List of Hollywood Car movies 2018

A collection of motion pictures combined by showing great speeds, adventures on fast cars becomes more popular nowadays. Strangely enough, for some reason, it was the car movies that became the starting point for many star careers. This is another reason to love these films, where the familiar actors starred in the rise of their popularity. The film “Speed” showed the world a wonderful couple of stars – Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Similarly, “Transporter” allowed to demonstrate the bright talent of Jason Statham, after which his career began to rise.

We are here to show TOP 10 best Hollywood Car movies of 2018 to watch.

We begin!

List of best Hollywood Car movies in 2018

  1. Race 3

The protagonist cannot live without racing cars. His dream is to become a member of a gang of racing driver recognized as a king of the streets. But not everything is simple as it seems: the main hero is a policeman undercover who needs to infiltrate that driver’s entourage because he is considered to be involved in numerous robberies. However, the task is under threat.

Becoming part of driver’s team and winning his trust, police officer feels more and more that the way of life of “road angels” is not just an assignment but also something that he wanted himself. In addition, participation in motor racing becomes the main hero’s meaning of life and he completely immerses himself in his new hobby.

  1. Race with the Devil

The devil is a fallen angel who rose up, because of pride, against God and lost his angelic dignity, admitted by God to tempt people to determine their free will for good. The devil always wishes a man only evil, his goal is the death of a person. According to the testimony of Holy Scripture, the beginning of sin comes from the devil.

The next movie will try to show the life of an ordinary man who will fight against the devil in a car race for his own sin soul.

Race with the Devil Poster

  1. Speedhunters

The modern technology is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Car films 2018.

The news has recently been full of reports that in the near future our planet may end. Nuclear war, reduction of tropical forests, and even more pollution of the atmosphere. The Earth is already 4.5 billion years old. During this time, it suffered more asteroid strikes than the average person eats dinner for his life – but it still spinning. So, what can destroy the Earth?

The next movie will try to answer this question. When the scientist invented a new technology, he did not know that it could destroy the Earth. Now, criminals from all over the world want to own it. Speedracers will try to save the world from destruction.


  1. Midwest Hu$tler

“Wild West” always associated with unimaginable adventures, romantic heroes, bravely defending themselves and their loved ones. However, the real life is not the same as it shown in the movies.

The movie follows a hustler who will need to teach a young person to ride a car in order to make it possible for the latter to participate in drag races in Wild West.

  1. Taxi 5

Producer of the movie series “Taxi” Luc Besson in his Instagram hinted that in the near future will begin shooting the fifth part of one of the most famous French comedies. Previously, EuropaCorp reported the possibility of a revival of the franchise: last year there were rumors that the actors of previous movies will not play their characters in the continuation, new heroes will replace them.

Recall that the franchise was launched in 1998 by the Gerard Pires’ film, it grossed $93 million with an $8 million budget. The following three pictures became hits and brought a lot of profit to Besson’s production company. The total profit of tetralogy in the world box office is $367 million and movies of the film series are included in the rating of the most popular French comedies.

Taxi 5

  1. Trading Paint

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Car movies 2018.

The legend of auto racing Sam returns to the big competitions, while his alienated son joins the team of his competitors. The racetrack becomes an arena for family struggle, which is heated up old grievances, ambitions and the closeness of reckoning.

  1. The Last Race

A tradition is a universal form of fixation and selective preservation of certain elements of socio-cultural experience, as well as a universal mechanism for its transfer, ensuring a stable historical-genetic continuity in sociocultural processes.

In the movie will be observed tradition, which modern people will try to forget. Some people will try to save them, some to destroy. Who will win this battle?

  1. Drive

A simple robbery that turned into a bloody story is in the TOP 10 new holly Car movies.

A talented driver knows how to use his skills: being a simple auto mechanic, he earns a living as a stuntman on the set and as a transporter in bandit raids. But the driver himself never takes up arms. Once, a beautiful neighbor Irene asked him for help. The driver agrees to help her husband in the pawnshop robbery so that he repays the debt to the gangsters. It was a great mistake. The driver becomes a hero of a bloody story.

Drive Poster

  1. The Driver

The driver gets into trouble after becoming complicit in the crime – bank robbery. The driver tries to hide and begins a real war between him and the police, who are putting out their traps everywhere. Even more, troubles come after acquaintance with a beautiful but crazy girl. Will the main character be able to survive in such a desperate situation?

The Driver Poster

  1. Death Race: Anarchy

This is a fantastic action movie based on a story about a society that survived a serious economic crisis. According to the plot, all prisons are overcrowded with prisoners. The director comes up with an amazing idea: to organize competitions on cars. To spice things up, there is no rules in the competition – the main thing is survival.

A list of Hollywood Car movies 2018 comes to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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