List of TOP 12 best Black movies of 2020 to watch

17 years later, a third part of the “Bad Boys” was released, which is especially pleasing with the same Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and even Captain Howard – Joe Pantoliano.

And on this wave, we remember a cool and just funny movie about black life culture in the TOP 12 best english Black movies 2020 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 12 best Black movies of 2020 to watch

12. Tenet

A fantastic spy thriller that intertwines time and space. Protagonist, a member of the CIA special operation, becomes a participant in an unusual mission. He must use technology from the future that allows objects to reverse motion in time. Together with British special agent Neil, Protagonist learns that the Russian oligarch Sator owns this technology. The heroes will have to go to him and find out what he wants.

Sator seeks to obtain plutonium to cure cancer. However, the plan invented by him will destroy all life on earth and lead to mass deaths. Neil and Protagonist must prevent this from happening.

11. Black Box

Nolan’s story is on the list of good english Black movies.

Nolan was never able to recover from the accident in which he lost his beloved wife. His life still cannot get back to normal. He lost some of his memories, including the fact that he has a daughter. Also, a man is tormented by nightmares in which someone attacks him. For a long time, the hero of the movie tried to find a way out of this situation on his own. However, when the father once again forgot to take his daughter, he decides to take part in a risky experiment.

Specialists, with the help of new technology, promise to restore his memory so that the man can return to normal life, but Nolan begins to doubt that the images and memories that are in his head belong to him, and then the creature from nightmares becomes more real…

10. Twelve

Mouse’s dream is on the list of really good Black films.

Mouse admires the biker gang that rides their bikes through the streets of the suburbs every night. The teenager considers them to be cool guys and dreams of becoming part of this gang. He soon musters up the courage to make a name for himself but his attempt fails – the tough guys make fun of the loser. However, someone decides to give the hero of the movie “Twelve” a chance. He gives him a bike, which requires restoration: if the guy copes with the task, then he will have a chance to become part of the gang. Mouse quickly realizes that he will not be able to fulfill his cherished dream without money. For this, he decides on desperate actions. He becomes indifferent to the opinions of friends and relatives who do not want the teenager to get involved with crime. For the sake of a new status, the guy is ready for anything. What exactly will Mouse decide on?

9. Police

A hard choice is on the list of best english Black movies to watch.

In the center of the storyline of the dramatic film are three police officers – Eric, Aristide, and Virginia are involved in escorting a man to the airport terminal. However, on the way to the appointed place, Virginia receives information from a secret and at the same time verified source: according to his words, the person escorted by them is in danger. This circumstance leads to the fact that the main character of the film begins to persuade her partners to release the man. What decision will the heroes of the picture take and will they decide to cross the line of the law to save the life of a person unfamiliar to them?

8. The Lost Prince

The unusual stories that Djibi tells her little daughter before bed come to life in her fantasy world. Sofia, after her father’s stories, moves to the magic kingdom of the world of her fantasies, where she is a princess, and Djibi is a brave prince. This continues until she goes to high school. After that, incredible stories begin to attract less and less of her attention.

They finally became indifferent to her when she fell in love for the first time. In the fantasy world, the new prince turns out to be Sophia’s boyfriend, and Djibi loses his title. A single father has to admit that his baby has already grown up and will soon go to college leaving home.

7. The 24th

24th Infantry Regiment is on the list of best modern Black films.

In 1917, a riot broke out in Houston, which raised the 24th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army. All members of the military have black skin. They are ready to defend their state with honor, so they undergo training before being sent to Europe, where the war is now going on. In order not to discredit their regiment, soldiers must comply with local laws that did not recognize the equality of black and white. However, it did not help. Local police and many citizens are hostile to black marines. More than once the heroes of the film had to endure insults and mockery. The silence of the command and ignorance of the problem led to an aggravation of the situation. When the first casualties among the military appeared, the soldiers decided to fight back to protect their lives…

6. Project Power

One fine day, merchants began to appear on the streets of New Orleans, ready to sell unusual pills to everyone. The creators of the pills did a great job and produced a unique tool that can give a person real superpowers but their effect is not durable and lasts only five minutes. However, this time is enough to sow chaos and discord in the city.

However, the manifestation of extraordinary forces is not waiting for everyone: some who manage to take the pill die in terrible agony. Young Robin, trying to save money for an operation for her mother, is forced to sell pills. Once a former soldier turns to her for help.

5. Hell on the Border

A black federal marshal is on the list of TOP 12 good Black films.

Bass Reeves made history as the first black American to become a federal marshal. A man all his life defended the law and the life of ordinary citizens from the brutal gangs, robbers, and murderers that flooded the western lands of the Mississippi River. At the beginning of the 19th century, large-scale resettlement of people to this territory took place in America. There was still free land here, where it was possible to set up a farm and engage in agriculture. Others were attracted by the opportunity to find gold and get rich quickly. The heroes of the film were not afraid of the harsh climate, wild spaces, and clashes with the Indians.

4. Emperor

Shields Green went through many trials because he had to endure not only a feeling of fear because of which he was overcome by paranoia, but also physical pain. Shields was a slave and had to do work on the orders of any person who was higher in status. Despite his position, Shields earned a proud nickname and was once called the “Emperor.” The man always wanted to find freedom, and one day he began to develop an escape plan.

Having achieved what he wanted and feeling the taste of a new life, the Emperor met two interesting personalities who were against the slavery that spread throughout America in those years. The new comrades of the Emperor announced a plan – to take up arms and overthrow the current government. Will Shields agree to be part of the Resistance?

3. Body of Night

Therese’s new hobby is on the list of best modern Black movies.

The action of the film tells the story of the attractive girl Therese, who is searching for her love. Therese has no luck with guys and it seems she will never find her love. Despite the complexity of the situation, the girl does not despair and hopes to find someone with whom she will spend the rest of her life. Problems with finding a job forced Therese to respond to a dubious offer from a young man named Eric who promised to reward the hero if she became his student. In her spare time, Therese studies online dating, in particular, its dark side. Gradually, the relationship between Eric and Therese moves to a new level, in which a man tests a girl for strength.

2. Waves

The events of the film drama tell about a young family, each of its members was just a teenager, but now lovers have to get used to the difficulties of living together. Recently, a tragedy happened in the life of the main characters of the film – they lost a loved one, and now they are trying to cope with the bitterness of loss.

This is helped by the recent acquaintance of the heroes with another married couple, who not so long ago experienced a similar shock. Despite new acquaintances, the heroes of the film begin to try to drown out the pain with the help of alcohol and noisy entertainment – this helps only for a while, and when life returns to normal, young people are forced to look again for methods that will help them preserve their marriage.

1. 2 Minutes of Fame

The first place of the TOP twelve good Black movies in theaters.

The aspiring comedian Deandre has his website where he posts videos where he jokes quite harshly about famous people. Even though he has a million subscribers, the site does not bring income, so he has to earn money working in the store. At the same time, he has a tense relationship with the manager, and once, unable to withstand the jokes of a subordinate, the girl dismisses him. When one of the videos becomes very popular, he decides to travel to Los Angeles to enter the Laugh Out loud stand-up competition. His wife, Sky, is against such a decision because she is forced to work in two shifts to ensure the life of their common son. However, the main hero ignores her words and goes to the first stage of the competition, which he hardly passes. Then he sees a negative comment on his performance from the famous stand-up comic Marcus Blake and realizes that his path to two minutes of fame will not be so easy.

That’s all, TOP 12 best new Black movies 2020 comes to an end.

By the way, the TOP 12 new good Black movies 2020 release dates have already appeared on the Net. You can find them.

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