List of TOP 15 good Drama films

Drama movie appeal to our reality, people’s relationships, contradictions of actions. In addition, most importantly – the real drama leaves the choice to the viewer without imposing the correctness of the conclusions. A drama movie is supposed to test a person’s strength. Such films depict the life of a person and his interaction with society. Today we are going to show you the TOP 15 best english Drama movies 2019 to watch.

Gather around, and watch list of TOP 15 good Drama films 2019!

  1. Five Feet Apart

Love is an amazing feeling. However, unfortunately, in some cases, lovers have to overcome many obstacles in order to be together.

In our case, it is not about normal problems, but about serious obstacles, the overcoming of which threatens life. Imagine the life of seriously ill young people who are treated in a medical institution. They are strictly forbidden to come close to each other.

Lovers are not able to touch each other. However, true love is boundless – the stronger their feelings become, the more they are willing to risk their lives in order to be together.

The shooting in the movie “Five Feet Apart” became the big screen debut for Cole Sprouse.

The shooting of the picture took place in New Orleans (Louisiana) from May 25 to June 26, 2018.

  1. King of Thieves

Michael Caine is on the list of really good Drama films.

Each of them gained fame in the criminal craft and managed to become a real legend of the criminal world. They managed to live to a good age, which is considered great luck in the underground world. They are accustomed to risk their lives because the risk was an integral part of their “professional activity.” Each of the main characters was an unsurpassed fraud, who managed to turn incredible crimes and other illegal acts.

The film is based on the case of the most robbery in the history of Great Britain, which shook the police and the public. 77-year-old widower Brian Reader gathers a gang of elderly scammers to rob Hatton Garden vault. The group decided to do it during the Easter holidays when the vault will be closed.

  1. The Aftermath

Psychological drama with Keira Knightley in the main role telling about the difficult times immediately after the fall of Nazi Germany.

Rachael Morgan is sent to Hamburg, where her husband Lewis, a colonel in the British Army, is appointed an interim mayor and his duties include the restoration of the city. The relationship between the spouses is strained, and Rachael hopes that a reunion with Lewis will help her to establish family life.

Upon arrival at the destination, Rachel learns that her husband made an unexpected decision – to live in a house with his previous owner, German architect Stefan Lubert. Stefan is a widower who has only a daughter.

The film is an adaptation of the book of the Welsh writer and screenwriter Rhidian Brook, which he wrote in 2013.

  1. Gemini Man

Will Smith is on the list of best modern Drama films.

In the center of the plot of the film is a middle-aged man, who worked as a killer all his life. Tired of the work, he decides to start a new life, but his plans change when he discovers his own clone, which is 25 years younger.

Production of the film began in 1998. Initially, Ridley Scott’s brother, Tony Scott, had to sit in the director’s chair, and Darren Lemke wrote the script. However, the production of the film was suspended due to the lack of technology that would allow one actor to be shot at different ages.

Over the course of 20 years, Brian Helgeland, Andrew Niccol, and David Benioff have been rewriting the script.

In October 2016, Skydance studio bought the rights to the film and continued production. The director of the film is Ang Lee who is known for his work “The Hulk.” The main role in the film went to actor Will Smith.

Will Smith and Ang Lee in Gemini Man

  1. Our Time

The picture centers on a family who moved to a secluded Mexican ranch, where the spouses Juan and Esther, as well as their two children, are engaged in bull raising for bullfighting.

Esther is responsible for managing the ranch, while her husband Juan, the world-famous poet, is engaged in the treatment and selection of animals. At the same time, he loves his wife so much and is so afraid of losing her. However, when Esther falls in love with a horse trainer named Phil, the couple faces an emotional crisis, since Juan is no longer able to deal with resentment and jealousy.

The director of the movie (Carlos Reygadas) and his wife Natalia Lopez played the leading roles in the film. The roles of the children also performed their own kids.

  1. Beautiful Boy

A drug addict guy is on the list of TOP 15 best Drama movies of 2019 to watch.

The script is based on the memoirs from David and Nic Sheff, who acted as co-authors of the movie script. The film tells about the complex relationship between father and son. Together, they are trying to cope with a young man’s methamphetamine addiction and in parallel build relationships.

In the picture, viewers see a chronicle of the life of a drug addict guy Nic Sheff and his recovery, shown by the eyes of his father David Sheff.

Timothée Chalamet (Nic) and Steve Carell (David) played the main roles in the movie.

Initially, Mark Wahlberg planned to play the role of David Sheff but he dropped out of the project during the development process.

  1. Backtrace

The bold robbery of a collector’s car was the most notorious crime in the city. The only criminal who survived the mess can only reveal the main secret – where the stolen money is hidden. However, there is one problem: he completely lost his memory.

The experimental substance will help solve the crime: the robber, studying the depths of his mind, and the police officer, who follows him, must come to the place where it all began.

The actions of the film unfold in two locations at once – the United States of America and Canada.

  1. A Faithful Man

A complicated love story is on the list of best modern Drama movies.

French drama about the complex relationship of lovers, who are to go through the tragic events, jealousy, and betrayal.

Nine years ago, Marianne left Abel for his best friend, Paul. However, the tragic events prevented a happy family life – Paul dies, and Marianna with the child returns to her former lover. However, Paul’s young sister, Eve, who loves Abel, is in the way to reuniting the couple.

Meanwhile, Abel wonders what actually happened to his late friend…

The film director Louis Garrel performed one of the main roles in the film.

  1. Arctic

Because of the plane crash, the pilot Overgård turns out to be alone in the vast Arctic desert. He is forced to desperately fight for survival in a cold area. One day, fate seemed to give him a chance for salvation, but then it cruelly took it back: the helicopter that flew here to help him crashed. One of its pilots is killed, and the girl is seriously injured. On board the helicopter, Overgård discovers a map of the area and finds out that he is only a few days away from the station.

Now a man has to make a difficult choice: to remain in the safety of his improvised camp or to go to the unknown area in the hope of salvation.

  1. Greta

Chloë Grace Moretz is on the list of best english Drama movies to watch.

After moving to Manhattan, the young girl tries to start a new life. In the subway, she finds a handbag forgotten by one of the passengers and takes it with her. Having found documents inside the bag, the girl goes to the address indicated in them. The aged woman is grateful to the young girl for the lost bag and invites her to her house for coffee. Here she finds a true friend. The girl spends a lot of time with the woman. Sometimes they cook dinner together. However once a girl finds in the box of a woman many identical bags, such as the one she found in the subway. The girl wants to get rid of the elderly woman, but she pursues her. The girl is kidnapped and cannot get out of the creepy house.

The world premiere of the film was held on September 6, 2018, at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The movie is the second collaboration of Chloe Grace Moretz and Maika Monroe after the 2016 film “The 5th Wave” directed by J Blakeson.

  1. Greyhound

The picture takes place during the Second World War. In the center of the plot will be the destroyer “Greyhound” and its new captain Ernest Krause, an experienced naval officer who had not participated in hostilities before. He will have to overcome the dangerous Atlantic Ocean, not to become a victim of German submarines, and to cope with his own uncertainty.

The movie is based on the novel “The Good Shepherd” by English writer Cecil Scott Forester, the author of the series of novels about Horatio Hornblower. Tom Hanks wrote the script to the movie. Aaron Schneider is the director of the movie.

  1. The Upside

The rich man and criminal boy are on the list of good english Drama movies.

Wealth does not make a person happy and healthy. This happens only when the soul finds peace. In the film, a lonely aristocrat with an incurable disease, which took away his ability to move, completely lost the joy of life. He has a huge mansion in the center of New York, with a garage, where there are the latest models of luxury cars, his own business, and even servants.

Phillip was irritated by the endless procedures, the rubbing of his lifeless body, pills, and medications. Yvonne is his faithful and kind assistant. She really worried about Phillip, perfectly understanding his condition. They needed another assistant.

Dell recently released from prison. He has serious problems. The person may lose his son. He needs to find a job that is difficult for a black ex-prisoner. If he does not fulfill the conditions of social service, he will never see his son again. For this reason, he is getting the job in Phillip’s house.

  1. A Dog’s Way Home

A lonely pit bull puppy was picked up by a kind and cheerful guy named Lucas. He became a loving host and friend for the four-legged friend Bella. For a long time, they lived together, until one day when Bella was lost.

By the will of destiny, she was far away from her home. Now Bella will have a difficult journey home, full of unusual encounters and adventures.

The script is based on the book of the same name by the famous American writer Bruce Cameron.

  1. Glass

Shyamalan’s Beast is in the TOP fifteen good Drama movies in theaters.

Maniac Kevin Crumb suffering from multiple personality disorder and released out his 24th subpersonality under the code name Beast, and disabled terrorist Elijah Price, better known as “Mr. Glass,” once again face their enemies.

The picture combines the storylines of the heroes of the two previous Shyamalan’s movies “Unbreakable” and “Split,” between the shootings of which 16 years passed.

The director began working on the idea of “Split” and “Glass”, relying on psychological and psychiatric articles, and talking to professional psychiatrists dealing with problems of dissociative identity disorder.

  1. An Interview with God

The first place of the TOP 15 best new Drama movies 2019.

A talented journalist Paul Asher returns home after a trip to Afghanistan and discovers that his life is falling apart – marriage to Sarah fails, there is a personal crisis. At the same time, he is trying to help the soldier with whom he met in Afghanistan to overcome his psychological problems.

At the same time, Paul’s life takes a completely unexpected turn when he offers to interview a person who calls himself God…

In the course of the film, Paul Asher calls up several times with his best friend Matt, a character that the audience will not see until the end of the picture. At the same time, the film crew, including the actors, has not yet decided whether Matt is a real person or whether it is a certain voice in Paul’s head.

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