List of Hollywood Racing movies 2018

Drive, speed, energy, crazy surge of adrenaline and only the best cars of our century – all this you will find in the TOP 10 best Hollywood Racing movies of 2018 to watch if you want to seemovies about the race. Plunge into the world of night passion, where from victory to defeat is one wrong turn of the helm.

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List of best Hollywood Racing movies in 2018

  1. The Last Race

Everyone’s life is subject to the simultaneous action of two tendencies: maintaining homeostasis or stability and striving for development, i.e. bringing to life something new. Following traditions – creates a sense of stability, control and reduces the level of anxiety. Of course, this is important. This applies to the tradition of celebrating any events. However, for someone, the traditional schedule repeating from year to year can be quite boring and even exhausting.

However, attempts to change traditions often have unpleasant consequences. Even if you do everything as neat as possible, other people may still disagree and be offended.

Everyone has the right to want to live in his own way and not to stop other people from doing the same. Our desires are not an insult to other people.

The movie is about the racers which try to keep their racing traditions.

  1. Drive

Organized criminal grouping is a group of two or more citizens who commit crimes on a preliminary conspiracy. The purpose of such grouping is to conduct criminal activities and receive profits from it. In this regard, the grouping can both deal with unlawful matters, such as robbery or theft, and conduct illegal business activities or production.

The movie will tell about a street racer who will plunge into the criminal world in order to help the neighbor’s husband who cannot run away from one local gang.

Drive Poster

  1. Speedhunters

The consequence of modern technology is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Racing films 2018.

It is a story about car racers who will fight against criminal gang which tries to steal modern technology that can destroy the whole world.


  1. The Driver

The trouble of the first-class driver and car thief begins when he becomes an accomplice in a bank robbery. The driver on the run leads a real duel with a merciless policeman, arranging traps on the path of the fugitive.

Acquaintance with the beautiful but not predictable in the actions a woman, which in this whole history is attracted not by the result, but by participation, complicates the life of the driver.

The Driver Poster

  1. Death Race: Anarchy

Once protagonist was aggressive. His anger bordered on madness. In order not to get thrown behind bars or into a psychiatric clinic, he found an unusual way to show his feelings – the race. Moreover, he practically grew up driving a car, his father was an ardent lover workingon the engines. High speed calmed him, pacified him, and for a time he became free from his inner demons. It could have lasted a long time if he had almost died one day. Hanging by a thread, he suddenly realized all the stupidity of his actions – he abandoned this occupation. Then he met one girl – beautiful and smiling. She made him look at the world in a different way.

The couple got married, later they had a daughter, an exact copy of a charming mother. The man was absolutely happy. But one day bad guys came to him. Their bosses wanted to see him on the track, and the sooner, the better. Realizing that refusal can cost a lifeof his family, he gives consent. This will be his last fight, because the young man decided to destroy those who, in such an insolent manner, decided to blackmail him.

  1. Race 3

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Racing movies 2018.

The main hero is one of the many fans of cars. He challenges the known in narrow circles “racer.” The result is natural. The “Racer” wins in the race, but his sister falls in love with the main hero. The protagonist has the other side of life. He is a secret agent of the police, who wants to uncover a gang of insolent hijackers as soon as possible.

  1. Race with the Devil

The main hero of the movie is a bad man who makes a deal with the devil to beat him in a car race. If he wins, the devil will leave him forever, if not, the devil will drag him to hell.

Race with the Devil Poster

  1. Midwest Hu$tler

Wild West Races are in the TOP 10 new holly Racing movies.

A car accident in the US is often just entertainment. For the sake of clashes, smoking radiators and metal twisting, thousands of spectators come to the stadiums. Races for survival are experiencing a peak of popularity. Participants spend thousands of dollars on ancient cars.

The metal twisting, the fiery storm and the smell of burning rubber – it is racing in Wild West.

The main hero of the picture is hustler who will need to teach a young man to participate in such races.

  1. Taxi 5

Sometimes police inspectors also need rest. Emilien and Petra are going to spend their vacation together on the southern coast of France. Summer is in full swing and they cannot miss the opportunity in any case. On the other hand, Emilien is so tired of endless adventures in the company of his inventive friend Daniel and anticipates two weeks of peace and quiet.

But with Emilien’s luck, Daniel and Lily come to the same resort, leaving little Leo in the care of grandparents. Of course, while Lily goes shopping, Daniel does not miss a chance to shock local townspeople with his driving skills and works part-time as a taxi driver. So Emilen and Petra, who were going to once again go out of town, was lucky enough to catch on the road painfully familiar taxi.

After friendly gatherings in the bar with Daniel, an unpleasant incident occurs: he discovers that his beloved car is stolen. All that can be found on the spot is a couple of drops of poisonous-yellow oil and a black cigarette butt. Meanwhile, Petra recalls that she saw in the bar a strange man who kept looking at their table and smoking black cigarettes. Perhaps he is one of the intruders.

Taxi 5

  1. Trading Paint

It is a movie about a father and his son, their complicated path in order to become stronger.

A list of Hollywood Racing movies 2018 ends now.

Thanks for watching!

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