List of TOP 10 good Foreign movies 2017

In the TOP ten good Foreign movies 2017 in theaters, you can find new foreign films that will come out in 2017. The collection presents foreign films of different genres – adventure action movies, romantic comedies, exciting detectives, touching melodramas. The TOP will include best works of Italian, English, French filmmakers.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Foreign films 2017

  1. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Events unfold in the distant future. We learn that mankind has managed to conquer time and space. Now no one is running around the travel agencies in search of vouchers for resorts because interstellar flights are already available. The prospect of visiting another planet is much more tempting than the opportunity to splash off the coast in the ocean. Yes, such tourism is much more expensive, but emotions from it can get more vivid.

The government creates a special detachment whose members must ensure the safety of all travel and resolve possible military conflicts. One of the members of the special squad is the main character of the movie – a brave guy who works in tandem with the beauty girl Laureline. Together they are to study the nearest space, where tourists go. The work is simple but very responsible. The next turn turns for Laureline and Valerian mad adventure: the couple learns about the impending attack on the Earth and with all their might trying to stop the inevitable catastrophe.

  1. Goon: Last of the Enforcers

The story of the hockey player continues. He plays badly in hockey, but he fights well, with the help of his enormous strength and big fists.

  1. The Invisible Guardian

It is the Spanish psychological thriller in our TOP 10 really good Foreign movies.

After the graduation from the school, Amaya Salazar was forced to leave her native city and move to live in the capital. For a long time, the heroine of the movie did not appear in these places and many people could not understand what the reason is. After a while, the girl entered the police academy and graduated with great success. Now she works as an investigator and almost always gets not the easiest things. The only thing that Amaya decided for herself is that she will never return to her native land under any circumstances.

However, one ordinary day, fate decides that Salazar must return home. The next case, which is entrusted to lead the main character, leads the girl to the place where she was born and grew up – the rainy town of Elizondo. This investigation becomes one of the most difficult for Amaya, because, in addition to searching for a criminal, she has to cope with her fears.

  1. Braven

Earlier, Joe had a happy family, but in one moment he remained alone in this world. Only the husband of his sister became for him the most native person. Joe is true martial arts professional. A young man often trains. But soon fate will present the guy not a very pleasant surprise. His only native man was kidnapped. This was told to him by the person who called the phone number of the protagonist. Now he is ready for everything to find him.


  1. The Third Wave

In the not too distant future, a virus appeared on the Earth, capable of completely destroying mankind. The infected people turned into eerie monsters, such zombies, destroying all life. The world was divided into two halves – mutants and healthy people. And every day the number of patients continued to grow steadily. If in the very near future not to take any steps to save civilization, then intelligent life on the planet will come to an end. For six long years, the best scientists from different countries have tried to create a vaccine capable of stopping the growth of the epidemic.

  1. Void

It is the fifth place of the list of TOP 10 good Foreign movies 2017.

A young policeman finds a man in blood on a deserted road. He decides to immediately deliver him to the hospital, fearing that the wounded guy may die. Soon the hero of the horror film begins to notice that darkness that is gathering around him. Already in the hospital, having delivered the wounded man, the policeman understands that something supernatural is going on around him. Meanwhile, around the building of the hospital begins to gather a group of mysterious people in white overalls. In the building of the hospital, patients start to go crazy, they become infected with some unknown virus, because of what they become obsessed and try to kill everyone who is next to them.

  1. T2 Trainspotting

Twenty years have passed. Renton returns to the only place that he can consider his home. Along with his friends, there he will see other old acquaintances: revenge and fear, hatred and love, friendship, regret, and hope.

  1. The Snowman

Fassbender is in our TOP 10 good english Foreign movies 2017.

The film presents to the viewer the story of the unusual serial killings that occurred in Oslo. Instruct this investigation to start Detective Harry Hall, who only graduated from the FBI training courses and plans to soon become a federal agent. The management is trying to assess the possibilities of the guy and does not give him any helpers. But this does not frighten the young man because he was an excellent student, which means he will be able to prove himself worthy in practice. Carefully studying the materials of the investigation the hero understands that many murders in this city have much in common and the most distinctive feature is that near the victims there were small snowmen.

The Snowman

  1. On Chesil Beach

The film tells about the newlyweds, virgins Edward and Florance, because of the fear of sexual intimacy on the wedding night, their marriage cracked.

On Chesil Beach

  1. Redoubtable

The central figure of the film is the famous Franco-Swedish film director, who simply won people with his interesting films. The man always knew what exactly the viewer wants to get and tried to satisfy all the needs in this. However, despite his popularity, this man for a long time could not find a woman who would answer all his parameters and understand his soul. During the next filming of the new film, fate introduced him to the beginning actress Anna.

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