List of TOP 10 recently released Family movies of 2017

Are you a fan of a kind, light comedies? Do you want to find stories that are suitable for any age? Then you just went to the right place. Watch family movies has become quite popular recently, as more and more world-class stars appear within this genre.

We are glad to present you compilation of new Family movies releases 2017.

Family movies are a genre that focuses on the family audience. In other words, movies will be interesting to different age groups, it can be watched even with children. Family movies are popular all over the world and bring its creators a lot of income because almost never has a restriction on the age rating. One of the best classic films of this genre is the “Alien” by Steven Spielberg.

Let’s watch list of TOP 10 recently released Family movies of 2017.

A Dog's Purpose

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie

The city of Gotham is in danger. The problems are in the face, of course, of the restless and eccentric Joker – the embodiment of charismatic and uncompromising evil, threatening the inhabitants of the city. Mad genius made a daring escape from the psychiatric hospital “Arkham”. Henceforth, a terrible threat looms over everyone, because the Joker will not sit idly.

The villain has already devised another treacherous plan and is preparing a new catastrophe that the only superhero – Batman, the alter ego of Bruce Wayne, a billionaire from Gotham, can prevent. He alone is able to catch and isolate this crazy villain from society.

  1. Coco

Despite the long-standing family taboo, established by the ancestors, twelve-year-old boy Miguel dreams of becoming a musician. Just like his idol, an experienced singer named Ernesto de la Cruz. Once Miguel finds himself embroiled in a chain of mysterious events. In the process of what is happening on the way, he comes across a charming cheat named Hector, together they go on an exciting journey to unravel all the secrets connected with the history of the Miguel family.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Charming Belle and Beast is in the latest Family movies in english 2017.

A fabulous love story about a prince turned into a monster, and a beautiful girl who destroyed the spell of an evil sorceress, is known to anyone. The film “Beauty and the Beast” – a screen version of the famous Disney cartoon, loved by many generations of spectators.  In a remote provincial village there lives a girl named Belle, which means “beauty”.

To make money, the head of the family goes to the city to the fair.  But luck did not accompany the merchant: caught by the storm, he hid in the walls of an abandoned castle that met him on the road. A beautiful rose, which Father Belle saw in the castle garden, reminded him of the request of his beloved daughter. Tearing off the flower, the guest called upon the wrath of the owner of the castle – the terrible Monster. Thus began the love story of Belle and Prince Adam.

  1. The Boss Baby

The baby in a strict suit is in TOP 10 Family latest movies 2017.

This funny, mind-blowing family cartoon tells of a seven-year-old boy named Tim. He has wonderful parents, the kid is satisfied with his life, and everything goes just fine. But one day this idyll is grossly violated with the appearance in the family of a new child, who henceforth takes away all the attention of adults. Tim does not like these changes. He is very jealous and worried.

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Greg wants to go to the largest computer games show that runs near the grandmother’s house. That’ why he asks his parents to go to grandmother.

  1. Despicable Me 3

The fifth place of the list of TOP 10 Family movies recently released in 2017.

The third wave comes. Superagent, fatal beauty and immortal minions are on the approach. Get ready. They will rule the world.

  1. Captain Underpants

Two elementary school students hypnotized the principal so that he became a superhero helping their classmates.

  1. A Dog’s Purpose

The dog’s reincarnation is in the compilation of newly released Family movies 2017.

This family comedy with elements of drama, fantasy and adventure is a screen version of the acclaimed bestseller “The Life and Purpose of a Dog” by the famous writer Bruce Cameron. In the center of events is the story of a cheerful golden retriever named Bailey. He lives the ideal life of a beloved dog in a family of good people with a boy-owner, whose name is Ethan. Bailey is the best friend of the guy and almost always together. As time goes by, the boy grows up, falls in love, but even now he does not for one moment forget about his best friend, still giving his adored dog his attention, warmth, and affection. But one day old Bailey dies…

The dog is reborn as a German shepherd in the service of the police! Now the dog has new owners, a different life, and a difficult experience. And so again and again – the soul of the dog degenerates into dogs of different breeds.

In the course of all the mind-boggling reincarnations, the dog gets a new experience, knowledge and approaches ever closer to his main insight – the realization of his goal and the meaning of the dog’s life. And now, after many rebirths and changes, the dog again appears in his first house, where he started this unforgettable journey…

  1. Monster Trucks

A fascinating film will tell an amazing story that happened to a young boy Tripp, who dreams of one day to escape from a small sad town where he was born and raised. To fulfill his dream guy for a long time is trying hard to build his own monster-car from the unnecessary parts of the recycled cars. But things change when a serious accident occurs at a drilling oil rig, which releases a terrible creature.

  1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

A modernized version of the popular family thriller “Jumanji” (1995) is about the supernatural properties of the board game.


TOP 10 modern Family movies of 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

List of TOP 10 english Family movies 2017
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