List of TOP 10 english Western movies 2017

Western can be called with confidence a calling card of American cinema – this genre was invented in the Wild West for a long time and has a rich history of development. Some of the first westerns appeared at the end of the XIX century and quickly gained popularity. The films of this genre show the events of the times of the conquest of the Wild West, as well as stories about cowboys living in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Admirers of spectacular films we invite to our TOP 10 best english Western movies 2017 to watch. The best westerns in many details are very similar to other genres of cinema – adventure action movies, detectives, and comedies. But, despite this, they have a number of distinctive features:

  1. Moderation in dialogues.
  2. An abundance of shootings, scenes with virtuosic possession of weapons, lasso throwing and risky horse chases.
  3. Colorful costumes and the presence in the picture of the Indians, whose side take the protagonist or on the contrary fights against them.
  4. A recognizable musical accompaniment, especially during tense moments, chases and other significant events of the film.


The main characters of Westerns

As a rule, the main and secondary characters of westerns – brave cowboys who perfectly own the weapon, who would like to have an affair with a beautiful lady from the saloon, and also know how to resist evil without reading the laws. The entourage of the main characters cannot do without a cowboy hat, leather boots and a faithful colt in a holster. New Westerns have undergone a number of changes – they have special effects and computer graphics, but there is still a culture of Native Americans, bright shootings between robbers and sheriffs and the incredible adventures of bold heroes.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Western films 2017.

  1. Damsel

At times of cowboys and bandits, no one could be trusted, because everyone could become a victim of pocketful atrocities. The protagonist was not bad, he knew good manners and followed them, but also the guy dreamed of meeting a decent girl. He even created in his head her image, she must have kindness, solicitude, and devotion. However, there are not a lot of them, women also have to survive and give a rebuff to persistent men. Still, the hero does not cease to believe that the true lady he will meet. Only go for her, he will have through the desert terrain.


  1. Woman Walks Ahead

There are people for whom the rights of others are of great importance, and they are ready to fight to the end for their safety. The main heroine of this film named Carol. Activities unfold in the nineteenth century. Carol is ready to defend the rights of not only citizens of the United States, but also of other people who are not. She is ready to do much to defend her position, and there is nothing that will be able to stop her. For this reason, Carol, along with her son, travels from Brooklyn, which is completely civilized, to a reservation in South Dakota. She is going to provide assistance to inhabiting these places – the Indians, and more specifically the leader of the tribe, known as the Sitting Bull, to defend their lands.

The main character writes letters on behalf of the Sitting Bull to the government. She tries to prove, giving strong arguments that this territory, on which the Indians live, should belong to the indigenous inhabitants. What will come of this and will a woman be able to achieve her goal?

Woman Walks Ahead

  1. Howlers

The bikers-werewolves are in the TOP 10 new english Western movies 2017.

The movie will tell us about the werewolves that terrorized the small town and a brave gunman who decided to kill all of them.


  1. The Scent of Rain & Lightning

It is the screen adaptation of Nancy Picard’s detective novel about the girl-orphan Jody, who learns that the person who deprived her parents was released early from prison. Jody reconstructs past events, and the more she finds out, the more she doubts the guilt of the convicted “killer”.

The Scent of Rain & Lightning

  1. Brimstone

The main heroine of the dramatic thriller is a young, mute woman Liz lives in a small provincial town, where she works as a midwife. Then she found a beloved man with whom she had created a family and raised children, found her home. The inhabitants of the city know each other well and know some of the secrets of others, but only the mute Liz can keep them secret. In her life, she experienced a lot of grief and pain, which she prefers to never remember. The past Liz conceals many secrets, but none of the city’s inhabitants will know about them.

One day the Reverend comes to the city. In this powerful and tough man, Liz recognizes the demon from her past, from which she escaped. For many years, the Reverend looked for Liz and finally found her in a godforsaken town. Now he will do everything possible to punish her, turning the girl’s life into a real hell.

  1. Hostiles

The middle of the TOP 10 popular english Western movies in 2017, list of which includes best western movies of 2017.

It is 1882. According to the story, the main character – a valiant captain of the American army, should accompany the dying leader of the proud tribe Cheyenne and his family in New Mexico, to the prairies of Montana. But the way to them is very difficult because they have to go through the territory where the Comanche raging…

  1. The Beguiled

During the civil war in the USA, the charming soldier gets serious wound and survives only thanks to the young confederate from the boarding school.

  1. Wild Faith

Senseless confrontation is on the list of TOP 10 english Western movies 2017.

The movie will tell us about hard times during the Civil War in Michigan.

Wild Faith

  1. Any Bullet Will Do

The protagonist of the film chases his sibling in order to kill him. Why? You know it if you watch the movie.

Any Bullet Will Do

  1. Dark Tower

Roland is the main character of the movie. He is the only surviving member of the ancient Order of the Knights. He lives in post-apocalyptic times, where the world is subject to magic, and the US again resembles the Wild West.

TOP 10 latest english Western movies 2017 release dates, you can know on the Internet.

Our compilation ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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