List of TOP 1 best Animation movies of 2020 to watch

One of the popular animation styles is full-length animations. As a rule, in terms of the timeline, these movies last at least from 45 minutes to two or three hours. The animation movie is more interesting than other genres. It is a great pleasure to watch animation movies, the content of which is tricky with an exciting development. You probably have long dreamed of sitting on your favorite sofa, grabbing ice cream or popcorn, and enjoying watching such an animation movie.

Today we are going to show you the TOP 14 best english Animation movies 2020 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 14 best Animation movies of 2020 to watch

14. Wish Dragon

In the animation movie, the main character will be an ordinary boy, who, by coincidence, got a magic teapot. After opening it, the guy freed a cute pink dragon, which can grant wishes. For many centuries, the dragon was imprisoned by the teapot, and when he got out, he was interested in everything. The dragon contemplates the world around him with amazement, fulfilling the boy’s wishes. A sea of fascinating and mesmerizing adventures awaits friends.

13. The Croods: A New Age

Grugis on the list of good english Animation movies.

In prehistoric times, life was very difficult for people not like in modern times. The savages did not have telephones, cars, and smart technology. However, they were forced to live in caves, hunt, and pick berries with roots. To get meat for dinner, it was required to track down prey and masterfully kill it. However, most often only predators ate meat, and people had to avoid them. In such difficult times, when a lightning strike seemed like heavenly fire, the main characters of this animated picture had to live.

The Croods family lived in that time, and they lived in their cave for a long time, until one day a large-scale earthquake destroyed their house. The head of the clan, the conservative and strict Grug, did not recognize any innovation and was afraid of any change. He did not allow his family to leave the house after sunset, as he feared an attack by wild animals and birds of prey. However, Eep, the daughter of Grug, did not share her father’s fears and dreamed of exploring the world around her.

12. Raya and the Last Dragon

Disney Studios 59th movie is a fantastic and mystical story of Raya and the Last Dragon. The plot of the animated film is inspired by Asian mythology. The action takes place in the fabulous kingdom of Kumandra, a rethought land in Southeast Asia, inhabited by an ancient civilization, where the brave warrior Raya with a team of like-minded people intends to find the last dragon in the land, where five clans of dragons once lived.

The dragon will bring light back to the world and help Raya defeat a powerful enemy that threatens the well-being of the kingdom and its subjects. Inspired by the finest and most diverse culture of Southeast Asia, the film raises the theme of society and hope.

11. Klaus

A woodcutter Klaus is on the list of best english Animation movies to watch.

When the selfish and lazy son of a wealthy tycoon, Jesper, fails his studies at the mail academy, deservedly becoming the worst student, the guy’s father sends him to re-education on a remote island in the Arctic Circle. To return home and enjoy the benefits of his father’s fortune, Jesper has to send six thousand letters, but he soon discovers that the locals, divided into two warring camps, do not use postal services at all. Jesper, annoyed by another failure, is going to admit the mission is impossible, but suddenly finds allies in the person of the teacher Alva and the mysterious woodcutter Klaus…

10. Over the Moon

Fascinating animation movie is about the story of a young girl, whom her parents tell fairy tales about mysterious inhabitants living on the dark side of the moon. And then she gets inspired by the idea of ​​building a spaceship and flying to a satellite of the Earth to find proof that the Moon Goddess exists. The girl works hard to create a spaceship and soon she succeeds. And when she embarks on a dangerous journey into space, she discovers the real world of the inhabitants of the Moon, where incredible adventures await.

9. Wolfwalkers

The Irish Wolf Legend is on the list of best modern Animation films.

It is the Irish Wolf Legend told in the form of an animated movie. Robyn’s father is a famous hunter who taught the girl his craft. He goes to Ireland on a mission to destroy the last pack of wolves left in those parts and takes his daughter with him. People are afraid of wolves and therefore kill them. However, on the streets of the city, Robyn meets an unusual girl Mebh who looks more like a small animal. Thanks to her new friend, the girl learns a lot about the life of the forest and the tribe of wild wolves. Now she understands how important it is to keep them alive.

8. Minions: The Rise of Gru

The adventures of cute and adorable creatures – yellow minions – continue. However, minions have an interesting feature – in the confrontation between good and evil, they always find themselves on the dark side of power. The little ones do this not quite consciously, they are just curious, and all their actions are dictated by the instinct of knowledge.

Minions are the most ancient inhabitants of the Earth, they are older than dinosaurs, and even were present at the birth of life on the planet, volcanoes erupted in their memory, whole continents were flooded and glaciers began to move.

Minions are ready to recognize as a master anyone with power and strength since their thinking abilities are limited, they live by feelings and obey instincts. However, the owner who has shown protection to the minions is doomed – by their diligence and servility, they will certainly destroy him, after which they will set off to look for a new owner. Once recognizing the mighty tyrannosaurus as the master, they killed him too. They did not succeed only with the people who recently appeared on the planet, who turned out to be so smart that they chose not to mess with the minions and fled from them to the northern lands, where the minions did not dare to go fearing the severe Siberian frosts.

7. Scoob!

Scooby-Doo is on the list of TOP 14 good Animation films.

The Danish dog Scooby-Doo and his owner Shaggy, as well as their friends Velma, Daphne, and Fred, enter into a detective and mystical confrontation with ghosts and monsters, following in the footsteps of Dick Dastardly, who commits a series of crimes one after another.

This time they are not acting alone but on behalf of a powerful organization. The mischievous dog goes on a journey with his beloved owner and his friends. Scooby is a coward, many things are terrified of panic but faithful human friends always save him from the tragic consequences. The friends will have to unravel many mysterious messages, get gold, and other treasures, which are guarded by a disembodied ghost ready to destroy the daredevils.

6. Trolls World Tour

Little multicolored trolls with funny fluffy hair live carefree in their kingdom. They, as before, love to have fun and love to sing and dance. Once the cheerful princess of the local pop scene Poppy, her friend Branch, and other residents witnessed the birth of a new troll. The funny little guy turns out to be a talented performer too, but the style of his songs is different from that to which the main characters are used. So it becomes clear that the world of music is much more than Poppy, Poppy and their friends thought. The wisest troll reveals a secret to the heroes: it turns out that from ancient times the tribes of trolls live in six different lands. Also, in each territory, the local population has chosen one of the styles of music: funk, country, techno, classical, pop, or rock.

One day, Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls from neighboring lands, supported by her father, decides to destroy other genres of music, so that only her favorite hard rock reigns around. Poppy, Branch, and their troll friends will have to go on a long journey, unite other tribes and prevent the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls from establishing her empire everywhere.

5. The Willoughbys

Willoughbys’ kids are on the list of really good Animation films.

All the Willoughbys’ kids have dreamed of is a happy family. However, their parents were so passionate about each other that they had no time for children. Therefore, their offspring decided to get rid of them to start living a full life. They develop a plan whereby parents should go on vacation from which they should never return. Only when they left alone, the children realize what a terrible mistake they had made…

4. Soul

Joe Gardner teaches music in high school but has always dreamed of becoming a jazz musician. And his dream comes true, he receives an invitation to audition at the music club “Half Notes.” However, he has an accident on his way home from the club and Gardner’s soul leaves his body. The detached soul is transported to the Center, where souls train before they have to move into the body of a newly born child.

Souls are still insensitive, they have no names, instead of names they have ordinal numbers, and they have to develop their abilities, acquire inclinations and become passionate, and it is Gardner who will have to work with them. The soul, with which you have worked well, will become the center of a person’s spiritual life, determine his hobbies, dreams, and interests. Soul # 22 attracts the special attention of the former music teacher.

3. Onward

Fabulous creatures are on the list of best modern Animation movies.

In a magical land, all sorts of fabulous creatures live an ordinary life filled with everyday worries, reminiscent of human everyday life. Here centaurs and unicorns, preoccupied with their daily affairs, roam the streets freely. Mermaids, also immersed in everyday worries, inhabit the picturesque ponds. Previously, the fairy-tale world was surrounded by magic, creating a special, inimitable atmosphere. However, times have changed, everything around has become ordinary, and the inhabitants gradually got used to a simple existence without magic.

2. Spies in Disguise

Spy Lance has been working for the government for many years keeping an eye on important people who may be involved in dirty business. However, the man is not so good, which is why he constantly finds himself in funny situations. One day he is assigned a new business.

Lance will have to find materials to help jail the prosecutor who is playing foul play. To help Lance cope with the task, a young guy who has amazing intelligence and quick wit is taken to work.

1. Red Shoes

The first place of the TOP fourteen good Animation movies in theaters.

Seven arrogant princes were punished by turning into ugly dwarfs. For a long time, they were looking for a way to remove the curse. Once they learned that the shoes of one young person could help them. However, the girl is not ready to part with her shoes. The reason is that the shoes make her look slimmer than she is. Will the dwarfs get their chance to be saved? Will the girl agree to save other people’s lives?

TOP 14 best new Animation movies 2020 is coming to an end.

By the way, the TOP 14 new good Animation movies 2020 release dates are already available on the Net.

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