List of Hollywood Western movies 2018

The most parodied films are western movies. The time of their popularity was short-lived, but they were remembered for many years, their natures were too special, it is worth recalling only their entourage: the protagonists with revolvers, hats, and boots with spurs, a kind of musical accompaniment and the wild prairies of the American Old West.

Films about cowboys became the business card of the cinema of the USA at the end of XIX – the beginning of XX century. The main characters were distinguished by their masculinity, the strength of their nature and astonishing fearlessness. Entire generations were brought up on westerns.

The stunning scenery of the Wild West combined with a fascinating plot and dynamic development of events. Spectators liked interesting stories from the life of Texas guys, sheriffs, and artful bandits.

However, unfortunately, the popularity of such films was a passing phenomenon. Now only true connoisseurs are able to experience the beauty of such pictures.

We are here to show TOP 10 best Hollywood Western movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we start!

List of best Hollywood Western movies in 2018

  1. Bass Reeves, U.S. Marshal

Bass Reeves was a slave in Texas. But one day he had a chance to fled to Oklahoma. There he began to work as a marshal. He was appointed as a marshal for his tracker and sniper skills. During his work, he participated in more skirmishes than any star of the action movies and jailed about 3,000 people, 14 of them were killed by him.

One of Reeves’s funniest things happened when he went to take the three brothers – assassins of the stagecoach guards.

The brothers wanted to shoot him. However, Reeves was quicker and had time to shoot two brothers, the last one was jailed by him.

  1. The Price of Death

After robbing a saloon in a small town, there were found dead a prostitute and barman. In this murder, Chester was charged and sentenced to death. But the lawyer of the condemned hired a man to prove the innocence of his client.

A still from The Price of Death

  1. Howlers

Werewolves are in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Western films 2018.

Virtually every culture that exists in the world contains several myths or legends that relate to werewolves. Many of us are used to think that they are monsters, in which sorcerers can turn, or ordinary people during the full moon period. Similar legends can be found in a variety of sources and stories about these creatures are told all over the world.

There are a lot of opinions about the werewolves. Some are sure that it is actually possible to become a werewolf, while the person practically does not change his appearance, but only acquires the qualities and strength of the animal into which he turns. Another category of people is sure that werewolves are just people who actually suffer from a terrible illness.

The plot of the next movie will tell about such flock of werewolves that terrifies the small town but at the same time, the main hero of the movie arrives at the town.

Man going away in Howlers

  1. Americana

Adventure Western movie returns the viewer to the 60 years of the XIX century. The American people are fiercely fighting to renounce slavery. Northerners, heading the South, free slaves and suppress the resistance of their owners. The protagonist of the movie – farmer – slave owner, dropping everything, is forced to flee. Realizing that it is difficult to escape from the past for the hero, he leaves the country and moves to Brazil. There, almost forgetting about the lost state and the threatening violence, the farmer begins a new life and eventually finds love. New country, other orders, exotic nature, and pacification seem great to the hero. The farmer is raising a new farm, he is building a new family with his beloved one. However, the past of the slaveholder reminds of itself. The truth of the thought of free labor and power to dispose of other people’s lives can destroy a new life. Will the former slave owner overcome his habit of holding the others’ lives as a commodity or give in to black thoughts, again arranging a slave-owning ranch?

  1. The Deadliest Gun

The Bledsoe family leaves its own house due to was in Virginia but they become trapped and then killed. Only two little sisters survived. They were helped by local people and now they are searching for the murderers of their parents. It is interesting film about strong girls.

A still from The Deadliest Gun

  1. Black Hat

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Western movies 2018.

It is a story about a boy who has to survive in the Wild West.

  1. The Red Man’s View

The movie returns all the spectators to a time when the people of America were fighting for their lives and their lands, on which they lived. It so happened that all white conquerors tried to seize the land and eventually forced a huge number of Indian tribes to leave their native places. It often happened that Indian women became victims of conquerors, the same happened to the protagonist of the film. The girl of the protagonist was taken hostage by white settlers but the young man cannot come to the rescue of his beloved girl because his father needs help too.

  1. White Horse Dancing

Strong mother’s nature is in the TOP 10 new holly Western movies.

The protagonist of the picture is the mother who does everything possible to save her own daughter but in order to help daughter, she asks a bounty hunter to save her daughter from bad guys. Will he be able to save the life of a girl?

  1. What Child Is This

Here the movie will show the life of the four generations against the Wild West.

A still from What Child Is This

  1. The Sisters Brothers

The events of this film occur at a time when the whole America was covered by a gold rush. People were so obsessed with a dream of getting rich by finding a golden nugget that completely forgot about their own safety. The main characters in this film – Charlie and Eli – are criminals. Charlie and Eli are siblings. Despite the fact that they are very different people, they spend their whole lives together and do one thing. Brothers are professional killers.

The Sisters Brothers promo

List of Hollywood Western movies 2018 comes to its conclusion.

Thanks for watching!

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