List of TOP 10 english Romance movies 2017

Do you know why romance is one of the most popular genres in history? Because we all have fragile and loving hearts, even if we say otherwise. Furthermore, folks of all ages and nationalities love a good old moving and touching story: kids, grown-ups, older people – a good romantic film will inspire all of us. Our TOP 10 best English Romance movies 2017 to watch list includes the best releases of the year, the most trending, “hot” and simply awesome movies that will warm your heart and mind in 2017.

Home Again

  1. Between Us

Between Us is an amazing romantic comedy slash drama about Dianne and her boyfriend who are finally ready to turn their relationship into a marriage. They’ve been together for quite a while now, and a step this big and life-defining is kinda scary for both of them, and they grow more and more worried as the day approaches. The two really love their carefree LA lifestyle, and the ups and downs of marriage could take away that excitement out of their relationship. The perspectives aren’t at all promising, so, they decide to part ways for the night and go down different roads. The city is full of temptations and it’s up to both of them to decide where they want to give in to them or to go back to the person they love.

  1. The Space Between Us

Gardner, a 16-year-old bloke, was born on Mars. He’s the 1st human being who calls the Red Planet his home. But he does feel connected to Earth and becomes friends with a sassy girl from there. Soon, when they allow him to visit the Blue Planet, he becomes fascinated with everything that it has to offer and wishes to share his experiences with the girl that he adores. However, time is running out, and he’s forced to choose between the young woman and his quest towards discovering who he really is and where he’s coming from. Of the TOP 10 new English Romance movies 2017, The Space Between Us is best suited for teenage boys and girls who are just learning what first love is all about.

  1. Everybody Loves Somebody

Clara is one of those hard-working modern-day women that seem to be successful in pretty much everything. She’s got a perfect job, a perfect body and an amazing career ahead of her. The one thing that’s missing from her life is a proper boyfriend, and when her parents invite the girl to their wedding ceremony, she instantly realizes that there are some parts of her ideal life that aren’t that ideal after all. Upon arrival, she meets an old…suitor who has big plans for her. The girl, on the other hand, is not really sure if she wants to reunite with him, as there’s another guy at the wedding that she’s kinda into. So, who is she going to pick?

  1. Everything, Everything

Maddy has been forced to take precautions on every step of the way and never had a chance to leave her home. She has life-threatening allergies that can kill her in an instant if she gets affected by the outside world, so, she stays locked up with no friends, BFFs and/or boyfriends. But, when she falls for a boy next door, everything changes. They can see each other through the windows and communicate via their computers. Soon, Maddy finds herself dreaming of seeing him in person and feeling his touch on her body. Eventually, she decides to risk it all for an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of this world with the boy that she loves for as long as she can. Put Everything, Everything on the list of TOP 10 English Romance movies 2017 if you love heart-warming and heart-wrenching movies.

  1. Fifty Shades Darker

The most provocative couple is back, and, after the turbulence of the “first encounter”, they’re trying pretty hard to keep the balance between crazy and normal. Anastasia is slowly, but steadily finding the hidden pleasure behind Christian’s obsessive nature and love for BDSM, while the man is working on being more open and trusting Ana. The chemistry between these two is off-the-charts; yet, it’s threatened by Christian’s messy past that comes back to haunt both of them. Will they be able to overcome all the obstacles and keep the love alive?

  1. Tulip Fever

Welcome to the 17th century: Amsterdam is consumed by the so-called “tulip mania” that could very well devastate the entire population in a matter of months. A talented artist is asked to paint a beautiful married lady (a portrait), and pretty soon they fall madly in love with each other. They come up with a plan to buy and sell tulips to raise the cash necessary to leave the country and be together. Time is running out, and they’ll have to be smart; otherwise, the market will “die out” and their dream of a happy life outside the city’s borders will be crushed. Grab a copy of Tulip Fever if you want to watch TOP 10 English Romance films 2017.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

The classic Disney story is back, ladies and gentlemen, and the team behind the big-screen movie managed to keep that magic alive while introducing us to a slightly different version of the events and using a lot of CGI. The story is the same as before: a beautiful girl becomes the prisoner of a monster but realizes that he’s got a sweet, loving heart underneath that ugly appearance. He’s a prince, forced to live like a beast after a curse. Despite his horrifying looks, the young woman falls in love with him and saves the creature from a life of loneliness and agony.

  1. Home Again

Alice, a recent divorcee, moves back to LA with her two kiddos, hoping to start over and find new happiness. On her 40th birthday’s celebration night, she meets 3 talented moviemakers who don’t have a place to stay. The woman offers them a “shelter” in her guest house. Soon, she finds herself falling for a new man, but that’s exactly when her ex-husband shows up at her doorstep. Alice could never expect her moving to Los Angeles would result in finding new love and dealing with her old one. Home Again is the most inspiring movie from the TOP 10 latest English Romance movies 2017 release list.

  1. Sandy Wexler

Sandy is a great talent manager enjoying his peaceful-yet-messy life in LA in the 90s. He’s got a bunch of eccentric clients to take care of and is working day and night to help them out. But when he meets Courtney, he immediately falls in love and gives her a promise to turn her into a worldwide star. They meet at an amusement park, and, even though she is pretty talented and has a magical voice, it’s not going to be easy for Sandy to “squeeze” her into show business.

  1. The Promise

The Promise is one of the most buzz-worthy movies of 2017, as it’s set during the horrifying Turkish-Armenian war that took place in the beginning of the 20th century. An American journalist, an Armenian medical student and a woman from Paris (also Armenian) come together in this epic story and form a love triangle while trying to do the right thing and save as many innocent lives as they can.

Ok, that’s it for our TOP 10 popular English Romance movies in 2017, list!

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