List of Hollywood Dance movies 2018

It is not a secret that for many people dancing is the way to express themselves during the performance. The dance unleashes the feelings and emotions and the more passion and feelings someone puts in a dance, the more beautiful and astonishing it looks captivating and holding the attention of the audience. Moreover, it is often related to the music and several melodies which only support the spirit of the movements.

When it comes to dancing movies, these are usually motivational for the viewers. Therefore, we are glad to represent our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Dance movies 2018.

10. Rock Dog

Another 3D computer animated film represents the adventures of the young Tibetan Mastiff and his love to music. After having the hard training session he accidentally makes the flying plane drop a package with several items where he finds a red radio and starts listening to it. He becomes amazed by several songs from different music stations and even idolizes well-known British singer. Since then he makes a decision to follow his new dream to become a musician.

9. Song to Song

Another film from the provided TOP 10 new holly Dance movies is a romantic drama that is focused on the lives of a few young talented individuals. One of them is a female guitarist that is looking for the big success and acceptance on the big stage. She decides to take an affair with the musical authority, the producer, as well as one of his clients being a popular musician. All the things are kept in secret and all three go on a trip to Mexico. However, the producer suddenly meets another woman he does fall in love with and marry her. The rough times start to him, as well as the female guitarist and his client.

8. Pitch Perfect 3

In the third installment of well-known film series about talented female singers known as Bellas who are reunited for their last performance overseas located in beautiful and sunny Spain where they fall in love, face several issues and become noticed by an authority in the music industry.

7. La danseuse

This is French drama representing the biography of Loie Fuller. It is also based on the novel of the same name. The plot that definitely deserves to be on the list of Hollywood Dance movies 2018 is focused on young Loie preparing for the amazing and breathtaking performance she has been rehearsing for. She has experienced many emotions, negativity and struggled with her own feelings she managed to control on the stage. She is the one who spontaneously creates the Serpentine Dance when she accidentally becomes tangled in the long dress. She goes to another country after being invited to give the performance several times. There she meets Isadora and realizes it starts destroying her relationships with two men.

A still from La danseuse

6. La La Land

The musical romantic film shows the story of two people falling in love together although on the first sight they look completely different belonging to the different backgrounds. She is the aspiring actress being absolutely obsessed with acting and performing on the stage living the lives of her characters. He is the struggling pianist playing jazz music and having lots of life issues. However, after her audition goes completely wrong and bad, the young lady goes to the restaurant and for a moment sees the jazz pianist who has been fired. She tries to compliment him, but the man goes away. Surprisingly, a few months later the young woman meets his again at the party and both start experiencing amazing emotions and feelings.

5. Ballerina

This project also belonging to our TOP 10 best Hollywood Dance movies of 2018 to watch is a recent 3D animated cartoon about a young girl having a strong desire to become a ballerina. She is an orphan girl but does not stop her from training with ex-ballerina that now works in a house of a cruel lady who believes her daughter is the best ballet dancer. Days and days of training and dancing make the girl a breathtaking ballerina who decides to participate in a competition against the old lady’s daughter to be able to afterward perform in The Nutcracker.

4. Sing

This 3D animated film represents the story of a group of animals with typical human qualities – they love and are loved, they are devoted friends and have their own enemies and problems at home but one day they all meet on a stage to take the participation in a singing competition. Whilst rehearsing they help each other, struggle with different issues together and are even on the verge of not performing the next night but in the end, they all give amazing performances, express themselves in unique and individual ways.

3. Summer Dance

Another movie on the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Dance films 2018 is focused on a love story between a teenager and the girl whose name is Jasmine. She is the gifted ballerina who suddenly awakens all the fears and demons of his new friend’s mother who used to be a successful ballerina in the past. Both Jasmine and a teenage boy meet each other at a summer camp after getting a D at the school. He thinks Jasmine is a perfect girl but his mother has completely opposite opinion.

Summer Dance promo

2. Great Dance

The film focuses on the importance of ballet and another dance style known as hip-hop showing that both can be easily mixed and represented together. It is also a story of a family that immigrates to Kochi.

Great Dance promo

1. High Strung: Free Dance

The first film on the list of best Hollywood Dance movies in 2018 belongs to the second installment being the sequel to the recent contemporary film representing the different aspects of modern music mixed with a ballet and other dance styles. Back in 2016, the movie surprised the viewers by its plot and the way the characters expressed themselves in a dance, especially when it comes to the final scene of the first installment. Therefore, it is not a surprise the developers of the film have made a decision to create a sequel. Unfortunately, we are still not aware of the film’s plot although we know it will bring us old characters as well as new ones alongside new adventures, dancing, and music.

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