List of TOP 10 english Fantasy movies 2017

The fantasy genre of cinematography about the colorful reality of fictional worlds is able to impress with its unusual format of any movie lover. It is wonderful and sometimes frightening. Fictional worlds are very colorful and seem real, they are inhabited by fantastic creatures and extraordinary phenomena occur. The main characters battle the forces of darkness and save their worlds from them. They are driven by the same eternal values and desires that are close to all of us. Many fantasy films are based on famous literary works, so they turned out so amazing and interesting. Plus, they are full of special effects, large-scale battle scenes, colorful costumes and decorations, which makes them even more fascinating.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best english Fantasy movies 2017 to watch.

The main difference between these related genres is the possibility and impossibility of implementing the fiction that they demonstrate. That is, the fantasy is a movie about what cannot be, but the reality of what is happening on the screen is believed quite willingly. As for fantasy, it tells about possible probabilities, about what people have not yet seen, but it can be.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Fantasy films 2017.

The Dark Tower

  1. The Dark Tower

The events of this fantastic film take place in an alternative universe. This world, which is remotely similar to our reality, survived the end of the world. People found themselves in a very difficult situation to survive, they have to make difficult decisions. Now only those who have strength, agility, and endurance can survive. They, like residents of the Wild West, can rely only on their ability to shoot. The shooter is not just a vocation, it’s a job and a way to survive. In this world, magic exists next to the remnants of technology. People try to build a new civilization.

However, there is still hope. According to legend, in the heart of the universe is the Dark Tower, which is the mainstay of the universe. It is it who keeps all the worlds from chaos and total destruction. Once in the Tower, you can change the fate of any of the worlds. Shooter Roland decided that he must always find the Dark Tower and save his world from destruction. On the way to this incredibly important goal of the hero awaits many obstacles and dangerous adventures, but he is not going away. Help the shooter will be his faithful friends and strong allies, whom he will meet a lot on his way.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The adventures of the main character of the movie – Jack Sparrow – continue. This time, he becomes the object of the persecution of his longtime enemy, Captain Salazar, who received the nickname “The Butcher of the Sea”.

Only the oldest artifact – Poseidon trident – is able to help Jack deal with Salazar and his team of thugs. On its search, go, Jack Sparrow, along with the girl who has the key to finding the artifact, and a boy named Henry Turner who dreams to free his father from eternal damnation.

  1. Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is on the list of TOP 10 english Fantasy movies 2017.

Diana finds out about the war in the world, and then she leaves her house to cope with it.

  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

A story about the opposition of light and darkness. Rey’s heroine awakened the Force in herself. But what happens when she meets the only surviving – Luke Skywalker?

  1. Beauty and the Beast

The movie is for children and adults. It teaches that one should not be evil and narcissistic, but need to be kind and be able to love, then he will have the same attitude. But the hero of the film did not know this – the young handsome prince, who looked down on everyone around him and despised everyone except himself. For his bad character and unwillingness to correct it, one Witch “rewarded” him with a gift – the prince became a terrible monster.

  1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Old game revives in our TOP 10 popular english Fantasy movies in 2017, list of which includes best fantasy movies of 2017.

In the film, the players will appear in the image of their avatars. New players will be able to free Alan after twenty-five years of captivity in the game. As you know, this game never lets go of its members and it is necessary to finish the game to the very end. In addition to the fact that you need to finish the game, it is worth trying to drive all the animals back so that they do not destroy the city. But is it possible for ordinary children to cope with all this? Will the protagonists survive in this confrontation of man and the brutal rules of the game?


  1. Thor: Ragnarök

Thor returns to Asgard and discovers that Loki, having seized the throne, brought Ragnarok – apocalypse – closer. To prevent the destruction of the Asgard, Thor unites with the Hulk. Together, associates face the demon Surtur, who wants to bring the prophecy of Ragnarok into action and destroy the other nine worlds.

  1. Justice League

Bruce Wayne, inspired by the self-sacrifice of Superman, regains faith in humanity. He enlists the support of a new ally, Diana Princess, to fight an even more powerful opponent. Batman quickly recruited a team of superhumans to fight the awakening threat.

  1. Kong: Skull Island

King Kong is back on screen is in the TOP 10 new english Fantasy movies 2017.

The son of a scientist who once brought King Kong to New York wants to conduct a very interesting investigation. His idea is to travel to the island of Skull, the birthplace of King Kong. The island is full of mysteries, wild vegetation and animals, the danger lurks. Will the team cope with its mission, and bring home the answers, or will it call a new disaster, and never see its own home again?

  1. The Shack

A prosperous family with children goes to rest in the forest. During the entertainment in nature, their little daughter Missy disappears without a trace. The police, together with the search group, are discovering an old shack nearby, but what really happened to the girl is unknown. The father of the missing kid, Mr. Phillips, cannot bear the loss of his daughter and decides to return to that same place. Here he has to completely rethink his life and learn to forgive people. Initially, the main character with hatred and contempt refers to the world around him, but soon his attitude completely changes.

TOP 10 latest english Fantasy movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

Our TOP is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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