List of Hollywood Romance movies 2018

Action movies, dramas, comedies – they all have a little bit of romance in them, and that’s what makes this genre a universal thing. People really like to see love on the other side of the screen; our list of TOP 10 latest Hollywood Romance movies 2018 is perfect for that.

So, make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and let’s dive into a world full of adventures, heartbreak, and eternal love. We’ve got animated films, action thrillers, biographical cuts and everything else in between. You won’t be disappointed!

  1. Step Up 6

Yes, this is the sixth installment in the legendary series about the best dancers in the whole world. The latest chapter invites the audience to China, a country where dancing has a huge presence in the lives of the young men and women. Expect a fine mix of love, hate, friendship, betrayals, and a whole lot of jaw-dropping moves on the floor. The plot is being kept under wraps and we know nothing about the cast. Regardless, it’s obvious that Step Up 6 is going to be an awesome film with just the right atmosphere.

  1. A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga has been quiet for a couple of years, but soon, she’ll make a comeback with A Star Is Born – one of the most anticipated releases of 2018. She’s got the lead female role. Bradley Cooper, the ladiesman, will portray an older show-business shark who’s had a brilliant career in the past but is now just another forgotten star.

When these two meet, they both feel the connection and decide to stick around to make something great happen. Cooper’s character uses all of his experience and big bucks to help her rise up. But success turns out to be a turbulent thing for their relationship. Of the TOP 10 new holly Romance movies, this one’s a keeper.

  1. Ophelia

The world-famous Hamlet has been around for many centuries. And, because of its iconic status, numerous directors have tried to deliver the best big-screen adaptations. This time around, the story will be heavily focused on Ophelia, and, judging by the critical response, Daisy Ridley did a marvelous job with the role. The cast includes other top-notch celebrities and is shaping up to be a big crowd-pleaser next year. If you like this classic love story and would want to see a different interpretation, put the release date on your calendar.

  1. Hotel Transylvania 3

This isn’t one of those love tales that feature a young man falling madly in love with a young woman and a happily ever after. HT 3 follows Dracula, a centuries-old vampire who’s tired of taking care of the needs of others. It’s finally time for him to stop being the most responsible one in the world and embark on an exciting trip across the sea. His daughter really wanted him to leave work behind and enjoy a beautiful journey.

The ship’s captain, a gorgeous woman, steals his heart, forcing the old man to do things he would’ve never done before. Furthermore, she’s not really who she says she is and is getting ready to deliver a deadly blow. Put Hotel Transylvania 3 on the list of Hollywood Romance movies 2018 and let’s move on.

  1. Midnight Sun

Katie is not just another teenager girl. She’s been spending her days at home ever since she was a little kid because of a lethal sensitivity to the sun. Thankfully, when the clock hits midnight, Katie is allowed to go out there and explore the world. The girl really loves to play the guitar for the locals and the visitors. During one of those nights, she sees Charlie, a boy who she’s been in love with for as long as she can remember. When a spark ignites a fire between them, the young woman neglects to mention that she’s got a special condition.

Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzуnegger

  1. Forever My Girl

Liam, an incredibly-popular country singer, quite literally left his fiancé at the altar to pursue his career in music. Obviously, Josie was devastated by this betrayal and hates him for what he did. At the same time, Liam is still very much in love with her – she’s the only woman in his life.

And when he goes back to his hometown to respect the passing of an old friend, all the memories from the past come rushing back. The locals remember what he did; if the celebrity wants the girl back, he’ll have to make everything right. Of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Romance movies of 2018 to watch, Forever My Girl is a heart-wrenching drama.

  1. Overboard

Mexico’s richest playboy, a man with unlimited resources and a bad attitude, thinks that the whole world belongs to him. He comes from a rich, influential family and never had to work a single day in his life. But when he falls off a yacht during one of his trips, the chap loses his memory. That’s when a single mother finds him and convinces the party animal that he’s her spouse. Will he eventually learn that it was all a lie, or maybe they’ll find happily ever after together? You’ll learn that in the theaters!

Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez in overboard

  1. Red Sparrow

Can a Russian girl fall in love with an American man? Of course, why not? Well, what if they’re spies trained by their countries to be enemies? They both have missions that need to be carried out perfectly; otherwise, the balance between the two superpowers will be lost.

The girl is sexy as hell and is specifically ordered to seduce men like him. The US agent is a handsome man and a patriot; however, when the two meet, all those years of exhausting training go to waste as love conquers it all. So now the lovebirds will have to work together and try to save the world. Definitely, one of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Romance films 2018.

  1. Zelda

This woman was the biggest ally of Mr. Fitzgerald, the famed author. As his wife,  soul-mate, and muse, she played a major role in his success. At the same time, she was an artist, just like her husband, and was struggling with making it as an independent woman. Zelda explores the possibility of a man and a woman being in love with each other while competing with their creative minds. If you love Fitzgerald’s novels and would like to learn more about the most important person in his life, this movie is the place to start.

  1. Fifty Shades Freed

Yes, this is the final and the most anticipated chapter in the ground-breaking Fifty Shades series. Things are looking up for Anastasia and her troubled man: they’re about to get married and live happily ever after. But, obviously, the outside world is not ready to let them have their perfect family nest. Before the two can forget about the past and move on with their lives, they will have to face the demons from back in the day and fight for happiness. Fifty Shades Feed deserves the #1 spot on our list of best Hollywood Romance movies in 2018.

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