List of Hollywood Mystery movies 2018

Mystery movieis one of the most popular genres of our time. Now, living in a world that minimizes all dangers, a person is looking for a place, an excuse and an opportunity to hit his nerves, one of the good options to achieve the desired effect is to watch mystery films.

Beginning with the very first mystery movie called “The Devil’s Castle” which was filmed in 1896 by the French founder of the world cinema, Georges Méliès, and until the latest films, directors, make-up artists and special effects directors have constantly improved their skills. There were also innovators among the, with a special approach to shooting, for example, such as Daniel Mirik and Eduardo Sanchez, directors of the “The Blair Witch Project”film. A movie isfirst-person documentary. This is an incredible practice in modern cinema. The film was shot in 8 days, the budget of the whole picture was only 22,000 dollars, while itgrossed more than$240 million. It was even hit the Guinness Book of Records, becoming the most profitable film.

Mystery – a specific category of cinema, although it is in demand and beloved by cinephiles, film critics are rarely generous with awards and encouragement to such films. However, there are exceptions, and films of this genre are sometimes even gottheAcademy Award.

Today, we are happy to present TOP 10 best Hollywood Mystery movies of 2018 to watch.

Let’s go!

List of best Hollywood Mystery movies in 2018

  1. Game Night

The film revolves around a company of longtime friends. They like to gather sometimes and play interesting games. Most of all they liked to play detective stories and investigate fictitious crimes. They perfectly coped with their work. These entertainments helped friends relax and distract from everyday worries. They gladly run to regular meetings. But one day the main characters will be in a terrible – confusing situation. Only now they will understand how dangerous it is to pretend to be a mature detective. They will have to fight for their own lives.Players were able to carry out the investigation of not a fake crime but a real murder. The main characters even managed to get on the trail of the murderer. From this moment, a difficult test for characters begins.

9.Insidious: The Last Key

It is a continuation of one of the most successful mystery films of the 21st century. This time, the directors will tell the full story about a known psychic and psychologist named Elise Rainier.

  1. The Nun

Taissa Farmiga is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Mystery films 2018.

It is a grim mystery film with a great plot. The story begins with the news that a young nun has committed suicide in a secluded monastery, lost in the mountains in Romania. Two very unusual personalities are sent by Vatican to investigate this case. One of this pair is a priest with an ambiguous past, which he would prefer to forget, but he cannot because of circumstances.

His partner is a novice, ready to make a vow, which will change her liferadically. Arriving in the Romanian monastery, these two will face otherworldly phenomena, and their main rival will be a nun, enslaved by dark forces. The dark forces will try to destroy the Vatican messengers. The walls of the ancient monastery will become the field of a terrible battle between the living and the damned.

  1. Professor and the Madman

In the center of the story will be Professor James Murray, who begins a large-scale work on the compilation of the first Oxford Dictionary. A patient of the clinic for the mentally ill becomes the unexpected professor’s assistant.

Sean Penn & Mel Gibson on cast for the Professor and the Madman

  1. The Commuter

Returning from work, the protagonist becomes an involuntary participant in a deadly dangerous criminal conspiracy.

  1. Cloverfield Movie

It is the middle of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Mystery movies 2018.

During the experiments, researchers found an unknown particle, the presence of which cast doubt on previous ideas about the creation of the existing world. Unexpectedly it turns out that the vast universe appeared according to completely different laws than previously thought. Scientists, who are in the space laboratory, continue to conduct experiments. They have high-tech equipment and a unique environment. But the most advanced discovery always has negative sides. Once during the experimental work, there is an unfortunate oversight, it was rather insignificant, but it led to huge, insurmountable consequences. Because of the error, the existence of mankind is threatened.

Cloverfield 4 promo

  1. Suspiria

A young American Susie arrives in Germany to learn the ability to dance in the old Roman choreography school. Here she will meet real witches.

Suspiria cast

  1. Holmes and Watson

Will Ferrell is in the TOP 10 new holly Mystery movies.

A comedic interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous stories about a private detective Sherlock Holmes and his fellow doctor Dr. Watson. The eccentric duet takes on an intricate investigation, making enemies from around the world.

  1. Annihilation

In the center of the storyare four women. Among them, there is an anthropologist, a geologist, a biologist, and a psychologist. Together they go on a regular expedition to the X-site. It is noteworthy that the narrative is conducted on behalf of the biologist. During the expedition, each of the women finds their own explanation of what is happening. And by the way, one of them is the wife of a man who was here before, but after the return, he became an absolutely unrecognizable person – sometime later he died. Unexplained things happening here, make a person urgently explore this area. The nature of the mystical influence of the X-Site can affect the psyche of anyone in a different way…

  1. The House with a Clock in its Walls

The orphan boy Lewis moves to the house of his uncle, where previously lived the wicked and powerful sorcerer Isaac. He invented and hidden in the mansion the magic clock. Young Lewis is to get to know the world of magic and save the world of people.

The House with a Clock in its Walls promo

List of Hollywood Mystery movies 2018 ends now.

Thanks for watching!

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