List of TOP 10 english Animation movies 2017

Big-time industry giants like Dream Works and Pixar have successfully taken over the world with their cute, adorable, fun, moving and touching animated franchises, and they are equally interesting both for the little ones and the grown-ups. There aren’t a lot of films today that you can enjoy with your children, but our TOP 10 best English Animation movies 2017 to watch list will help you pick just the right ones!


  1. The Star

We all know the wonderful Christmas story about Christ being a baby and his parents finding shelter in a stable when there was no place to stay at the local inn. The Star is an awesome interpretation of that same Biblical story told from a rather peculiar perspective. Bo, a joyful donkey, runs from his masters and comes across a dove, a sheep and lots of other animals who join 3 camels and their owners on a journey led by an extremely bright start up in the sky. We already know where they’re going, but the trip proves to be life-defining for the animals and the humans. The Star is an educational, thought-provoking and simply fun movie.

The Star

  1. The Lego Ninjago Movie

Cole and five of his friends are a team of exceptional Lego kiddos with otherworldly skills. They are one of the best ninjas in the whole world, and they’re the only ones who can protect their home island from a horde of enemy attackers. However, that’s only a part of their lives: during the day, they’re just a bunch of regular kids with regular problems. Furthermore, the “civilian” life is a lot more complicated than that of a ninja. It’s quite challenging to keep the fragile balance between being heroic defenders and ordinary school kids, and the question is – what’s more important to them? Of the TOP 10 new English Animation movies 2017, this one is super funny!

  1. Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a peace-loving bull with a kind and loving heart. He doesn’t see a point in battling with the other bulls and enjoys his time with the flowers and trees. He grows into a big, strong animal, but his nature remains just as loving and caring as before. Unfortunately, when a bunch of buyers from the big city comes around to pick the mightiest bull for an upcoming event, they choose Ferdinand, as he’s the biggest and the strongest one! Obviously, he’s never been in a real fight – not even once – but, if he wants to survive and go back home, he’ll have to learn how to deal with the brutal opponents in the bullfights!

  1. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

The Titans are tasked with an all-consuming mission: protecting the Earth from invaders and keeping the balance between good and evil intact. Deathstroke is out there, watching them, learning their weaknesses and getting ready to strike when they let their guard down. There’s no peace for them as long as he’s still breathing. Plus, there’s this new recruit that might just as easily be a traitor set on infiltrating and destroying their organization. Tara, a gifted Teen Titan, will have to play it out smart and finish what she started. Put Teen Titans on your list of TOP 10 English Animation movies 2017 if you’re a fan of sci-fi comic-based movies.

  1. The Emoji Movie

You might not even think about it, but the Emojis in your phone are conscious beings and dream of being picked by you. There is a huge city within Textopolis – a cool app – and it’s home to all the Emoji. They come with one expression, nothing more, nothing less, but Gene is different: for some reason, she has no filters whatsoever and is torn between multiple personalities (expressions, that is). Ever since she was born, this “girl” has been struggling with her abnormal fate and considering it to be a curse. So, she embarks on a life-changing journey through the various app worlds, hoping to find the Code that will fix her.

  1. Cars 3

Lightning, the star of the previous two chapters in the bestselling Cars series, used to be the undisputed champion and a crowd-pleaser. But the game is different now, and there’s no place for “old timers” like him on the racetrack anymore. Still, he’s determined to make a great comeback and show the youngens what it truly means to own the track. To do that, he’ll have to put everything else aside and focus on his training. There’s a lot to catch up on, and if he fails, there will be no going back anymore. Hudson Hornet, the legendary rider, gives him the right motivation to give this race everything he’s got. Check Cars 3 out if you want to watch TOP 10 English Animation films 2017.

  1. The Boss Baby

Tim has been enjoying his parents’ company and never ever dreamed of having a sibling. However, when his mom brings a brother into this world, everything changes: the baby is a natural-born leader and wants to become a powerful and influential businessman. He’s already walking around in strict costumes and is kinda feared by his older brother. What if his parents forget about him and give all of their love and care to the newly-born? The siblings turn into instant enemies and start plotting against each other, but, when a new danger appears on the horizon, they put their differences aside and start to work together.

  1. The Lego Batman Movie

Batman has never been a big fan of teams and prefers to work on his own. However, even the all-mighty Dark Knight is not always ready to face his enemies alone, and that is why he calls on his friends to assist him in bringing peace and tranquility to Gotham. His beloved city is under attack, and if he fails to stop the villains from corrupting it, there will be nothing (and no one) to protect anymore. The Joker is not playing games anymore – the stakes are higher than ever. Our TOP 10 latest English Animation movies 2017 release list would be empty without this lovely Batman blockbuster!

  1. Smurfs: The Lost Village

The original Smurfs movie was an international hit, and The Lost Village is expected to be just as awesome, if not better. The story follows Smurfette, the one and only girl among her people and her reckless journey towards finding the biggest secret in history. Together with her best friends, she confronts Gargamel, the nasty magician, and races against time to protect her kind’s legacy and figure out what is it that the Smurfs have been hiding for ages.

  1. Despicable Me 3

Gru is back, ladies and gentlemen! The prime villain of the first two chapters of this insanely popular series is not a bad guy anymore, and he’s actually trying to make the world a better place. He learns that his long-lost bruv, a twin, is alive, and that brings more drama into his messy life. Meanwhile, Balthazar, a psycho, is longing for world domination, and Gru is the only one who can stop his evil plans. Without a doubt, Despicable Me 3 is the best pick from the TOP 10 popular English Animation movies in 2017, list.

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