List of TOP 18 good Family films

Family films belong to a special genre that combines a fascinating plot, action, and the main idea that provides food for thought.

We are going got share list of TOP 18 best Family movies of 2019 to watch with you.

We begin!

List of TOP 18 good Family films:

  1. Aladdin

The film version of the classic Disney cartoon about the Arabian pickpocket Aladdin, who becomes the master of the magic lamp with Jinn. Aladdin has only three wishes left to win the love of a princess and save Agrabah from the cunning villain.

“Aladdin” – a classic of Disney animation. The 1992 full-length cartoon earned $504 million at the box office and won two Oscars for the best song and soundtrack composed by Alan Menken.

In the first half of the 1990s. The Disney’s Aladdin video game for the Sega Mega Drive console, which replicated the full-length movie, was also very popular.

  1. Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl and fairy-tale creatures are on the list of best modern Family movies.

The plot of the film “Artemis Fowl” tells about a 12-year-old heir to the criminal dynasty and owner of the incredible mind – Artemis Fowl. Artemis is not only convinced of the existence of fairy-tale creatures but also confident that they are somehow involved in the disappearance of his father.

The plot of the movie is based on the first novel of a series of books of the same name by Eoin Colfer. Miramax purchased the rights to the screen version of the novel back in 2001. Initially, one of the producers of the film was to be Harvey Weinstein, but because of the scandal around his personality, it was decided to remove him from the project.

  1. Wonder Park

Charming baby June likes to dream. Once together with her parents, she came to a new amusement park. Not far from the park, she noticed a zoo with the most unusual and amazing animals collected from around the world.

June assures parents that all the animals in the zoo can speak but no one believes her. Over time, the amusement park becomes her favorite place. June comes here every week. During one of these visits, the girl meets a strange beast that has fallen into a trap.

The main character, despite her young age, is trying to overcome various trials in order to save a mysterious creature. However, it is almost impossible to save the beast alone. In order to free the animal, the girl has to go through a maze of riddles and tasks located in the amusement park. The magical creature undertakes to provide all possible assistance to its brave savior.

  1. Dumbo

An elephant named Dumbo is on the list of really good Family films.

In the center of the plot of the picture is the former circus star and combat veteran Holt Farrier, whose life turned upside out after returning from the war. Now Holt is forced to care for a newborn elephant named Dumbo, who lives in Max Medici’s circus. Because of his huge ears, Dumbo became the subject of constant ridicule from circus workers.

One day, the Holt’s kids discover that Dumbo can fly. Upon learning of this fact, the circus owner decides to make money on the elephant’s abilities.

  1. Dora the Explorer

The main character of the film, Dora, who will have to go through a very difficult test. The girl, having enlisted the support of her friends, will need to save her mom and dad, and to solve the riddle of the lost Inca Empire.

The main role in the movie will be played by Isabela Moner. She is almost the same age girl as this cartoon series. The girl is known as a singer and actor. By the way, a duet with Ricky Martin in one of the musicals brought her fame.

  1. The Lion King

The King of the African Savannah is on the list of best modern Family films.

The film version of the Disney animation classics about the inhabitants of the African savannah, who know love and friendship, treachery and the struggle for power just as well as people. The plot tells about the extraordinary adventures of Simba, the heir to the king of the savannah Mufasa. Insidiously deprived of the throne, Simba fled into exile. Now he has to return.

CGI technologies will be used in the remake movie – images were generated using 3D computer graphics.

  1. War with Grandpa

In the center of the plot of the film is a boy named Peter. After the death of his grandmother, his parents decided that from now on grandfather Ed would live with them. Peter loves his grandfather and is happy about this fact. However, the boy finds out that the grandfather will live in his room and he will live in a creepy attic. With the help of his brave friends, Peter is developing a plan on how to empty the grandfather of his beloved room, but grandfather Ed turns out to be much more cunning than the Peter.

  1. Pokémon Detective Pikachu

A special city, where people and magical creatures possessing superpowers coexist alongside, suddenly become the object of close attention. Something incredible happens here. The famous city detective has disappeared without a trace, and only his faithful comrade can find him, but he also needs support.

Harry Goodman has seen a lot in his life. He was considered one of the best representatives of his profession. Thanks to him, a lot of dangerous gangsters and criminals were behind bars. A reliable partner Pikachu assisted him. However, even he failed to save his friend.

Tim is Harry’ son. Together with Pikachu, they have to save his father. They have no right to make a mistake.

  1. Pegasus: Pony with a Broken Wing

Pegasus is on the list of best english Family movies to watch.

The young family takes over the reins of the parental ranch but recently the lack of the necessary amount of precipitation instead of profit brings bankruptcy to farmers. The family has nothing to pay the workers, so they have to think about the need to sell the property and move to live in the city. The family feels that they have let their ancestors down, but they have done everything possible. It’s dangerous to get a loan from a bank because the next year can also be a bad harvest. When the family begins active preparations for selling the ranch, a real horse with a broken wing appears on their land. It will change their life completely.

  1. A Dog’s Way Home

At the very beginning of the family film, we meet a dog named Bella. Everything is wonderful, so it is sincerely happy and enjoys every day spent with her hosts. However, most of all she likes to spend time with her owner named Lucas. Together they have gone through many obstacles. The main one will either separate them forever or make them realize the true value of the friendship between man and dog.

The action begins when the main character is separated from Lucas.

  1. The Kid Who Would Be King

The story about Excalibur sword is on the list of good english Family movies.

In Alex’s hands, an ordinary British schoolboy is the mythical sword Excalibur. Now Alex and his friends will be able to confront a medieval villain named Morgana, who is struggling to destroy the world.

Alex was simple with a ton of problems. Once in the evening, he tried to escape from the chase of bad people. Running into an abandoned construction site, the boy saw a sword. Strange place to store weapons. Coming closer, he decides to pull it out of the boulder. He did it. Then the boy could not imagine that he was holding the Excalibur sword.

  1. Frozen 2

The events of the picture will take the viewer to the kingdom where life is in full swing. The main protagonist of the movie Elsa can finally manage her country without fear. The character has changed and embarked on the right path. Now the girl always tells the truth, which makes her sister very happy. Elsa learned to control her own strength and live with a unique gift that makes her life more interesting.

However, fate often brings unexpected surprises to people. At this time, the main characters expect a new test, which will be able to pass only if the sisters combine their own efforts. The main characters face the long-awaited truth, which for a long time tormented them. They will be able to get to the real reason for the death of their parents and find out who imposed a terrible curse on them, which is poisoning their lives.

  1. The Secret Life of Pets 2

Max and his friends are in the TOP eighteen good Family movies in theaters.

Funny adventures of the merry company continue in the cartoon “The Secret Life of Pets 2.” The pets still live with their beloved owners, enjoying the comfort and excellent conditions, but a serious threat appears on the horizon. Friends, besides goodies, walks, get-togethers and other hobbies, are still obliged to visit the vet. For some, this is quite a common procedure, but not for them.

The reason is Vet Francis who deceives everyone. In fact, he hates animals and tries to harm them.

  1. Manou the Swift

The main character of the animated film is a swift named Manou, who grew up in a family of seagulls and always considered himself one of them. One day, by ridiculous chance, Manou found out that he could neither swim nor fish – unlike all members of his family. A little later, he learns that he is not a seagull at all, but a swift.

The frustrated Manou decides to leave his native nest and flies away to meet a new life. Having met swifts, Manou begins to think that he has finally found his family.

Sometime later, Manou learns of the danger that threatens his past family. Growing up like a fearless seagull, Manou has to prove to his family that he is not just swift, but also a real hero.

  1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Emmet Brickowski is in the TOP 18 best english Family movies 2019 to watch.

When the main characters begin to doubt the need to protect the planet, the very danger appears. The representatives of the alien corporation LEGO DUPLO attack the city. Insidious invaders, convinced that no one can stop them, are going to destroy everything. At this point, Batman, Lucy, and Emmett, along with their comrades, oppose the aliens. There is an unequal struggle, during which it becomes obvious that the main characters of the cartoon cannot cope with the threat. The aliens capture the best guardians of the city and Emmet’s girlfriend. Now Emmet has to find aliens and free his friends and girlfriend.

  1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Once the Vikings were forced to hide from the ruthless dragons, but one day everything changed. The young Viking Hiccup met the Night Fury, a very rare dragon. He gave him the name Toothless and they became best friends. They survived many dangerous adventures and more than once saved the lives of their each other. In the end, this led to the fact that the Vikings and dragons began to live together. However, one day, a mysterious Light Fury appears near the island, which changes the lives of all the inhabitants. Now Hiccup and Toothless have to face a ruthless dragon hunter, who managed to destroy all Night Furies…

  1. Wish Dragon

The main characters have to go through many difficulties and fight against dangerous and powerful enemies. In the center of the plot will be a fire-breathing pink dragon. Unlike its aggressive-minded fellows, the pink dragon is very kind and cute. He will fulfill wishes.

Together with his restless companion, the dragon will travel to eastern countries and constantly get involved in all sorts of funny stories. Everyone wants to catch the dragon who fulfills desires. For this reason, villains hunt for him.

Boy and Dragon

  1. The Angry Birds Movie 2

The first place of the TOP 18 best new Family movies 2019.

The cartoon is based on the popular “Angry Birds” game by the Finnish company Rovio. The first movie was released in May 2016 and collected at the box office $352.3 million with a budget of $73 million.

In the first film, Red is forced into conflict with the entire bird community. He finds out that the pigs who settled on the island are not as cute as they want to be. In the second part, the audience is waiting for the continuation of the story of the confrontation between birds and pigs.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 promo

The compilation ends now and TOP 18 new good Family movies 2019 release dates you can watch on the Internet.

Thank you for watching TOP 18 good Family films 2019.

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