List of Hollywood Black movies 2018

The fascinating plotline, great special effects, good characters – it is Black movies.

We are a here to present TOP 10 best Hollywood Black movies of 2018 to watch.

Let’s go!

List of best Hollywood Black movies in 2018

  1. Bhai’s Café

Bhai is a man who has its own business. But one day, he will have to protect his small business from the bad guys. They want to destroy it.

  1. Flatland

The story revolves around a girl who is a policewoman. One day, her boyfriend calls her and tells that he was arrested for the murder. No, she will have to do everything possible to release him from the jail.

  1. The Equalizer 2

The crusader for justice returns. Now he will wait a lot of new enemies. Robert McCall is a former scout. Now the man enjoys a calm life. He works as a salesman. But once his kindness and courage played a cosmic trick with Robert. Having stood up for the prostitute Teri, McCall put himself in trouble. Now agents from the CIA on a couple with representatives of the Russian mafia try to punish Robert. The fight is unequal, but McCall is not going to back off.

Robert McCall is a former Special Forces guy. After his dismissal from service, he is going to start a normal peaceful life, giving himself the promise never again to take up arms. But one day he meets a young girl who earns a living by prostitution. Once he saw that she was beaten up by gangsters and taken to an unknown direction. Then he decides to find her and then enters into an unequal battle with the Russian mafia and corrupt policemen. For the sake of justice, he is ready to break his own promise and use weapons against people who simply do not deserve to live in this world…

  1. Alive Alone

Idris Elba is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Black films 2018.

The protagonist of the movie is Jamal. He is a taxi driver. Once she finds a girl who is pursued by a criminal gang. He decides to help her and protect from this nightmare…

Idris Elba and Sam Worthington Board ALIVE ALONE

  1. Sweetwater

It’s no secret that the stories of the life of outstanding people are considered a slice of cherry pie for writers and filmmakers who consider such a topic the best story. How many times the filmmakers undertook to perpetuate the life of a well-known scientist or famous athlete and created truly amazing pictures claiming the title of biographical masterpieces.

The main hero of the movie is Nathaniel Clifton – the great basketball player.

Cylk Cozart

  1. Bad Boys for Life

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Black movies 2018.

Two crazy cops are back in business. Marcus and Mike are not perfect policemen but they have great fight experience against drug dealers.

Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey are experienced detectives in Miami and serve in the special police department which catches drug dealers. They are really tough guys, but it does not stop them from getting into funny situations. Once the detectives got into a serious mess: from the police store, the bandits, who had rushed in there, stole a large batch of drugs. Because of this, the police station even threatened to close if the heroin lot was not found in the shortest possible time. Only Marcus and Mike can find it. On another occasion, they have to learn about the scheme for delivering a new unknown drug to the city and this investigation turns out to be very confusing.Will they be able to close this case?

  1. Hancock 2

The continuation of the perfect project “Hancock,” the story of a drunk superhero which saved millions of lives at the cost of his strength, continues. At the end of the first part, it became clear that the main character is not alone and that he has a “friend” with the same superpowers but there is a problem – when they are together they are vulnerable and lose their power.

As it turned out there is a special organization that hunts over such superheroes as the protagonist – their main goal is to destroy such people who have super opportunities.

The second part of the film promises to be full of interesting moments.

  1. I, Robot 2

Will Smith is in the TOP 10 new holly Black movies.

It is a fantastic utopia. In the world of this film, a person cannot do anything without robots. Robots here do everything: walk the dogs, take out the garbage, cook food, and go shopping. These machines penetrated all spheres of human life. US Robotics plans to release a new series of home robots NS-5. These robots, by the way, are very similar to man, not only by their appearance but also by the way they think. However, shortly before this grand event, the founder of the whole company, Dr. Alfred Lanning, is dying. The accusations fall on the robot of the new model, the fault of which, on the one hand, is obvious, but on the other, is simply impossible, because there are several rules that robots cannot break.

The investigation is taken by Detective Del Spooner the only person who does not trust these too smart machines. The film creates a tremendous impression because the future shown there is so interesting: cell phones that fit in the ear, car parks where the cars are automatically located vertically, ultra-high elevators, fantastic car models and much more. However, it becomes a little sad, because we understand: further improvement of technology can lead to the complete destruction of a person – and this is not paranoia but a fact.

Will Smith in I, Robot

  1. Night School

The main characters of the movie are not used to obey the system. They were always hooligans and did only what they wanted. But now everything has changed. Guys understand that they need education. To correct this unpleasant misunderstanding, the main characters decide to enter the night school, where they can learn all the necessary subjects.

Kevin Hart

  1. Black Panther

T’Challa will have to wear a mask of Black Panther in order to restore order both in his native lands and the whole world.

List of Hollywood Black movies 2018 comes to its end.

Thanks for watching!

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