List of TOP 13 good Adventure films

A person strives for knowledge of something mysterious and extraordinary because the unknown always attracts attention. If in real life there is no possibility to find it, then this can be easily avoided through the adventure movies. If you want to see TOP 13 best english Adventure movies 2019 to watch, then watch the list below.

List of TOP 13 best Adventure movies of 2019 to watch:

  1. Kingsman 3

The adventures of the main hero of the film Kingsman 3 – Eggsy – are not over. This time he has to save the world from the villain.

Kingsman 3 will be the last part of the Kingsman trilogy

Shooting will begin in January 2019.

According to rumors, actor Dwayne Johnson will perform the role of the main villain in the film and Channing Tatum’s character, an agent of the American spy agency Statesman, will return to the film.

Film director Matthew Vaughn does not exclude the possibility of releasing Kingsman 3 in two chapters.

According to the director, he is thinking about creating a spin-off of the Kingsman film called “Statesman,” which tell about American spy agency. According to rumors, Channing Tatum will appear in the movie as Tequila, Jeff Bridges as Champ, and Halle Berry as Ginger.

In June 2018, the director also announced the possibility of making a prequel to the movie trilogy, which will unfold in the 1900s and will be about the creation of the spy agency.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

  1. Aladdin

Genie and Aladdin are on the list of TOP 13 good Adventure films.

The protagonist of the film “Aladdin” is a pickpocket named Aladdin, who dreams of becoming a prince and marrying Princess Jasmine. As long as Aladdin thinks about how to achieve it, Jafar plans to seize power over the city. But for this, he needs a magic lamp hidden in a cave. Only the person who possesses a soul as pure as an uncut diamond can get this lamp. Aladdin is such a person, and he does not even know about it.

Jafar forces a street thief to get a lamp, but soon everything is out of control.

In fall 2016, it became known that Guy Ritchie will be the director of the movie. For several months, Richie could not find actors for the main roles in the film. For this reason, the director suspended the project in July 2017, but in September, the production was again launched.

In an interview, Guy Ritchie admitted that he was greatly interested in the idea of making the feature film “Aladdin.”

  1. Alita: Battle Angel

Found by the mysterious Dr. Ido and consisting for the most part of cybernetic parts, Alita becomes a mortally dangerous cyborg. She is one of those who can break the vicious circle of death and destruction created by the authority of Tiphares (Zalem). However, in order to fulfill her task, she must fight and kill. She is a heavenly angel. She is a bounty hunter.

The film’s budget is $200 million. This made the picture the most expensive project of Robert Rodriguez.

If the picture succeeds at the box office, producers are considering to shoot the second part of the “Alita: Battle Angel” movie.

  1. Charlie s Angels

Three “Angels” are on the list of best english Adventure movies to watch.

The movie centers on the popular television series, which run from 1976 to 1981. It tells about three women from the private detective agency of the mysterious Charlie Townsend. Charlie never shows his face and communicates with his detectives by phone or through faithful assistant Bosley. Detectives are involved in investigations and help people. However, in the remake, the “angels” will work in a private security company, which has offices around the world.

About the franchise reboot became known in September 2015. At the same time, it was announced that the famous American actor and director Elizabeth Banks will be the director of the new “Charlie’s Angels.” Her directorial debut with “Pitch Perfect 2” earned $287 million at the box office.

  1. Toy Story 4

In the cartoon “Toy Story 4,” the fans will again meet favorite characters and new adventures. The main characters of the cartoon movie “Toy Story 4” – Woody and Buzz Lightyear – have to go on an epic journey in search of Woody’s girlfriend.

Tim Allen and Tom Hanks signed on to provide the voice for their characters even before the announcement of the fourth cartoon.

“Toy Story 4” is the first cartoon movie where we will not see Andy character – the first owner of the toys.

The duration of each cartoon “Toy Story” is exactly 11 minutes longer than its previous movie: the duration of the first part was 81 minutes, the second – 92, and the third – 103.

Randy Newman wrote the musical accompaniment for all four parts of the cartoon “Toy Story.”

  1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Emmet & Co are on the list of best modern Adventure films.

The action of the cartoon takes place several years after the victory over Lord Business. DUPLO Aliens are threatening residents of Bricksburg. They turned the city into a post-apocalyptic desert and captured Emmett’s girlfriend Lucy.

Initially, the release of the cartoon was scheduled for May 26, 2017, but was later postponed to February 6, 2019.

The directors of the movie are Mike Mitchell and Trisha Gum.

For a while, the cartoon director was Rob Schrab, but he later left the project due to creative differences.

According to rumors, the Doctor Who character – the hero of the eponymous popular British sci-fi series – may appear in the cartoon.

  1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Hiccup and his dragon are on the list of good english Adventure movies.

The main character of the cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon 3” a boy named Hiccup. He was born in the era of dragons and he was the one who changed the life of the Vikings forever. Now the Vikings and dragons live together in harmony with each other. One day, Hiccup together with his dragon Night Fury met Light Fury, which opens for them the secret world of dragons. This discovery changes the life of Hiccup and threatens all Vikings. They have to leave their settlement and fight back to the ruthless dragon hunter.

In December 2010, Jeffrey Katzenberg announced that he plans to release three parts of the How to Train Your Dragon movie. After this announcement, Dean DeBlois made an official statement about what is in the development of the second part: “There are certain characters who will appear in the second chapter.” They will achieve new importance in the third part of the cartoon movie,” – said DeBlois.

  1. Chaos Walking

Tom Holland is in the TOP 13 good Adventure movies in theaters.

The plot of the film “Chaos Walking” is the young person named Todd Hewitt, who lives in the New World – an alien colony of people who came here from Earth. After the war with fearless creatures called Spackle, all women in the settlement died. The men were infected with a virus called “Noise”, which allowed them to hear each other’s thoughts. For this reason, all men start to go crazy and become aggressive. At this time, Todd is trying to find salvation for other settlers.

Lionsgate acquired the movie rights to the “Chaos Treads” trilogy written by Patrick Ness back in 2011.

The director of the movie “Chaos Walking” could be Robert Zemeckis, but he refused because of the inconvenient shooting schedule. The director is Doug Liman.

The shooting took place in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), Scotland and Iceland.

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley in Chaos Walking

  1. Captain Marvel

The action of “Captain Marvel” will unfold in the 90s of the 20th century, when the Earth was embroiled in an intergalactic war between two alien races – Kriya and Skrulls.

Actually, Captain Marvel is female pilot Carol Danvers who gets superpower of the Kriya race as a result of an explosion during an alien invasion. She is confident that Skrull’s victory in the war will have disastrous consequences for our home planet.

“Captain Marvel” is the first movie in MCU, where the main character is a woman. It is possible that the Marvel Studios made such a decision against the background of the grand success of DC Comics’ movie – “Wonder Woman,” where Gal Gadot played the main role.

The screenwriters of the film “Captain Marvel” stated that the plot of the film will differ from the classic story.

  1. Shazam!

Zachary Levy is in the list of best modern Adventure movies.

Billy Batson is an ordinary teenager who can turn into an invulnerable and powerful superhero. Unfortunately, the villain Doctor Sivana has the same ability.

Swedish filmmaker David F. Sandberg, who is known for a horror film called “Annabelle: Creation,” is the director of the movie.

Dwayne Johnson is the executive producer. Previously it was assumed that he will act in the project as an actor. Dwayne was offered to play Doctor Sivana and the film was announced in 2014. In February 2017, it became known that the main role will be performed by Zachary Levy.

Benjamin Wallfisch wrote the music for the film. He is the author of the original soundtrack for “Annabelle: Creation” and “Dunkirk.”

  1. Hellboy

Milla Jovovich and David Harbour are on the list of really good Adventure films.

The plot of the film unfolds around the battle for the salvation of humankind – this time the medieval evil in the face of the Blood Queen Nimue tries to destroy the world. Hellboy will go to England to try to prevent the end of the world.

Before the shooting process, Neil Marshall, the director of the film, promised that the film would be close to the original comic book – dark and cruel.

The main villain of the movie – the Blood Queen – will play Milla Jovovich. David Harbour got the main role of the superhero.

  1. The Lion King

The movie centers on a little lion named Simba, who after the death of his father left his native land. Wounds healed and strength regained, Simba decides to return home and return what rightfully belongs to him.

In an interview, Jon Favreau said that he intends to use in the movie songs from the original cartoon and the technology of virtual reality, which was used in “The Jungle Book.”

“The Lion King” is the second movie by Jon Favreau, which he will release in collaboration with Disney. The first was “The Jungle Book.”

  1. Joker

The leader of the TOP 13 best new Adventure movies 2019.

The film takes place in Gotham City. The plot of the movie is the transformation of the Joker into a crazy maniac and the king of the underworld.

In his Instagram account, Todd Phillips, the director of the picture, published a photo with Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck – the main character of the film “Joker”. The movie tells how an ordinary person turned into an insane clown. However, in the photo, the actor has no usual white makeup and green hair.

The film will unfold in the 1980s. Arthur, a modest and silent person, returns to Gotham after a long absence. He plans to take care of his aging mother and try to build the career of a comedian. He doesn’t care what is going on around him. However, Arthur has a secret: he knows that his family is somehow connected with Waynes, Gotham’s richest family.

The list is coming to an end now.

Finally, we might note that TOP 13 new good Adventure movies 2019 release dates you can on the Internet.

Thank you for watching!

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