List of TOP 10 english Black movies 2017

In the cinema, a special place is occupied by films about Black people: there are so many of them that the cinephiles sometimes find it difficult to navigate them. African Americans who, despite the circumstances, have succeeded; gangs of “niggas”, terrorizing the whole district; African slaves and, of course, black people with a sparkling sense of humor – the list of films about black is huge, the audience needs to choose only a genre to their liking and enjoy the first-class movie.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best english Black movies 2017 to watch.

Previously, if the director was shooting a film about black people, then he risked being regarded as a racist, therefore he was mainly exploited in the cinema for the topic of racial inequality. Now times have changed, but this theme is also often found in films. The stories of slaves can be different – touching and exciting, sad and motivating. But they always bear a single message: the exploitation by one person of another is unacceptable, as it is unacceptable to divide people by their race.

The Birth of a Nation

There are a lot of black movies on the web: comedies, dramas, thrillers, action films, and biographical films. Stereotypes have properties to crumble, so if previously Black were portrayed as either slaves or criminals, today African Americans on the screen can be anyone: from FBI agent to a respectable millionaire.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Black films 2017.

  1. Burning Sands

Hell is here. In the course of the story, the main hero of the drama – freshman Zurich, whose life seems to be very successful. The guy managed to enter the prestigious college, where he quickly got things going. The hero met the girl, whose sincerity of feelings cannot be doubted, found several loyal friends and managed to win the respect of teachers who appreciated the student’s desire for knowledge.

Then life gives the guy one more “gift” – he has the opportunity to join the most popular among the student’s community, which gives excellent prospects. But very quickly it turns out that being a novice in the brotherhood is extremely difficult. In order for Zurich to become a full member of the community, other “brothers” come up with humiliating and cruel tests for him. Dreaming of the elite status, the guy begins to pass them. But Zurich soon realizes that by continuing to fulfill the whims of the leaders of the brotherhood, he risks lose human dignity.

  1. The United Kingdom

Seretse Khama was a direct descendant of the chiefs of the Bamangwato tribe. After getting an education in South Africa, a smart guy continues his studies in Britain. His life changes after a fatal acquaintance with a beautiful girl. She was an ordinary servant of the usual London cantor. Ruth Williams conquered the heart of this prince.

An acquaintance of the young couple caused serious political unrest both in the homeland of the guy and in Britain itself. On the way to common happiness, there were always serious obstacles. According to local laws, heroes could not make their loving relationship official, since marriage between representatives of different races is prohibited.

  1. 100 Streets

The stories of different people who live in the big city are on the list of TOP 10 english Black movies 2017.

The huge crowd of people in the metropolis creates a depressing impression. It would seem that people who have much in common should live in great grief because among such a mass of the population there will necessarily be many identical stories. It is impossible to say with certainty that the quality of life depends entirely on the place of residence. There are many other factors affecting the fate of people. An example of a huge crowd of people will serve London, where the main stories develop. Here are shown completely different people, which are united only by the majestic city of residence.

  1. Get Out

The protagonist, a black photographer from New York, Chris, and his girlfriend Rose reached that point in the relationship when it’s time to get to know each other’s, parents. So Chris and Rose go on a weekend visit to her mother and father. At first, Chris perceives too kindly the behavior of Rose’s parents. However, by the end of the week, the guy makes several incredibly disturbing discoveries about these people, which lead him to understand the shocking truth.

  1. Fences

The film develops in the 1950s. This is the story of the family of the former black baseball player, who, after leaving the sport, became a scavenger (black sportsmen then earned much less than white players).

  1. The Birth of a Nation

The big black uprising is in our TOP 10 popular english Black movies in 2017, list of which includes best black movies of 2017.

It is a historical drama about Nat Turner, the leader of the slave uprising in Virginia in 1831. As a child, Nat received a small church education. Such liberties were almost impossible, but his owner, Samuel Turner, even financially supported this, to have a priest who would instruct the other slaves to “Christian patience”. Seeing what atrocities Blacks are exposed to, and realizing that he is just a tool for maintaining order, Nat Turner becomes the organizer of a riot that eventually grows into an uprising.

  1. Hidden Figures

The biographical drama is based on the same documentary book by Margot Lee Shetterly and tells the stories of the lives of three incredible women who performed the most complicated calculations for the most important scientific operation of the US – the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit and his safe return.

  1. Moonlight

The dramatic film directed by Barry Jenkins is, in a way, a message in which the audience is told that it does not matter who you are, what color you have and what sexual orientation, there is always the opportunity to find yourself in life. You just need to stop and look around, pay attention to people around you, maybe they can become the key to a new life.

  1. The Dark Tower

Idris Elba is in the TOP 10 new english Black movies 2017.

The last shooter Roland wanders through the dying world in search of the Dark Tower, which can save his world from destruction.

  1. Sleepless

Vincent is a corrupt policeman, a terrible husband and a bad father who spends all his time at work and thinks only of himself. Once he has the opportunity to quickly and easily be enriched. As a result, the hero together with his partner makes a daring attack on drug traffickers and steals a large batch of cocaine belonging to one very influential and dangerous bandit. Vincent himself undertakes to investigate his own crime, and it seems to him that he has conducted a clean “operation”, and the evidence will not lead to him. But the hero made one major mistake, as a result of which criminals not only were able to calculate his identity but also kidnapped his son Thomas.

TOP 10 latest english Black movies 2017 release dates, you can find on the Internet. In our TOP you will find them.

So compilation ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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