List of TOP 10 good Black movies 2018

Black films open up a tense and dangerous life of black people in the slums, a confrontation of street gangs, and a fast rapper career.

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List of TOP 10 good Black movies 2018

  1. Bhai’s Café

Racial segregation in the US is the separation of the white population of the United States from other ethnic groups (mainly blacks and Indians). It was carried out through various social obstacles: separate training and education, delineation of landing areas (white – sit in front) in public transport and so on.

Legislative racial segregation has been abolished, but there is an opinion that some of its manifestations are still encountered today.

The movie is some kind of example of such segregation. The black owner of the shop has to close his shop because the property developers want to destroy it and built something new at that place. Will he be able to protect his business or he will just go away?

  1. Flatland

In the context of a conversation about relationships and love, we certainly consider a love passion first. The reason for such a passion lies in the field of the biochemistry of the body. The first thing we notice in the object of our attraction is the body sympathy, here our unconscious ideals of beauty are worked. The second is the odor produced by the pheromone. Therefore, one person’s smell for us looks like “mine” and “mine” attracts, the other is the opposite “not mine.”

The movie will tell about a girl who falls in love with a guy who is criminal. Besides, she works in police.

  1. Alive Alone

One taxi driver against the criminal gang is in the TOP ten good Black movies 2018 in theaters.

The profession of a taxi driver is on the list of the most dangerous professions all over the world. The taxi drivers themselves call it not a profession, but a vocation. Each taxi driver has his own interesting and eventful life. They were not born to be drivers. Someone was a worker, someone a teacher, an engineer, but in the end, they all have become – “Taxi drivers.” For them, work has become the meaning of life, their mode of existence.

The main hero of the movie is a taxi driver who will have a fight against the criminals when he meets the girl who is chased by those criminals.

Idris Elba and Sam Worthington Board ALIVE ALONE

  1. Sweetwater

Anyone who at least once watched the matches of NBA (the national basketball association of the USA), is unlikely to remain indifferent to this sport. A beautiful game, the emotions run high on the court, the combination of speed, power, willpower, and intelligence. Basketball is a game of the 21st century. Indeed, today it is one of the most popular sports. The number of officially registered basketball players in the world exceeds 200 million people. One of the advantages of a spectacular game is democracy: everyone can play basketball. Clifton is first black player who concluded the contract with NBA. The movie will tell about his hard life on his way to become the best basketball player.

Cylk Cozart

  1. Hancock 2

Annoying Hancock coped well with the fierce gangsters of the glamorous city of the Angels, showing incredible human power. John managed to save the beautiful Mary, flying away from her almost beyond the life-giving atmosphere of the Earth. Such an act of the greatest hero reflected on the feelings of a charming person. Now new gangster came to the city and Hancock must return.

  1. Bad Boys for Life

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Black movies 2018.

Bad Boys for Life is a continuation of the adventures of a couple of police officers who use non- standard methods in their work, but, as a rule, they prove to be effective. In a new chapter, they will again find drug dealers, whom they need to catch and put behind the bars. The movie promises to be great and funny as previous parts.

  1. Night School

The events of the exciting and interesting movie take place in a small town of the Indianapolis. In the center of the story are three adult heroes. All of them are united by the fact that each of them once abandoned school. They had different reasons to quit. Now, after many years, they decide to return to school to prove to everyone that it is never too late to learn. However, what will the heroes have to go through in order to finally finish school and get a coveted education? In addition, how will studying in the evening school affect them?

  1. I, Robot 2

Will Smith is in the TOP 10 really good Black movies.

It is the sequel to the picture of 2004. The era of the fruitful coexistence of humankind and technology threatens to culminate in the rebellion of robots. Are people able to repel the frenzied progress? Del Spooner, who was well-versed in this matter, will help them. He will begin his own war against robots.

will smith in I, Robot 2

  1. The Equalizer 2

For the surrounding people, the elderly man Robert McCall is an ordinary employee of a construction supermarket and no one knows that he used to be one of the best operatives of the CIA. He did forget about all the training and once his professional skills were useful to Robert in a peaceful life.

He saves the girl named Alina from the pimp who wanted to beat her. Alina worked for him. Now, they have to run away from the criminal gang that wants to bring back her back.

  1. Black Panther

An invincible defender must protect the people and lands of the Wakanda from encroachments from the outside. Prince T’Challa, who recently lost his father, becomes a new keeper. He becomes the new Black Panther and now he alone stands between ill-wishers who want to get rich and get power and his own lands. For many years, the people of T’Challa lived in peace, but a dangerous enemy appeared, who is ready to do everything possible to get to the vibranium. Black Panther will enter into a fierce battle and try to protect his lands.

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