List of TOP 10 good Science Fiction movies 2018

Despite the fact that the simplest classification of fantasy divides it into only two types – science fiction and pure fantasy, modern cinematographic fantasy is divided into many additional directions. If you think about it, you can safely refer to fantasy films Tolkien’s work, mystical thrillers, and even horror films.

If you ready to watch TOP 10 good Sci-Fi films 2018, then we begin.

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  1. The Darkest Minds

The plot begins with a pandemic, which kills 98 percent of American children and adolescents. Further – better. Survivors receive super-abilities, but the government decides that “rehabilitation camps” under reliable protection will be the best option for such children.

The main character – a sixteen-year-old girl named Ruby who owns telekinesis – escapes from the camp and joins a group of the same renegades. What will they do next?

  1. The Meg

The movie tells the story of an ancient sea monster, whose existence the professor of paleontology wants to prove. The hero of the picture is Jonas Taylor. He is a brave captain of a submarine. The man spent his entire life in the seawater, plunging into its expanses and exploring an incredible underwater world. Now Jonas works as a professor at the institute and teaches paleontology. However, the last expedition does not leave his mind. On that fateful day, the professor became a witness who saw a terrible prehistoric creature called Megalodon. This monster is so huge that it can pull out even a huge tyrannosaurus from the ocean floor. The professor is preparing for a new expedition in order to prove to the world the existence of an ancient monster. However, he does not even suggest that a monster can follow him.

  1. Annihilation

Natalie Portman is in the TOP ten good Sci-Fi movies 2018 in theaters.

The movie centers on a group of researchers, which consists of a biologist, psychologist, topographer, and anthropologist. They go on an expedition to the mysterious X site – a dangerous territory full of abnormal phenomena. Among the consequences of previous attempts to explore this region: mysterious diseases, mental trauma, and strange disappearances.

  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The film takes place 22 years after the Jurassic Park was closed from the eyes of ordinary tourists. Now in its place, on the island of Nublar, a new park is working. John Hammond conceived it and now his work has finally come true. Park is not so much in demand, as its owners wanted, so they developed a strategy to increase the attendance of this park. In the center of the park, the management decided to place a new unique attraction, which had no analogues yet. With its help, as owners of the park territory hope, the number of visitors should increase. Frankly, they did not take into account that these animals can easily get out of the cage, which will lead to fatal consequences.

  1. The Predator

The main character becomes an accidental witness – he discovers alien beings. They have evil targets against the Earth but turning to the authorities, he cannot prove that his meeting with creatures from another dimension is a real. How to dedicate all the inhabitants of the Earth and those details that occur in urban back streets. The former Marine understands that he needs to stop predators.

  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Science Fiction movies 2018.

Fans of Starry Cinema Saga learn about daring antics in the very depths of the dark and dangerous criminal world of the galaxy, where Han Solo first meets his future friends. Together they will make their first journeys on the Millennium Falcon. The movie will tell full story about Solo and his friends.

  1. Black Panther

After the death of his father, T’Challa returns to Wakanda, hidden from the outside world. He must become a new king. However, hardly a young heir manages to ascend to the throne, as his old enemy appears, a confrontation with which can lead to serious consequences for Wakanda and the whole world. T’Challa will unite his allies and free all the power of the Black Panther in order to rebuff the enemy and protect his people.

  1. Pacific Rim Uprising

Kaiju monsters return in the TOP 10 really good Sci-Fi movies.

Many years ago, the whole world was attacked by huge monsters, which periodically began to come from the ocean depths and attack large cities. To protect themselves, people had to create giant robots. Giant robots are created in such a way that only two pilots can control them at the same time and a neural connection must be established between them. The better this connection, the more chances to overcome the monster. Over time, the appearance of Kaiju became more frequent and even a huge wall did not stop them. New part gives more monsters, more fights, and more destructions.

  1. Ready Player One

A near future. The energy crisis is in full swing, half of the world’s population is on the brink of survival. Virtual space OASIS is the only decent way out. Somewhere there is hidden the “Easter egg.” The first key accidentally finds eighteen-year-old Wade Watts. Step on the way to the greatest victory is done. But Wade and his team are followed by an organization that can kill lucky people not only in virtual but in the real world…

  1. The Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Severe tests for the strength of the characters continue in the fantastic blockbuster “The Death Cure” which is the final part of the trilogy. Thomas and his friends managed to find a way out of the labyrinth and survive in the hellish Torch, from where no one has ever returned alive. The guys are still searching for a cure for the deadly virus that continues to take people’s lives.

A list of TOP 10 good Science Fiction movies 2018 ends now.

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