List of TOP 10 recently released Fantasy movies of 2017

Fantasy films are fabulous worlds for people of all ages. All the details here are created only by the power of thought, so each new story is able to surprise anyone, even the most experienced spectator.

We are glad to show you a compilation of new Fantasy movies releases 2017 that came out recently.

This genre is perfectly combined with many others. Elements of fantasy are found everywhere in the form of participation of mythological and fictional characters. In addition, the favorite method of many script writers is to give heroes supernatural powers, which is also a characteristic feature of this type of cinema.

Unlike Sci-Fi, the creators of fantasy do not try to bring the scientific background to the events taking place. Other, fictitious reality presumably exists regardless of ours. The other reality has completely different laws, rules, and traditions, sometimes completely remote from human and therefore incomprehensible.

Warrior's Gate

It is always curious to observe the clash of different worlds. After all, it is impossible to predict how someone will behave and what will be the end. Therefore, it is doubly more interesting to watch developments in films of this genre. The creators took great care to ensure that the denouement of the picture remained unsolved until the end, and the intrigue was revealed only in the very finale.

So, here the list of TOP 10 recently released Fantasy movies of 2017.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

The further technical progress goes ahead, the more cyber technologies absorb people into their parallel Internet world. Hackers control the planet Earth without hesitating to interfere even in the political affairs of different countries. But how to stop the transformation of mankind into machines controlled by computer programs and computer programmers – hackers on the other side of the monitor? They cannot be calculated because the World Wide Web has almost absorbed them into its networks and it is now unrealistic to figure out who is who.

Before the “9th Division” of the Ministry of Public Security is not an easy task to find and stop, and if necessary to kill, the fearless and self-confident hackers under the nickname “Puppeteer”, who is confident in his unlimited power to manage people with just one mouse click.

  1. Warrior’s Gate

This exciting film will appeal to all those who are not used to sharing virtual and real reality, considering them as one. In the center of the plot is a teenager who, like millions of his peers, is used to spending days in front of the monitor screen. The protagonist managed to play various games, but most of all he likes RPG, in which he has to methodically “upgrade” the characters. In the virtual world the boy feels just fine: here he is omnipotent, popular and incredibly clever.

The boy begins to give the computer more and more time, which to some extent frightens his parents. Ignoring the mother’s remarks, the hero suddenly realizes that all this time he played an unusual game because with its help he passed through the Gate of Warriors and plunged into the atmosphere of Ancient China.

  1. Monster Calls

Talking Tree is in the TOP 10 modern Fantasy movies of 2017.

The main character of this dramatic film is a boy-teenager. Most recently he was absolutely happy because with him were his loving parents. But in a moment their misfortune came: their mother was diagnosed with a fatal diagnosis.

Because of the fear of inevitable loss, the hero begins to feel that around him live monsters. Even the old tree, standing under his window, turns for the hero into a monster. The teenager imagines that he even hears its voice.

  1. Monster Trucks

High school student Tripp dreams of running away from the boring city where he was born and raised, and enthusiastically builds a monster-track from the wreckage of the old car. And when the incident on the rig releases an unusual creature from the ground, understanding the sense of speed, Tripp has a real chance not only to finally change his life but also to find a real friend…

  1. The Shack

Mystical events occur in the life of the main hero who is experiencing tragedy. He receives a personal invitation to meet with the God himself in the shack…

  1. Southbound

It is the Golden Mean of the list of TOP 10 Fantasy movies recently released in 2017.

A deserted stretch of road, tired travelers – two men running from their past, a group on their way to the next concert, a man trying to get home, a brother in search of a long-lost sister and family on vacation are forced to resist their fears and darkest secrets.

  1. Kong: Skull Island

The expedition was going to visit the birthplace of King Kong – Skull Island. It plans to explore the nature of the island, the climate, the conditions in which this huge gorilla could not only survive, but also adapt to the existence.

There a lot of surprises are awaited on Island. At each step – a danger. Wild flora and fauna, difficult climatic conditions – all this threatens with huge troubles. Will the team get around all the traps of nature, avoid trouble, and get answers for what they went to the island, or they are destined to lay bones in the homeland of King Kong?

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The plot of the movie introduces us to a young hooligan who still does not know his great destiny. Arthur flops in the streets with bandit friends, not knowing that his origin is very noble and high. Once the fate brings him to Excalibur – the legendary sword. Now the young man is waiting for a shocking discovery – it turns out his real parents were killed by Vortigern, who usurped power. So to take revenge on the murderer of relatives and to return the right to a throne becomes a matter of Arthur’s honor. And he will have to defend his rights in fierce battles alongside his companions.

  1. Wonder Woman

This is one of the newly released Fantasy movies 2017.

Diane is an Amazonian girl and a warrior woman. Accidentally learning from the pilot who crashed, that a new military conflict is on the way and the world is in danger. A Strong and Brave woman does not hesitate to solve all the forces to protect the planet from the universal evil.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The leader of the compilation of the latest Fantasy movies in english 2017.

In the thick of the things is again Jack Sparrow. He again gets involved in trouble. Recently he discovered that his old foe was chasing him. His name is Captain Salazar, and he was always famous for his terrible character. His team – ghostly pirates – overtakes his enemies and straightens with them with ease.

Recently, Captain Salazar, along with his assistants, escaped from the Devil’s Triangle. Now his main goal is to destroy all existing pirates, and first of all, Jack Sparrow.

TOP 10 Fantasy latest movies 2017 is over.

Thank you for being with us!

List of TOP 10 recently released Fantasy movies of 2017
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