List of TOP 10 good Patriotic movies 2017

Patriotism is a beautiful thing. It defines a man (and a woman), turns him into a proud member of society and a loyal servant for his country. It’s not about waving that flag and yelling “USA” on every corner – it’s about giving out more, sacrificing everything just to see justice prevail. This TOP 10 new good Patriotic movies 2017 release list will tell you what it really means to be a patriot and to love your country. Ready for some action? Let’s roll!

In Dubious Battle

  1. Transformers: The Last Knight

True, it might seem a bit odd to have the brand-new Transformers here, but what could be more patriotic than a bunch of soldiers and ordinary citizens protecting America (and the rest of the world, of course) from evil robotic invaders? This time around, the scale of the battle is even bigger than ever before, and if the heroes fail to stop the attack, everything will be lost. Yeager, along with Bumblebee, the only Transformer on this side of the conflict, must join forces with new allies and do what leaders do: protect the innocents from the wraith of a gigantic entity and ensure peace and trust between the two races. The stakes are higher than ever, and doomsday is coming…

  1. Dunkirk

It’s WW2, and the Nazis have the Allied forced pinned down. The American and British forces are too weak to confront the enemy in an open fight, and the only option is to leave the post and run for their lives. But it’s going to be nearly impossible. They are outnumbered, and the Germans have advanced weaponry that threatens to put every single one of them down. You can’t think of all the tiny details of a plan when time is running out and the dark forces are getting closer and closer. The Allies put their trust in each other and dare to defy the odds with a lot of careful thinking and a little bit of help from Lady Luck. Of the TOP 10 good English Patriotic movies 2017, this one’s a must-see!

  1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

With the original movie being a worldwide hit, it’s no surprise that the official sequel is about to hit the theaters this year. The Kingsman HQ was attacked by an unknown and mighty enemy, forcing the members of this elite (and top-secret) agency to join forces with the Americans. Together, the world’s best operatives will have to put their brilliant minds and exceptional combat skills to good use and stop a new villain from destroying everything they have been building. The whole world is crumbling under the enemy’s heavy hand, but when the Brits and the Yanks work together, there’s no stopping them…

  1. Worlds Apart

The movie follows the beautiful stories of 3 generations of Greeks falling in love with foreigners. Daphne, a strikingly gorgeous woman, meets Farris, a refugee from Syria, and together they create a wonderful family. But, the tensions between the Greeks and the immigrants threaten to destroy their love. Giorgios and Elise, a bright lady from Sweden, go through their own rough patch: she is in charge of firing employees at the man’s office, which puts his friend’s position in jeopardy. Finally, Sebastian, an older professor from Germany, falls for Maria, a married woman from Greece, and conquers her heart with his love. Wanna watch TOP 10 good Patriotic films 2017? Start with this one!

  1. Hidden Figures

The most patriotic thing about this movie is that it finally recognized the brilliance of these exceptional black women who gave their lives to NASA but were never even mentioned before. Back when the Americans were big rivals with the Soviets in the space programs, these genius ladies were working day and night on the insanely sophisticated calculations that successfully put John Glenn, a US astronaut, into orbit. What was it like to know that you’re one of the pioneers of complex mathematics but your name will not be included into the “Hall of Fame” and that you won’t even be allowed to speak up about your achievements? Watch this film and find out.

  1. Patriots Day

The States were shocked and scared when a brutal terrorist attack took the lives of several innocent runners in the Boston Marathon. The attackers were lethal and merciless, and it was up to people like Ed Davis, a man with the local police, to bring folks together and to chase after the terrorists.  Put Patriots Day on your list of TOP 10 good Patriotic movies 2017 if you appreciate the courage, wits, and dedication of the heroic men and women who weren’t afraid to put their own lives at risk just to stop the monsters from fleeing the country.

  1. Their Finest

What can a fragile woman, a screenwriter do to change the course of history and help the Allied forces defeat the Nazis? It might sound crazy, but her passion, brilliant mind and desire to make the world a better place did more to turn the tide in this bloodthirsty war than even the most courageous generals could. Her name is Catrin, and she hired a crew and a lovely cast to shoot an inspirational movie that would lift UK’s spirit and show the Americans a good enough reason to join the cause and put an end to the Germans.

  1. In Dubious Battle

It’s the 30s, and a bunch of migrant workers from all over the country is confronting the California apple farms owners, hoping to get some kind of a raise and/or improved working conditions. Nolan, the leader of the movement, inspires countless folks to join him in this epic march against the landowners who forced them to work as slaves. The oppression can only be effective as long as the workers are willing to be oppressed. The labor movement makes a lot of impact on the future of the nation and ensures a bright future for the working class. Of the TOP 10 really good Patriotic movies, this is the most thought-provoking one.

  1. A United Kingdom

It takes the royal King of Botswana to fall for a regular officer worker from the UK to start an international conflict and create tension of grand proportions. It’s 1947, and SA (South Africa) has just introduced a law that doesn’t approve of bi-racial marriages. So, when a nation that’s located close-by tells the whole world that the King is about to tie the knot with a white woman, the idea is not at all welcomed, to say the least. SA threatens to prevent the UK from accessing the country’s natural resources in a desperate attempt to prevent the “disgraceful” wedding from happening.

  1. War Machine

A renowned and decorated general leads his army into a dangerous mission and returns home to claim his glory and fame. The majority of folks around the world see him as a hero, a true inspiration, especially in America, his home. But, he’s not a perfect man – not even close. So, when a journalist comes through with a story that shows his darker side, people turn their backs on him and start calling the brilliant general a monster. So, who is he really? A visionary and a great leader, or a bad man? Of the TOP ten good Patriotic movies 2017 in theaters, War Machine is the most anticipated release!

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