List of TOP 16 good Horror films

Horror is a genre with thousands of fans around the world. The audience is attracted by mystery, danger, and crucial moments of the unpredictable plot.

Today we are going to present you a list of TOP 16 best Horror movies of 2019 to watch.

We begin!

List of TOP 16 good Horror films:

  1. Child’s Play

The incredible story of a six-year-old boy, Andy Barclay, who asks his parents to buy a big doll advertised on television. The mother gives her child a very big doll-boy. Mother was not worried that the package had been opened, she only wanted to please her son with the long-awaited gift.

In Andy’s house, strange things begin to happen: the nanny notices that the toy moves around the house and you can suddenly stumble upon it…

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  1. 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter

Sharks are on the list of good english Horror movies.

“47 Meters Down” by Johannes Roberts was an unexpected box-office hit. The story was about two sisters performed by Mandy Moore and Claire Holt, who decided to cage down to the sharks and fell into a deadly trap. For this reason, the director decided to shoot a sequel.

The next part will tell about five girls from different countries that learn the legend of a sunken city in the ocean. After leaving the safe tourist zone, they go in search of the new Atlantis and encounter the most dangerous marine predators.

  1. Velvet Buzzsaw

The world of modern art is inhabited by a variety of characters: connoisseurs, experts, artists, thieves, and deceivers. They all believe that they know and love real art…

The film takes place in modern Los Angeles during a major art exhibition. Arrogant artists and collectors will have to pay a high price for turning art into articles of merchandise: eerie but attractive canvases by an unknown author suddenly come to life and turn the lives of heroes into a nightmare.

  1. Rabid

A side effect of the experimental method is on the list of best english Horror movies to watch.

Rose, a young designer, is terribly disfigured as a result of a terrible accident. Fortunately, modern medicine is able to work wonders: having resorted to an experimental method of restoring its former attractiveness with the help of stem cells, a woman becomes more beautiful than ever. However, temporary relief is replaced by horror when the side effects of treatment begin to transform Rose’s body and mind.

Laura Vandervoort in Rabid

  1. In the Tall Grass

During a car trip across America, Cal and his sister and Becky drive past an overgrown field from which children’s cries for help are heard. A boy named Tobin is lost in the tall grass and cannot get out on his own. Cal and Becky take turns looking for him and get lost in an ominous field, where terrible monster awaits them. Screen version of the story of Stephen King and his son Joe Hill.

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  1. Us

Nightmare in summerhouse is on the list of best modern Horror films.

The story unfolds in our day and tells about the couple Adelaide and Gabe Wilson. A happily married couple taking the children along with them went on vacation with friends along the coast of Northern California to Adelaide’s summerhouse. Having unpacked and having spent a good day with the Tyler family, the couple began to prepare for a night’s rest but here Adelaide begin to see strange things…

This was due to a prolonged mental and physical trauma from her past, which over time began to resemble paranoia. The woman began to feel that something terrible would happen to her and her family. Probably the fear of the woman was not just paranoia because Wilson family saw four silent figures on the road dressed in red and holding hands…

  1. Polaroid

There are things that are better not to pick up even if they look good and seem necessary. It is so difficult to get rid of everything that sometimes goes along with similar finds. Once a group of teenagers acquired the usual-looking Polaroid. However, the devil’s camera is endowed with a special feature. The young photographers find out about it too late. Polaroid camera will kill anyone you photograph. Moreover, if the new owners of the damned camera do not guess its secret, they will all die. They only have the night left to cope with the mystery of the curse. None of the living will sleep until the very morning because of the nightmare that awaits them.

  1. Ghost in the Graveyard

Dead girl’s revenge is on the list of really good Horror films.

A company of children arranges hide-and-seek games at a city cemetery where a girl dies. She fell into the grave. The friends leave her to die and hide from her parents the reason for the disappearance of the child. The matured heroes come together again for the anniversary of the tragedy but it turns out that her ghost is about to punish the deceivers. Their life turns into a string of mysterious deaths and the dead girl is responsible for it.

The heroes have no choice but to return to the cemetery to arrange a ritual of purification. It is difficult to do the ritual because the eerie ghost is not going to leave them.

  1. The Haunting of Borley Rectory

The hero of the film Harry Price always achieves his goal. He does not believe in supernatural forces and is engaged in the refutation of information about otherworldly forces. One day, Harry read an article in a newspaper about Essex County. Price intends to prove that the county legend is a complete deception.

A priest lived here earlier. He tried to clear the county from evil forces but he failed. Harry settles in the county for several months. Price completely changed his mind. He will have to get out of the County by any means.

  1. Grudge

The damned house in the TOP 16 best english Horror movies 2019 to watch.

The main idea of the movie is that the “curse of the dead” dwells in some houses. The strongest of curses – deathbed. If the victim dies a violent death, the ghost will certainly remain in the house paying rage and anger against the new tenants. With the next death, the curse only grows stronger reminding a kind of virus with its “behavior.”

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  1. The Curse of La Llorona

Anna Garcia is a social worker. She lives in Los Angeles and has two children. One day, she starts to investigate a case involving a mysterious murder and soon realizes that it somehow affects the life of her family. Anna turns to a local healer and he reports that she is being pursued by a supernatural creature – Weeping Woman or La Llorona – who wants to take Anna’s children away.

In search of a way to stop La Llorona, Anna meets the priest, Father Perez.

La Llorona is a popular character in Mexican folklore and mythology of some countries in South and Latin America. According to the legend, a girl named Maria drowned her two children in a jealous rage over her husband and after that killed herself. After that, she began to appear at night heralding misfortune and death.

  1. Happy Death Day 2U

Tree’s nightmare is on the list of best modern Horror movies.

The first film told about a girl named Tree. When she was going to the party one evening, she was attacked by a maniac in a mask and killed… However, she did not die but woke up in the morning of the same day. In order to get out of the time loop, she had to find a killer. She did it and managed to escape the time loop.

The sequel again talks about Tree. It’s been two years since that incident. Now she has a chance to find out how that time loop appeared and why she was stuck in it…

  1. Pet Sematary

The main hero of the movie “Pet Sematary” turns out to be Dr. Louis Creed who together with his family moves to a small town. The new family house is located near the highway near the cemetery where the locals bury their pets, who died on the highway.

One day, a family cat dies on the highway. On the advice of a neighbor, Louis buries a cat in an ancient Indian cemetery. The animal is resurrected but turns into a cruel monster. The story repeats and becomes much worse when the car hits Louis’s son. A distraught father brings his body to an ominous cemetery.

The Pet Cemetery is a remake of 1989 film of the same name directed by Mary Lambert, which is based on the novel by world-famous American writer Stephen King.

The shooting of the film took place in Montreal (Quebec, Canada).

  1. Don’t Breathe 2

The third place of the TOP sixteen good Horror movies in theaters.

Lonely elderly people are the object of interest of all sorts of scammers and robbers since they are considered defenseless and easy targets. However, the protagonist of this horror movie can look after himself. Moreover, he lost his sight during the war and was forced to adapt to life in complete darkness. However, if you look into his dark basement, the opinion about the helpless old man will change rapidly. Even a dog living in a house turns out to be a real killing machine, not a cute pet.

So a group of three robbers received information that a lot of money is stored in the veteran’s house. After the robbery, only one girl could escape from this hell. Her friends died. This was the story of a first part.

There is no information on the plot of the second part but director and screenwriters are working on it.

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  1. The Prodigy

The only child in the family is not only joy but also a big responsibility. In the film, a loving family is faced with the inexplicable behavior of their son. He is a wonderful, intelligent and kind boy but in one, sharp moment, something happened to him. Now even his father and mother are afraid of their son.

Miles since birth was special. Sarah and John knew this from the beginning. He was incredibly inquisitive. He liked to read and look for interesting facts. Soon he showed excellent results in school. Parents were proud of him and dreamed that he would become a famous scientist and build a career. However, the wonderful time ended unexpectedly.

Something settled in Miles. He stopped communicating preferring to spend time alone.

  1. It: Chapter Two

The leader of the TOP 16 best new Horror movies 2019.

It’s been 20 years since a group of teenagers killed Pennywise. Each of them tried as hard as possible to forget what had once happened to them in that damned town. Mike decided to stay after that at home. Then his younger brother died a terrible death. The guy has been closely following all these years for what is happening in the neighborhood. In addition, the worst happened after almost 30 years. In the local news, there was a story about the death of the child. Mike understood that it is necessary to fight against an immortal evil in a clown guise. However, he cannot do anything alone. It is necessary to put together with former friends.

TOP ends now.

By the way, TOP 16 new good Horror movies 2019 release dates are available on the Net.

Thank you for watching TOP 16 good Horror films 2019!

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