List of TOP 10 good Suspense movies 2017

For those who is not aware of the term suspense movies that is often used for describing upcoming films, it is not difficult to explain – these are the projects that promote the intense excitement of viewers from all over the world that are happy to watch highly expected films. Our TOP 10 new good Suspense movies 2017 release contains one of the most expected films and franchises that are all scheduled to be released this year and already have lots of views on YouTube when it comes to their trailers. It includes projects of different styles of contemporary cinematography, among them are horror films, science fiction, drama and similar.

Amityville: The Awakening

Before making a decision and buying the tickets to the cinema, let’s take a look at the next upcoming projects created in Hollywood:


The slogan of this supernatural horror movie, that some critics also called a good psychological film, is “Firth you watch it. Then you die”. In fact, this appears to be the third film in the series The Ring. The film starts with the passenger on the airplane who says that he watched the mini film, recorded on videotape, made by Samara Morgan (the American version of Japanese Sadako Yamamura who represents central antagonist). Later events lead to the crash. Just a few years later, the tapes are being found by other people who haven’t even had the idea that video recording is very dangerous.

The Fate of the Furious

When it comes to TOP 10 good English Suspense movies 2017 this action film made and produced in Hollywood also has a short name F8 and united such actors as Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham and so on. This is the first part of the whole franchise that was filmed without Paul Walker who died in a car accident at the end of November 2013. The plot follows Dominic Toretto being on a honeymoon with his beloved wife but instead of chilling and relaxing he is challenged to take a part in a street race by local racer called Fernando. Afterward, the man becomes forced to work on a cyber terrorist Cipher.

Annabelle: Creation

A supernatural horror movie that is actually a prequel to the one that was released in 2014. It opens a new never heard before story behind the doll called Annabelle, how she was created and why Annabelle is a real devil. The plot follows a maker of dolls and his beloved wife – apparently, they had lost their daughter and the man decides to create a new doll and call it Annabelle.

Transformers: The Last Knight

If you are looking to watch TOP 10 good Suspense films 2017 you need to go to the very last movie in the Transformers franchise. According to the latest information about the future plot of the film, it represents the events shown in this project are the result of the absence of Optimus Prime. In the new world, there is a dangerous war between the race of humans and the Transformers who are trying so hard to survive. To be able to avoid the biggest mistake, the main character Cade, played by Mark Wahlberg, decides to unite with an English lord and clever professor from Oxford University. Together, they want to learn everything about the reasons why the machines keep coming to Earth.

John Wick: Chapter 2

In fact, this is the first movie where Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne appear together again after playing in The Matrix franchise. The upcoming movie continues the event of the first part and shows Wick finding his stolen Ford near the shop. The owner of that shop was Abram Tarasov – Russian gangster – and they both had a conflict when Wick wanted to bring his car back. Afterward, John finds himself uniting with Italian lord of crime for reaching his own targets.

Berlin Syndrome

This Australian drama movie was based on the recent novel with the same title. Our list of TOP 10 good Suspense movies 2017 contains this kind of psychological film as it represents the complicated story of a journalist Clare who arrives in Germany. Afterward, she spends a night with a guy, played by Max Riemelt, and falls in love with him. However, the next day Clare finds out that she has been locked by that stranger and it is obviously that he doesn’t even have the intention to let her go away.


In this movie that was based on the real events, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Roman Melnik who loses his wife and a child in a plane crash because of the mistake of the air traffic controller. Everything he wants now is revenge so that the man who is responsible for the tragedy can feel what it is like to lose someone. The film was based on a real story of Russian architect Vitaly Kaloyev who also lost his wife and two children in horrible disaster blaming Danish controller.

Amityville: The Awakening

Another horror film on our TOP 10 really good Suspense movies and is about Belle and her family moving to another house in order to start a new life and save money for buying particular medicines to her brother. However, the family notice weird things happening to them and afterward, the main character Belle realizes they are in Amityville house that doesn’t seem to have a good atmosphere.

Wonder Woman

One of the most expected films is about a lady who decides to become Wonder Woman after she finds out about the World War I happening in the world. She accidentally finds American pilot after the crash with whom she quickly becomes friends and travel to London to save the world.

Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi

And the last franchise on the list of TOP ten good Suspense movies 2017 in theaters seems to, unfortunately, released without Carrie Fisher who died after the filming had been finished. In fact, a sequel to the movie is already scheduled to be released at the end of May in 2019 known as Episode IX that is supposed to be the very last installment of the Star Wars trilogy. The production of this part of the sequel has already begun at the beginning of February 2016. Carrie should have appeared in this trilogy, too, but everything has changed after her death. Afterward, Lucasfilm announced that they weren’t going to digitally generate the appearance of Fisher in the movie which was admitted in April 2017.

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