List of Hollywood Suspense movies 2018

Thrillers, mysteries and suspense films go hand-in-hand and sometimes it’s kinda hard to determine which one of the three genres is more present in a given movie. But that’s not really important as long as you’re having fun. Our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Suspense movies 2018 are a great value for your money.

So, mark the release dates of the ones you really like on the calendar and get ready for the premieres. We’ve got a mighty list of titles that will be appreciated by a wide range of folks. Ghosts, aliens, conspiracies, cops, killers – that’s what we’ll deal with today!

  1. Acrimony

Henson, one of the greatest black actresses of our time, portrays a faithful, God-fearing woman who used to always stick with her husband no matter what. However, he’s been acting like a moron these last couple of years, and she’s finally ready to confront him. The woman learns that he’s not really who he says he is. The feeling of being betrayed makes her angry, disappointed and confused. What is she supposed to do in a situation like this one? Dump the jerk and find something new on the horizon? Or seek revenge?

  1. Cloverfield 4

The first chapter was shot using one single camera, and the effect was epic. The second one was a one-room-only kind of a horror slash thriller film with a great potential. And what can we expect from the third installment that’s titled Cloverfield 4? This time around, the story will take us back to the 40s, when the all-out-war with Germany was raging.

In order to hit the enemy where it hurts and turn the tide, an elite team of American soldiers sneaks into a top-notch Nazi compound only to find out they’ve been carrying out inhumane experiments on the locals. Of the TOP 10 new holly Suspense movies, this one’s a good bang for your buck.

Cloverfield 4

  1. The Strangers 2

The original movie received a lot of international praise for being original, gripping and all kinds of thrilling.Mr. Bertino, the man who wrote the story and directed The Strangers is also working on the script for the sequel. It’s not clear whether he’ll direct it or not, but you can already tell it’s going to be a great movie. Rumors claim that the beautiful Liv Tyler, along with a bunch of other members of the cast will return for chapter #2. If you love horrors slash suspense films that glue you to the seat, we bet this one will be right up your alley.

  1. Annihilation

What if you had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to head out to a place that the humans have no control over? The regular laws don’t apply over there, but you could find something extraordinary if you manage to survive. This expedition will never be known to the public and you’ll never get any medals.

Yet, you’ll be a vital part of this dangerous and highly important mission. Portman portrays a woman that gets such an offer and gladly agrees. Along with other brilliant and courageous ladies, she heads into the unknown, hoping to find the answers to many questions. Put Annihilation on the list of Hollywood Suspense movies 2018 and let’s proceed.

  1. The Predator

Bigger, stronger, smarter and technologically more advanced, these aliens can take on 10 humans without breaking a sweat. And now they’re back after being away for so many years. What are the Predators after this time? More prey to hunt, or something else?

This series desperately needs an awesome film to resurrect itself in the eyes of the fans, and Shane Black looks like just the right man for the job. He’s got a great team, an impressive cast and more than enough bucks to spend. You could call this a restart of the franchise. Let’s hope they deliver on their promises and create a truly special experience for the audience.

  1. Soldado

Crime, thriller, and suspense came together for the original 2015 film. Some called it boring, others called it way too serious, but you can’t deny the fact that it was different from everything else. Next year, three years after the first installment hit the theaters, Soldado will be released.

We know nothing about the script, the cast or the direction they’re going to take with this one. The producers claim the second chapter will be a lot more aggressive, violent, and down-to-Earth. We personally can’t wait to check it out! As one of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Suspense movies of 2018 to watch, it certainly deserves to be put this high on the list.


  1. Sherlock Holmes 3

Yep, the legendary detective is back, and he’s got a few allies to back him up and a few villains to fight. SH 1 and 2 have a lot of positive reviews and are considered to be modern-day classics. Hopefully, the third installment will be even more exciting. They say that if this film turns out to be a commercial success, they’ll release at least two more. That makes it obvious that the team is working tirelessly, trying to make Sherlock Holmes 3 a perfect blockbuster. If you’re into that kind of a thing (detectives, hounds, creepy villains and valiant men in the 19th century), you’ll love it.

  1. The Purge 4

When the original came out, nobody really believed that one day, we’ll talk about the 4th chapter, but it is what it is. What started as a B-movie is today a pretty solid franchise. As for The Purge 4, it will take us back to the very beginning, the year when it all started. The story will be focused on the people that made this horrifying decision and the mechanism used to launch this sick game. Get yourself ready for yet another wild rollercoaster at the theaters. Definitely, one of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Suspense films 2018.

The Purge: The Island

  1. Now You See Me 3

Atlas is back, and he’s ready to create an even bigger mess of things than ever before. The gifted illusionist mastered his craft and will lead the 4 Horsemen in the 3rd installment of this successful series. No info about the plot, the cast or anything else, except that it will, allegedly, come out in 2018. But if you’ve seen the 1st and 2nd chapters, then you can expect something similar. If not, well, the movie will still be very much enjoyable.

Now You See Me 3 Poster

  1. 48 Meters Down

In 47 MD, two girls got stuck in a cage in the middle of an ocean with evil sharks hunting them. In 48 Meters Down, there will be more people, more sharks, and more bloodshed. A bunch of adventurous tourists travels to Brazil to have some extreme fun. They ditch their guide and head out into a “magical” place with ancient relics and beautiful scenery. But they end up in the den of the fiercest sharks in the world with no help or the right equipment. Ok, that’s it for the list of best Hollywood Suspense movies in 2018.

a still from 48 Meters Down

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