution in the genre, new zombies appeared on the screen – infectious, deadly and very dangerous creatures. If they bit a man, then he certainly turned into one of them. In the 1970-80 genre literally blossomed. The image of the zombie was supplemented with viruses, radiation, toxins and became the way we are used to seeing it now.

We are glad to show TOP 10 best Zombie movies of 2018 to watch.

Here we go!

List of best Zombie 2018

  1. Sky Sharks

A group of archaeologists from Germany accidentally finds a secret Nazi military laboratory underground. Along with the classified documents, the guys stumble upon a superweapon, with the help of which the Third Reich expected to win the Second World War. These weapons are terrible sharks- robots, armed with destructive weapons. But this is not the only horrible find. In addition to mechanized sharks, researchers run into zombie Nazis who had to control monstrous mechanisms. Unexpectedly, all these monsters come to life and severely killthe scientists. They break free, intending to fulfill the task set before them – to destroy all of thehumanity. The modern army and armaments are useless in the war with these diabolical mechanisms. Then the government has to assemble a team of desperate brave souls who will kill the revived Nazis and destroy their fighting sharks.

  1. An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)

The main character of the comedy film is Ted. He is not a zombie, he just feels hunger for brains…

An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted) promo

  1. The Forest Of Hands And Teeth

Maisie Williams is in the TOP 10 best modern Zombie films 2018.

In the story, the young Mary lives in a world where most of thehumanity is infected by a zombie virus. After the barrier protecting her village collapses, the heroine is forced to take the lead in the survivorship group, which she will lead through frightening Forest of Hands and Teeth.

Maisie Williams in The Forest of Hands and Teeth

  1. Zombies

The movie will tell about a student from Zombietown who transferred to high school in suburban town.

  1. Cargo

The earth is shaken by horrific events unfolding in vast territories. People living in different places are struck by an unknown monstrous virus when ingested through the blood, turns the healthy person into a bloodthirsty zombie. The lifeless deserts, dilapidated settlements, unusually quiet cities have become a familiar sight. The planet gradually turns into an endless wasteland, filled with terrible walking dead people, scouring everywhere in search of victims for satiation with fresh flesh. From the countless army of abominable creatures that carry death, there is no salvation. The man lost his recently beloved wife and he himself was among the infected. The virus will finally subdue him in exactly two days and he will turn into a cruel, soulless creature. But, before this, he has to find a shelter for his son who is too young to die now…

The widowed father, who is on the verge of becoming a monster, does not want to give up and put up with a cruel fate, he wants to save an innocent babyat any cost. Andy seeks to find a person who can take care of the little child and take responsibility for the continued existence of kid, deprived of parental care. He heard that somewhere there is a unique tribe of Aborigines, who has immunity to a terrible infection. A hopeful traveler seeks to find these people. He has very little time, heneeds to hurry to save the only “treasure” left in life. Being exhausted from fatigue, he reaches the goal of his difficult journey and discovers the location of a wonderful tribe.

Martin Freeman in Cargo

  1. Marilyn: Zombie Hunter

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Zombie movies.

The film will tell about Marilyn Monroe and her night job as a zombie killer.

Marilyn: Zombie Hunter promo

  1. World War Z 2

Brad Pitt is in the second part of the post-apocalyptic action movie about the war between humans and zombies. Virologists invented the vaccine, which allows to stop an infection. However, the victory is still not near: the deadly threat still hangs over humanity.

Brad Pitt in World War Z

  1. Texas Zombie Wars: Dallas

The movie will tell about a group of survivors who have to fight against cruel, bloodthirsty zombies in order to stay alive.

Melissa Mars as Dr Corsini in Texas Zombie Wars w/ Danielle Wheeler, Jim Erwin, Tea McKay

  1. Dragon Gate Zombie Inn

A group of young people traveling the world stops in a remote corner of the country, about which the locals have long been saying terrible legends. Allegedly, there are real zombies in the diner and the hotel, showing their non-human nature at night.

  1. Cadaver

It is the leader of the TOP 10 best new Zombie movies 2018.

The movie refers to the genre of horror, but it has also detective storyline. The main heroine Megan decidesto be a policewoman, which is unusual for the weaker sex. Investigating complex cases, dealing with victims, criminals, the girl understands how morally difficult it is to perceive the events. This stressed life ends with the use of drugs. Then there follows treatment in a psycho-narcological dispensary with subsequent dismissal.

Megan manages to return to normal life. She understands that she must find work. In the former department, the main character is not going to be reinstated. In the other, she is offered to patrol the territory of the cemetery. Because of the lack of other options, Megan agrees. During one of the raids, she notices strangeness in the cemetery. Someone comes to it at night. The first attempt to follow the night visitor ends in failure… Who is this visitor?

TOP ends now.

Hope it helped find out the answer to the question – what is the best Zombie movies in 2018?

Thank you for watching!

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