List of Hollywood Greek Mythology movies 2018

TOP 10 latest Hollywood Mythology movies 2018 – List

Ever since the ancient days, mythology has always been a part of who we are. People really love to create all kinds of cults, myths, and mysterious creatures to worship. Our list TOP 10 latest Hollywood Mythology movies 2018 invites you into a world full of extraordinary things.

We’ve got all kinds of films that will satisfy even the most demanding audience. Ancient tombs, Chinese fairytales, the Egyptian otherworld, the Japanese Kaiju – you’ll find it all in this might list. So, sit back, relax, and follow us in this quest!

  1. Sandman

This highly unusual film is focused on Morpheus, the one responsible for the Dreams. He has been held in a prison against his will for 7 decades in a row. After being locked away for so many years, he finally finds a way to run away. Obviously, with his being out of the “game” for so long, he’ll need some time to adapt to the new world out there.

But, as soon as Morpheus learns his way around the brand-new set of rules, he returns to the wizard with one goal in mind: revenge. The man won’t be able to get all those lost years back, but hurting the vagabond that took them away will, most certainly, be very satisfying.

  1. Black Angel

For some unknown reason, Hollywood doesn’t really like to make movies based on the Celtic mythology. Thankfully, Black Angel rights that wrong and seems like quite a mighty release for next year. Fantasy should always be a bit too gritty for comfort, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this epic tale.

The plot follows an incredibly strong knight who leaves the regular world behind and heads right into the underworld where the scum took refuge. In order to restore the lost balance and forever free the planet from evil, he’ll have to defeat their leader. Of the TOP 10 new holly Mythology movies, Black Angel is a sight for sore eyes.

Black Angel poster

  1. Anubis

We all know who this creature is: it’s the “boss” of the Egyptian underworld and takes care of the transition between two worlds. In this film, Mr. Henry, a genius doctor, scientists, researcher, and adventure junkie, ends up locked up in the scary place between life and death. And, even though he tries his best to escape, there’s no running away from Anubis. The only way he’ll ever make it back into the real world is if someone helps him. Thankfully, the man’s own son is determined to bring the old chap back safe and sound.

  1. Tomb Raider

Lara is one of the most loved and cherished characters from the world of video games. The recent chapters were simply amazing, and that is why the big bosses in the movie industry decided to make yet another big-screen adaptation. As the daughter of a famed adventurer, she knows a thing or two about raiding tombs and taking care of herself.

Currently, she’s 21 and doesn’t seem to be able to get a grip on her own life. The mysterious death of her old man keeps bothering the young woman, and Lara will never be able to rest until she solves it. Put Tomb Raider on the list of Hollywood Greek Mythology movies 2018 and let’s check out the rest of the contestants.

  1. Uncharted

Another incredibly-popular video game series. Sony created an awesome franchise with Uncharted and made hundreds of millions of dollars while giving the fans exactly what they always want – fun. The movie features Drake, an overachieving thief who can’t live without getting himself into all kinds of trouble. And when he learns that El Dorado is not a myth but a real place with heaps of gold waiting for him to grab, the fearless young man embarks on the most dangerous and rewarding journey in his life.

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  1. Journey to the West

Are you a big fan of the Asian mythology? Well, if you are, then take a look at this big-budget adaptation of a Chinese fable. Based on an iconic novel by a famed writer, this movie will, most definitely, be one to mark on your calendar. It stars the best modern-day Chinese actors, which means success is guaranteed. Of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Mythology movies of 2018 to watch, this one is going to be a stand-out cut.

  1. Avengers 3

What do these superheroes have in common with mythology, you might ask? Well, how about Thor’s world, or, say, the wonderful country of Wakanda? It all co-exists with the futuristic Iron Man and the heroic Cap. That’s the beauty of the MCU, and exactly why millions of folks around the world love this franchise.

This time around, the stakes will be sky-high, and the incredible men and women will have to finally put their differences aside and join forces. If they fail at doing that, there might be no heroes left to protect our world from the alien invaders that want to annihilate humanity.

  1. Pacific Rim Uprising

Gigantic creatures took our planet by surprise, and only the actions of a few valiant men and women stopped them from destroying everything we love and care about. After the victory, mankind had enough time to get ready for the second assault. However, the enemy also had time to learn our weaknesses, and the second wave is promising to be even more devastating. Will the new heroes be able to defeat the monsters once again? It’s time for them to rise and prove that the Kaiju have no place in our world. As far as the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Mythology films 2018 go, Uprising is a worthy pick.

  1. Viy-2

Russia, the biggest country on the planet, needs its borders secured. That’s why the Emperor sends one of the best explorers of his time to map its Far Eastern lands. On this epic quest, Mr. Green will come in direct contact with people and creatures from both the Russian and the Chinese fairytales. Scary beasts, funny brutes, big-time martial arts masters and enchanting princesses – that’s what he’ll deal with on this trip.

  1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2

This film constantly ends up in our lists, and that’s OK because the majority of the planet’s population loves the universe created by Rowling. There’s enough mythology in there to last for a lifetime; the fans of myths, cults, ancient prophecies, and everything in between will appreciate FB 2. And that is why it is on top of our list of best Hollywood Greek Mythology movies in 2018!

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