List of TOP 10 recently released Black movies of 2017

When a person is slightly blacker than you – this is not a reason to laugh and try to point fingers at him. It is safer to learn the black people right on the screen. Searching the compilation of new Black movies releases in 2017, it turns out that the list of the best films about black people has a place to be.

Let’s begin to watch it.


  1. The Dark Tower

It is time for the main character Roland to find the Dark Tower, which was the epicenter of fateful events. When Roland travels in search of this tower, he notices how the world has changed very much. All places began to look like the Wild West.

  1. Sleepless

American action movie will introduce the viewer to the experienced police Vincent. A man brings up his son and makes every effort to grow a good man out of him. In his work, he often has to risk his own life for the benefit of other people. But one day he has to save his son from the criminals.

  1. Moonlight

The hard life of a black boy is in the compilation of latest Black movies in english 2017.

In the center of the plot is a young fellow Chiron. The viewer will witness three key moments in his life. He had to live in difficult conditions, get used to street laws. Here he reveals himself, realizing that he is not like everyone else, finding new difficulties and dangers.

From early childhood, hooligans at school tormented and teased the guy. He received an insulting nickname “Black”, which was attached to him for a long time. At home the situation was not any better, the mother got into drugs, and he never heard anything good about his father. It is a story of a hard life of the young man.

  1. The United Kingdom

The true love of two completely different people is in the list of TOP 10 recently released Black movies of 2017.

A dramatic film tells about the events that had a place to be. It is the real story of Prince of Botswana Seretse Khama, who decided to marry Ruth Williams, residing in London. This unusual union caused great discontent not only within the family but also among the tribe of Botswana. They did not consent to the lovers to marry. However, they loved each other so much that they constantly tried to prove their feelings.

  1. 100 Streets

The movie will tell the story of different people. They are completely different in nature, type of activity and status, but their life flows against the background of the same landscape – the streets of London.

  1. Get Out

It is the Golden Mean of the list of TOP 10 Black movies recently released in 2017.

This is a story of incredible horror, injustice, and fear. The protagonist had to face. He’s just a young guy who decided to go with his girlfriend to her parents’ estate. Even at home, this trip seemed to the guy something insane. After all, the most important problem was the color of his skin. Parents live in the wilderness and new trends of modern life reach them a little later, so some of their views remain conservative.

Being in the estate, the guy finds a warm welcome and a good company. They were glad to meet with him, provided protection and support. But something in their behavior alarms the protagonist as if he cannot fully believe in their sincerity. And his fears are not in vain, soon the guy will have to face a real evil, which is stored in the tenants of this house. Regardless of skin color, the human mind remains equally valuable.

  1. Fences

Once the main character was a good baseball player, but the difficulties and injustice of life made him work as a scavenger. Now he has a good home, family, and stability, which he had long dreamed of, but there is no main thing – happiness. In pursuit of recognition, he did not notice how much the relations in his own family had deteriorated. He did not notice that the son needs not only clothes, food and shelter, but also love, which he was always deprived of. He has not seen how unhappy his wife, who for 18 years has to endure a difficult temper and constant outbursts of aggression of her husband.

If before the main character did not see all this, now his relatives do not intend to remain silent, they demand respect and ask for at least a drop of love.

  1. The Birth of a Nation

The big and cruel uprising is in the compilation of newly released Black movies 2017.

The theme of American slavery was repeatedly raised in the most diverse works of cinema. The next movie that we are going to discuss is not the exception.

In the center of the film is the dramatic story of Nat Turner, a black slave who, in the name of the freedom of his own nation, decides to raise an uprising. The events unfold on August 21, 1931, in the US state of Virginia. Uprising by Turner did not bring the expected results, only aggravated the already difficult situation of black slaves.

Thanks to the efforts of the director, the movie, without embellishment, showed how far despair can go and how powerful the words of one single person can possess. As a result of the Turner uprising, more than 160 people were killed. Historians called this the bloodiest event that preceded the Civil War that unfolded later in the Southern states.

  1. Hidden Figures

The main heroines of the movie became the center of the brain activity of a meaningful operation, which to this day is one of the main in the history of the United States of America. These are the charming Catherine, Mary, and Dorothy. Each of them is especially easy to handle calculations of any complexity that other people cannot calculate. Their strength of intelligence is great, and NASA appreciates it.

African American women are not respected in the state at that time, but for the sake of achieving the goal, everyone is ready to accept the fact of their origin in order to achieve a common goal.

  1. Burning Sands

It is the leader of the TOP 10 modern Black movies of 2017.

A dramatic film tells about the life of a student in Zurich who went to college. The first year of studying was very good for him. After all, he managed to find a lot of new friends for himself and get respect from all the teachers. Also, the protagonist managed to find a dream girl.

After that, the protagonist decided to enter the Brotherhood of the campus, where it was necessary to go through the “hell week”. Therefore, the protagonist had to choose what was more important to him in life: to gain status or to dishonor his name.

TOP 10 Black latest movies 2017 is over now.

Thank you for your attention!

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