List of TOP 10 recently released Foreign movies of 2017

Since its inception, scriptwriters and directors of foreign cinema were able to translate a huge variety of ideas and views on the screens, presenting the true masterpieces of the classics to movie lovers. The main feature that distinguishes the best foreign films from other genres is realistic graphics, exciting and dynamically developing plot, carefully thought out staging and stunning stunts of professional stuntmen. As a rule, a considerable amount of money is spent on the shooting of novelties of foreign cinematography. This investment not only quickly returns to the creators, but also brings a big profit after the premiere of the film, and also justifies the popularity of the best bestsellers and blockbusters.

We are glad to present you a compilation of new Foreign movies releases in 2017.

If you are a true connoisseur of intriguing action movies, sentimental French dramas, realistic English detectives and colorful Asian films, then you should visit our topic to watch foreign movies. We picked up an impressive collection of movies that won prestigious prizes and awards and gained popularity in the world cinema community in 2017. For small TV viewers, there is a wide choice of animated and adventure films.

Let’s begin to watch list of TOP 10 recently released Foreign movies of 2017.


  1. Void

The man went to the next patrol and notices a guy covered in blood. The section of the road he followed was completely deserted. Carter cannot ignore what is happening, he hurries to get the person into the car and goes to the nearest clinic. The policeman was in a hurry, but behind him noticed that the gloomy void was gathering, and this seriously frightened him. As soon as Carter could get to the nearest hospital, he realizes that the real devilry is taking place in the city.

  1. T2 Trainspotting

Twenty years later, director Danny Boyle decided to film the continuation of the cult film, bringing together the old cast. He again returned to the screen the favorite characters in the film which takes place after two decades. Mark Renton returns to Edinburgh, from which he ran away a long time ago. Only this place he considers his home and only here his friends live, with whom he lived through the most difficult times.

  1. The Invisible Guardian

The dark past is in the compilation of latest Foreign movies in english 2017.

The film begins its narrative with an acquaintance with the main character, Amaya Salazar, who left her native places for personal reasons many years ago. Since that time, it has been a long time and now the girl works as a detective and is doing quite well with her duties. The main heroine has many times proved her professionalism. The main heroine is known for being able to successfully unravel even complex cases. The last investigation sends the girl to her hometown, from fear for which she was so long hidden. Salazar is terrified and tries to pull herself together. Due to the absence of any other choice and sense of duty, Amaya is sent on the road. She promises herself to hold on and be stronger than her children’s fears. The young detective understands that she must, despite everything, fulfill her duty and find an intruder who is guilty of a crime.

  1. Goon: Last of the Enforcers

The main character of the sports comedy continues to build his career in professional hockey, but how he does it is another conversation. After once the event brought the guy into the sport, there were dramatic changes in his professional and personal life. Now he became one of the team members, but it is not so simple to play the game, there are also behind-the-scenes intrigues.

  1. Smetto quando voglio: Masterclass

Peter and his life’s work are in TOP 10 modern Foreign movies of 2017.

The plot of the film tells about the scientist Peter, who works in one of the universities and, together with the main work, conducts a private investigation. Soon the project is suspended, as there are no new sponsors. Peter is confused, because this research he devoted a long period of his life, gave him soul and strength. The scientist is not going to give up and despair in the face of difficulties. Peter intends to earn money at any cost and continue his work.

  1. Radin!

The Golden Mean of the list of TOP 10 Foreign movies recently released in 2017.

No genius people without serious shortcomings. A lone violinist, the son of a lonely mother, used to count every penny. And even becoming rich, he remained unchanged.

  1. Kill Switch

The plot of the movie takes us to the near future. The influential Alterplex Corporation has created a special Tower, which with the help of new technologies periodically releases blue rays into the sky, extracting a new kind of energy. The protagonist of the film – former combat pilot Will – lives near the Tower and daily, along with his nephew, watches the dazzling blue ray pierce the clouds. He is one of those people who is fascinated by this achievement. But everything changes when unexplained catastrophes begin to occur on Earth.

  1. A Stork’s Journey

Before he could hatch from the egg, the sparrow Richard was attacked by a bird of prey and lost his parents. He was found by a stork. Grieving over the baby, she decided to take it to her nest. He was brought up as the most ordinary stork, although from the very beginning everyone noticed the essential differences between Richie and other chicks. Tell the baby the truth was decided shortly before the winter, because to winter, the birds fly south, but Richard is not one who can withstand a long flight.

  1. Kidnap Capital

The hard lives of illegal aliens are in a compilation of newly released Foreign movies 2017.

In the psychological thriller, it will be how illegal aliens become hostage to avaricious criminals who make their back in ransom. The film unfolds in the basement of a house on the outskirts of Phoenix. There were more than ten people from South America who tried to cross the border illegally but eventually were captured.

  1. My Life as Zucchini

After the sudden death of the mother, the boy remains completely alone. Under the law, a minor is sent to a children’s home, sending a policeman named Raymond for him. Between the man and the boy builds a solid friendship. Soon the protagonist will have to get into the world, completely unfamiliar and alien to him, in which many children with similar fates live.

TOP 10 Foreign latest movies 2017 is over now.

Thank you for being with us!

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