List of TOP 10 recently released Western movies of 2017

Men dressed as Rangers, the smell of gunpowder, riders on the sunset, women with beautiful dresses and an attitude – that’s what westerns are all about, and that’s why people still love the genre like it was invented yesterday. If you love the good old American West and the heroes of the past days, check out our TOP 10 Western latest movies 2017.

Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story

  1. The Beguiled

Welcome to the US Civil War: a soldier from the enemy’s ranks – a Union fighter – was captured and is now being kept as a prisoner at a local boarding school for young girls. At first, it might seem that the man is doomed and he’ll never find a way out, but slowly, he uses his brilliant mind, wits and good looks to manipulate all the residents of the school and spins the situation to his advantage. Eventually, the girls turn against each other and do everything he tells them to just to be praised by him. But the clock is ticking, and if he fails to come up with an escape plan, the girls will reunite with each other and turn their anger towards him.

  1. The Magnificent Seven

Definitely one of the best western movies of our time! It’s not even about the, well, magnificent cast – the storytelling, the plot, the action scenes, the great sense of humor – it all adds up to deliver an awesome experience for us, the audience. The story, by the way, is heavily based on a Japanese tale of innocent farmers being guarded by a bunch of samurais. In The Magnificent Seven, folks from an American village hire 7 top-notch cowboys to protect them from a very bad man. Put Fuqua’s masterpiece on the list of TOP 10 Western movies recent if you appreciate one-of-a-kind films.

  1. Hell or High Water

Another classic cut, dear friends. This is a western slash crime/drama movie, and follows two bruvs who put everything on the line just to try and save their family farm: if they fail, the farm will be taken from them – forever. Toby is a single father and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to make sure his son has a bright future ahead of himself. Tanner, an ex-thug, persuades him to rob a bank. They proceed with the plan and get that money, but now they’ve got a couple of well-trained Rangers on their tail, and they won’t stop until the brothers are behind bars (or dead). Will the boys make it out alive?

  1. Brimstone

Hollywood’s bringing more and more “heat” into the brand-new westerns and Brimstone’s got Guy Pearce, Kit Harington, and other international celebrities as the cast. Liz, the main character of this movie, is a strong, smart, passionate woman, and she knows all too well that the new pastor in the village will destroy the community and is a real threat to herself and all those people she holds close to heart. In order to save her daughter, she’ll have to abandon her comfort zone and put herself out there, risking everything she’s been working towards. Of the new Western movies releases in 2017, Brimstone is a must-see!

  1. Jane Got a Gun

Jane is just a regular housewife who takes care of the farm while her husband is out there, seeking his fortune in the Old West. She’s not a fighter or anything like that, but when the man returns home barely alive, with 8 bullets in his body, Jane drops everything and reaches out to a man she used to love, asking him to help her defend her property and her family. The thugs who nearly killed her husband are back, and they won’t stop until they burn the whole place down. How on Earth is Jane supposed to beat them?

  1. Deadwood

The fans of westerns definitely remember the hit HBO show – Deadwood – and will be happy to learn that there’s an official movie coming in 2017. Yep, it’s been a while, but now they say the script is ready and production is about to start. The international critics are calling Deadwood one of the greatest shows in the history of television, which is exactly why the news of an official film coming are so exciting. As you might already know, the show was canceled due to low ratings, but, thankfully, HBO is ready to give it another chance. Put Deadwood on the list of TOP 10 recently released Western movies of 2017 if TV dramas are your favorites.

  1. Shanghai Dawn

Chan and Wilson are warming up for the awesome sequel to the action/comedy blockbuster, and if you’ve been a fan of the actors and the movie, join us in crossing fingers for this one! Wang and O’Bannon are back, and they’re ready to bring the heat and shock the audience. Expect a fine mix of fun, thrill, drama, impressive effects, and, of course, lots of that breath-taking action that Mr. Chan is known for. Wang is an ex-Chinese Imperial Guard – one of the best ones out there – and O’Bannon is a thug from America. Who will prevail in this epic fight?

Shanghai Dawn

  1. Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story

Countless men who used to be outlaws back when they were young eventually put that dangerous life behind and focus on what’s really important – their homes and their families. Reed is one of those men: he owns a ranch and spends his days and nights taking care of his property and his lovely wife. However, the sins of the past come back to hit him where it hurts in the form of a U.S. Marshal. Many years ago, Reed maimed the man, and now he’s back for his revenge. After a terrifying shootout leads to a tragedy, Reed is left with no choice but to turn into an outlaw once again and ride into the sunset. Of the latest Western movies in English 2017, Stagecoach is the most dramatic one.

  1. The Duel

The Preacher, a con man, has convinced an entire town that he possesses otherworldly powers. But his days are numbered. There’s a Texas Ranger who’s been ordered to put the self-proclaimed Preacher down. He’s not only here for the money: back in the day, this scumbag killed his dad, and it’s a son’s duty to avenge his father. A battle of both physical and mental strength is coming – it will determine once and for all which man stands and which man falls. There’s no going back, no “squashing the beef” or anything like that: only one of the two will make it out of this alive. Put The Duel on the newly released Western movies 2017 list if action, drama, and thrill are your favorite things in a film.

  1. Woman Walks Ahead

Jessica Chastain stars in this brand-new epic about a lovely American woman, a painter, who leaves her home in Brooklyn and travels all the way to Dakota to paint a very special painting – that of a local chieftain. It’s the end of the 19th century, and women aren’t considered to be equal to men. Upon arrival, she learns that the Native Americans are doing everything in their power to keep the land and their rights. Catherine leaves her life in civilization behind and dedicates herself to helping these people out.

Woman Walks Ahead

And that’s it for our TOP 10 modern Western movies of 2017!

List of TOP 10 english Western movies 2017
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