List of TOP 10 good Dance movies 2018

The dance takes a different place in people’s lives. For someone, this is a way to show others and themselves feelings. For someone, on the contrary, forget about them, forget about everything and rest from the thoughts, someone in the dance wants to expend all the energy. In addition, for some, dance is the meaning of life! In any case, even those who do not know how to dance, watching films about dances.

We are here to present you to watch TOP 10 good Dance films 2018.

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List of TOP 10 good Dance movies 2018

  1. The Passion

Ballerina – the name used to refer to a professional ballet dancer.  The ballet is a theatrical performance in which, with the help of dance, a story is shown. Ballet performances appeared at the end of the XV century in Italy. In France, even kings danced ballet.

The movie is about ballerina who ha difficult life and in order to take some rest she leaves the stage. This rest lasts 20 years and then she realizes that she wants to come back to the stage. It is a story of her returning to the stage.

A still from The Passion

  1. Tantsy na vysote

The main character of the film is a young man who was born and grew up in a small settlement in the mountains. He was never acquainted with the urban life and had no idea how modern youth lives. Everything that the hero was doing – helpув his relatives manage the household. However, even in his youth, when the guy accidentally saw on television the dance, he firmly decided that he wanted to study hip-hop. After a while, watching a variety of videos, the novice dancer began to gradually learn this direction and show good results. After some time of hard training, the main character decided to combine in one dance two directions – hip-hop and lezginka. the guy shot on a video camera his work and posted on a social network. After a while, the hero becomes aware that his video is very popular and now he is invited to come to Moscow, where, perhaps, will be big changes in his life.

  1. Summer Dance

Dance as a motion is in the TOP ten good Dance movies 2018 in theaters.

In the modern world, it has become very popular to dance. Why is it so popular? Modern music gives birth to a new kind of dance and now the hip-hop style is very popular both in music and in dances. However, do not forget the old styles.

The movie will tell about the popularity of dance.

Summer Dance promo

  1. Chocolate City 3: Live Tour

Striptease is a show, the participants of which are gradually taking off their clothes to music. Striptease is usually performed in front of visitors in special restaurants, night bars, and brothels. It has a strong erotic effect on men, which leads to sexual fantasies. For women, the main motivation for professional striptease training is a reward on the part of the entrepreneur. The movie will tell about striptease competition.

Tyson Beckford in Chocolate City

  1. The Quality of Love

The members of the family, in which one of the parents have died, go through the tragedy of death. People throughout the existence of mankind try to reconcile themselves to death with the help of philosophy, religion and various rituals, understand and accept it because they know that it is the inevitable, inevitable end of any living being. However, in vain: nothing is able to reconcile a person with the idea of ​​death and no one can make him believe in an inevitable end.

Almost all of us live as if we will live forever. We see around the reality of death, but deep down we are sure that this applies only to others, but not ourselves or our loved ones. It is hard for any person to accept the reality of death, especially for children and adolescents.

The movie is about the girl who lost her father and many years later works as a striptease dancer.

A still from The Quality of Love

  1. Break Dance Revolution

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Dance movies 2018.

Break dance is a spectacular street dance that first appeared in New York in the 60’s. This area includes two different concepts: the upper break dance and the lower break dance.

Dancers of break dance have an excellent physical form since the performance of complex acrobatic movements requires special preparation. B-boys (as dancers call themselves) develop strength and flexibility of the body, a sense of balance and endurance. It is a story about a group of break-dancers that tries to dance and forget about everyday troubles.

  1. Dancing Dad

Dance is movement – movement is life. This is a unique non-verbal way of self-expression. There are many beautiful dance styles and directions. Each of them has its own goals, its own beauty, and its own characteristics. Moreover, they are all in demand. Different people in different dances are looking for the satisfaction of some of their goals and desires. Women begin to dance to feel feminine and desirable. For some, it’s just a kind of sport. Everyone is looking for different emotions and find them. Someone starts to dance to like, surprise, be beautiful.

The main hero of the movie begins to dance in order to help his daughter dance.

Salman Khan's Dancing Dad Movie On Hold

  1. Suspiria

The witches are is in the TOP 10 really good Dance movies.

A young American comes to Germany to learn the skill of dance in the old Roman ballet school. On the night of her arrival, for some reason, they did not let her in, but she saw a girl running out of the school building, who would be brutally killed the same night. In the morning, the misunderstanding will be resolved, the girl will be accepted and she will begin to study. Soon she realizes that something strange is happening at that place.

Suspiria cast

  1. Another Tango

The beaten cliché that tango is the dance of elderly people, blood-red roses, and stockings in a large grid. Today, at the dance evening of tango, you can meet people of all ages and backgrounds: youth, retirees, programmers, businessmen. The main reason why everyone like it because of its passion, of course. The movie will tell about tango itself.

Brant Daugherty and Lexi Giovagnoli in Save This Dance (2018)

  1. Honey 4

It is a film about the famous dancer Honey, who has certain problems because the main character of the movie Bennett Maria goes to her native area, the famous gangster district of the Bronx. There she plans to forget about her old life and start life with a clean slate. In the fact that she will succeed, she does not doubt, because in the past she is a talented dancer and has already achieved great success in this field. However, in a new life, she wants to forget about street dances, she wants a quiet life together with her relatives and a simple work not connected with dancing.

A list ends now.

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