List of Hollywood Thriller movies 2018

Thriller refers to one of the most popular genresin the modern film industry. It managed to rally a large number of true connoisseurs of the genre, as well as ordinary fans of action-packed and thrilling movies. The main feature of such a direction as thrillers is an exciting and ambiguous storyline that can keep in constant tension and cause strong and vivid emotions. For this purpose, various cinematographic techniques are widely used.

We are glad to show TOP 10 best Hollywood Thriller movies of 2018 to watch.

Here we go!

List of best Hollywood Thriller movies in 2018

  1. Extinction

The film takes place in an alternative universe. The main character faces a difficult and long battle for the freedom of the Earth against alien invaders. By the orders of the government, the protagonist and his crew go to the computer world created by an unknown genius to study information about it. Virtual reality is a trap created by robotic alien species in order to capture the Earth, destroy all of its population. The brave captain with the team becomes hostage to this world. The man hero decides to break through the enemy’s defenses to report a threat. He does it alone, leaving crew members inside the trap.

The government, having learned of the impending seizure, entrusts him with command of all the available troops and means of defense. The threat of an attack is increasing – the alien enemy has got too close to the Earth. The future fate of the world’s population depends on the mysterious black box.

A still from Extinction

  1. The Commuter

Action-thriller movie will tellthe story of one businessman who made the wrong choice. However, it all started very suddenly, when a man was coming home from work. It was at that moment that he was involved in a real conspiracy, the culprit of which is the most famous criminal of the city. The case takes an unexpected turn and the life of the main character is in great danger.

  1. Proud Mary

A female killer is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Thriller films 2018.

A female killer Mary, working for a Boston mafia, kills a drug dealer, leaving his young son as an orphan. Unexpected maternal feelings encourage Mary to take care of the fate of the boy. She is trying to start a new life – for him.

  1. Annihilation

The government is concerned about the problem associated with the territory where paranormal phenomena occur. Sending a group of researchers, scientists failed to get answers to the main questions – the group did not return home. The subsequent eleven groups also failed, which caused the authorities to seriously consider the problem. The group goes to site X, to investigate the mysterious disappearance of colleagues from the laboratory. Arriving at the place, the group faces a silence that frightens people. While conducting a search mission, the guys face a mystical force, defending the land from strangers. The group of researchers is forced to save their own livesin order not to become another team that has not returned home. The commander of the research team is sent to seek a way out, leaving the people to wait for further instructions. Returning to the place, it became clear that not everyone could survive. Saving alife, scientists accidentally learn the secret of the terrain…

  1. The Hurricane Heist

When meteorological services warn of the approach of a powerful hurricane, residents of the coastal zone urgently leave the city. The level of danger is great, no shelter will help. However, there are people to whom such an emergency situation becomes a chance to earn extra money. Nobody wants to remain in the zone of destructionand all state and banking institutions remain completely defenseless. A group of desperate criminalsis plotting to steal$600 million.

The Hurricane Heist promo

  1. Winchester

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Thriller movies 2018.

It is the mystical story about the elderly and wealthy widow Sarah Winchester, which connects the tragic fate of her family with the “brainchild” of her father-in-law – a popular rifle. According to one medium, all the people who died from its shots laid a curse on Winchester’s heirs. Hiding from the ghosts, Sarah builds a labyrinth mansion, where one day a skeptical psychiatrist comes.

  1. The Purge 4

It is a prequel to the very first Purge night – an annual 12-hour “purge,” when laws cease to operate. How did America come to approve the night of massacres and ferocious permissiveness?

The Purge: The Island promo

  1. Cadaver

The hard life of night watchman is in the TOP 10 new holly Thriller movies.

The disgraced policeman Megan Reed, who is treated for drug addiction, gets a job as night watchman in the morgue. Instead of grave silence and rest, a series of mysterious and bloody events awaits her.

  1. Red Sparrow

Dominika Yegorova serves in Russian intelligence. She is assigned to her colleague Nathaniel Nash. There was a suspicion that he was a double agent. Her task is to seduce and expose the mole. But they fall in love with each other for real, which for intelligence is unacceptable – the security of countriessuffers. After a series of troubles, Dominika is in Washington and in retaliation for the killed feelings, working for the CIA.

  1. Alpha

The epochal film returns us to prehistoric time (about twenty thousand years ago). Here people still lived among the primitive communities and daily fought for their own survival in a world full of dangerous predators and other terrifying threats. The main hero is a brave youth. Going to the next hunt, he does not even suspect what will happen to him on this journey, because it will not be easy to find the road back.

The hero of the movie will pass hundreds of thousands of kilometers through frozen Europe in search of father’s house and literally every moment will fight for hislife.

List of Hollywood Thriller movies 2018 is coming to its conclusion.

Thanks for watching!

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