List of Hollywood Monster movies 2018

Without leaving the general cultural tradition, monster films occupy a special place in our perception of the world. For the first time, such horror stories were symbolized by the forces of nature -incomprehensible and not subject to man. As the religious consciousness developed, fears also changed. Now the monsters were needed to ensure that the hero’s victory was more significant. In the religion, horror became an attribute of punishment for unjust life. In Victorian times, Dracula and Frankenstein are included in the literature – monsters have been accepted into the ranks of cultural heroes. In modern tradition, monsters are divided into several categories: natural, alien, infernal. All of them are terrible and disastrous, but recently there has been another trend – humorous.

Today, we want to present TOP 10 best Hollywood Monster movies of 2018 to watch.

Let’s go!

List of best Hollywood Monster movies in 2018

  1. The Predator

A special detachment led by the main hero has repeatedly participated in complex military operations, so they decided to use them in a rescue mission. Recently, a high-ranking official disappeared in the jungle, whose helicopter was shot down by rebels. According to preliminary data, the militants captured the official and hero’s group needs to track down the missing minister and deliver him to the base. For experienced warriors, such a mission was not very difficult, but it was a wrong opinion. Special Forces quickly tracked down the helicopter in the jungle, but they saw that the bodies of the dead pilots were hung high in the trees. Then they will know that the Predator, monster from an alien planet, was the one who killed everyone in that helicopter but it will be too late. There will be no way to salvation.

  1. The Meg

A sci-fi horror film is about a gigantic and ferocious primitive shark threatening the crew of explorers who were stuck on the ocean floor in a faulty submarine. At the head of the self-destructive rescue mission is the retired captain Jonas Taylor, who was already faced with a monster that cost him a broken fate.

  1. The Nun

The evil nun is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Monster films 2018.

In a small Romanian monastery, located far from the city bustle, nuns live. Peaceful existence was violated by a terrible event – one of the novices violated the Creator’s commandment and committed suicide. Such an event caused a storm of various emotions among the inhabitants of the holy abode: from righteous anger to panic fear. When the incident was learned in the Vatican, a priest was sent to Romania.

  1. Strangers: Prey at Night

The plot of the movie develops around a simple American family that could not pay its debts and was forced to leave its home. They got a small trailer and went to a special park, where parking for motorhome is located. They found themselves in a deserted and uninhabited locality, from where it takes a long time to get to the city. Suddenly, three strangers attack the film’s characters. They begin to terrorize this unhappy family, and no one can guess why they do it. It’s been a while, and the film’s characters are beginning to experience an indescribable horror…

  1. Venom

Venom is not a separate character. Venom refers to different characters from Marvel Universe, who were not lucky enough to get an alien parasite – symbiote Venom.

At first Venom in the Marvel Universe was supposed to be a woman who lost her husband in a terrible car accident. The virus Venom had to connect with the woman and direct all her anger against Spider-Man. However, the creators of the universe abandoned this idea, because, in their opinion, a woman can never become a truly worthy villain. Therefore, the bearer of the symbiote was Eddie Brock. By the way, this character was specially created for Venom.

  1. Halloween

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Monster movies 2018.

The cult of this franchise lies in the fact that the events unfold on the eve and during the celebration of Halloween – a holiday of evil spirits. The protagonist, who killed his sister in childhood, was placed in a psychiatric hospital, where he escapes after 15 years to complete his plan.

So what will the remake show us four decades after the release of the original project? They say that the copy is always inferior to the original. However, there are exceptions.

  1. The Wolf Man

A man who follows a brother’s killer becomes a victim of a werewolf. The beast inside is out of control, every full moon is a torture from the transformation, and in the morning new corpses and oblique glances of the inhabitants. A person desperately seeks salvation, but only becomes an outcast in the eyes of others.

For his trouble, in Victorian England is no longer acceptable to believe in medieval tales. And when the line between an intelligent being and a monster is practically erased, he again finds the track of the true killer and the one who turned him into this monster.

The Wolf Man reboot

  1. Slenderman

The terrible thin man is in the TOP 10 new holly Monster movies.

Slenderman – tall and very thin, with disproportionately long limbs and claws on his hands, he is unnaturally flexible. He always dressed in a black suit with a white shirt, suggesting a funeral. You can see a monster only in the photo or through the lens of the movie camera. The main frightening feature of this mysterious figure is the absence of a face. It is suitable for the role of a nightmare for children and adolescents.

Slender Man and a girl

  1. Pacific Rim Uprising

The confrontation between Kaiju and humanity ended with the victory of the latter. Frankly, this was not the final stage in this war. Enemies strike with renewed force. If the Kaiju army will win the final victory, humanity would be completely destroyed. Main heroes cannot afford to allow, therefore scientists began to develop advanced models of weapons and machines.

  1. Insidious: The Last Key

It is a continuation of the mystical horror franchise about the clash of the world of living people with the world of spirits. Psychic Elise Rainier again gets involved in fighting demons for human souls.

The movie will tell the youth life of Elise, how she became the most strong psychic.

A list of Hollywood Monster movies 2018 draws to a close.

Thank you for being with us!

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