List of TOP 17 good Suspense films

Suspense is an artistic effect involving the appearance of a long anxiety state in the viewer. A complex of dramatic, visual, and sound means provide it. The phenomenon of suspense is closely connected with the possibility of the movie to engage the viewer in the screen action – the effect occurs if the viewer associates himself with a hero.

Today we are ready to share TOP 17 best english Suspense movies 2019 to watch with you.

List of TOP 17 good Suspense films

Rosa Salazar in Alita: Battle Angel

  1. Gareth Jones

In the 1930s, a young journalist from Wales, Gareth Jones, arrives in the USSR and dreams of getting and interviewing with Stalin. Having witnessed cruel repression and national disasters, Gareth writes an article about the dark side of the Soviet Union. While the special services and Stalin’s supporters are looking for a way to shut him up, the writer George Orwell, impressed with his story, is writing “The Animal Farm.”

  1. 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter

Cruel sharks are on the list of good english Suspense movies.

The sequel to the film “47 Meters Down,” which tells about 5 divers who go to explore the ruins of the old city, which was submerged many years ago. However, in the process of diving, they understand that they are not alone here…

They understood that they are at great risk and can die but now they had no choice but to fight for their own lives. Cruel sharks attack the heroes of the film.

  1. 17 Bridges

An American thriller is directed by Brian Kirk. Chadwick Boseman plays the lead role.

The shooting of the film “17 Bridges” took place in the fall in New York and Philadelphia.

The main character is a dark-skinned police officer from New York with a ruined reputation. He has a chance to clear his name if only he manages to find the local cop killer. During the investigation, the hero exposes a large-scale conspiracy that binds his colleagues to the underworld and discovers that the city has become one big trap for him.

  1. The Car: Road to Revenge

Human trafficking is on the list of best english Suspense movies to watch

Detective Rainer pursued a dangerous criminal for a long time and was finally able to catch him. In the trunk of his car, a police officer found a girl who nearly became another victim of an organization that involved in human trafficking. The court, hearing both sides, sentenced the criminal to the most severe punishment – to death. Before that, a chip was taken from him, which contains very important information. The persecutor Caddock is sure that thanks to this data, he can cripple the criminal network. It remains only to decipher the information. That is what the prosecutor did, letting his assistant go home. At this time, someone rushed into his office and pushed him out of the window.

  1. Alita: Battle Angel

James Cameron became interested in manga immediately after the success of his “Titanic.” Then he registered domain names and began to develop the plot of the future picture. Frankly, the main work had to be postponed due to the new movie by Cameron called “Avatar.”

After Avatar’s phenomenal success, Cameron lost interest in “Alita” and engaged in the production of sequels to his Avatar. The project on the “Battle Angel” in 2015 was given to Robert Rodriguez. However, Cameron remained in the film as a producer. In addition, “Alita” used the same methods as in “Avatar”: a combination of the game of actors and motion capture using CGI technology.

In the distant future, three hundred years after a great and destructive war, Dr. Ido discovers the head of a cyborg girl in a junkyard. He gives this android a new body and calls it Alita. She initially behaves like a teenage girl: she falls in love but then begins to remember who she was and why she was created. In addition, she will have to fight for her life with other cyborg angels.

  1. BrightBurn

A boy with unusual abilities is on the list of best modern Suspense films.

A childless couple adopts a boy whom they found near their home after a fireball falls from the sky. Over the years, the boy shows unusual abilities and dark impulses that threaten others. The production project of James Gunn is a horror film based on the screenplay of his brother Brian Gunn and cousin Mark Gunn, starring Elizabeth Banks.

  1. Killing Angels

It would seem that the slave trade has long been a relic of the past but in fact, the human trafficking rules in the modern world. New weapons and communications only made life easier for such organizations. Several teenagers accidentally witnessed an unpleasant scene and were captured by criminals who decided not to kill young witnesses but to turn them into their slaves. Boys and girls were forced to do what the masters want.

There was nowhere to wait for help and the teenagers accepted their fate in their own way gradually getting used to the idea that they would never see their friends and relatives again. Sometimes, it seemed that it was better to die than to exist as a slave. Fortunately, they learned about professional warriors fighting criminals. The warriors swore that they would kill anyone who dares to encroach upon human rights, their freedom, and independence.

  1. The Woman in the Window

A dark secret is on the list of TOP 17 best Suspense movies of 2019 to watch.

A single woman, Anna Fox, suffering from bouts of agoraphobia, has not left her apartment for a long time. She is abusing alcohol and has been watching the life of her neighbors for a long time. She becomes a witness to the terrible events that occurred in the Russell family. However, who would believe a woman with a broken psyche who cannot recover from her own mysterious trauma of the past?

  1. Close

A film is about a bodyguard named Sam who was once hired by a wealthy family to protect their daughter Zoe. The girl is the heir to the richest family. She is spoiled, arrogant, and wayward. The girls are brought to the mansion, where they will live, and Sam will have to protect Zoe. Soon they are attacked, the chase begins.

Sam is a real fighter, she is not afraid to fight. Zoe is very scared. Sam teaches Zoe how to fight so that she can fight back. Soon, they understand that everything is bad because even the police officers are against them. Now Sam is the only one who can save Zoe.

  1. Escape Room

Having received an invitation from the mysterious organization to play the quest, the winner of which will receive a substantial amount, six unfamiliar people decide to try their luck. Soon it becomes clear that they were chosen for the game not by chance, they are in real danger and the stakes in the game are their own lives.

  1. The Red Sea Diving Resort

A transfer of Jews to Israel from Ethiopia is on the list of really good Suspense films.

The true story is about the mission of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, which in the 1980s transported several thousand Jews to Israel from Ethiopia. A young special agent Ari Levinson and his team set up a secret “port” on the Red Sea coast. Having established the contact with the final destination, he organizes a massive transfer of refugees.

  1. In the Tall Grass

It seems that the Netflix audience was pleased with “Gerald’s Game” and “1922,” so the streaming service launched another film adaptation of Stephen King. The new victim of cinematographers will be the story “In the Tall Grass.” The author wrote it with his son – Joe Hill.

Canadian director Vincenzo Natali who previously worked the thriller “Cube” will act as a director of the movie.

The plot is as follows. Brother and sister go through Kansas by car but suddenly they hear a child’s scream and stop at a field with tall grass. Heroes go to the rescue of a lost child but as a result, they become separated and get lost. This is not enough: a terrible thing is waiting for its chance in this field…

In the Tall Grass promo

  1. The Curse of La Llorona

La Llorona is on the list of best modern Suspense movies.

The action of the horror occurs in Los Angeles in 1973. Widow and a single mother Anna Garcia investigates the mysterious disappearance of her charges and discovers that her own children are also under threat. Protecting her family, Anna enlists the help of a disappointed priest. With his help, she learns that an evil spirit, known as La Llorona, is trying to possess her children.

The movie is based on one of the most popular Mexican legends about La Llorona.

  1. Pet Sematary

According to critics, one of the best novels by Stephen King was and still is “Pet Sematary,” which describes the sad story of the Creed family when they were forced to move to a small provincial town. In 2019, the new film adaptation will be released.

Louis Creed and his family moved into a rural house, which, as it turns out, is located next to the gloomy Pet Cemetery. Luis buries the cat in the cemetery. It ran into traffic. This death entails a series of monstrous events that prove to the Creeds that the dead must remain dead…

  1. The Prodigy

The third place of the TOP seventeen good Suspense movies in theaters.

The main character is Sarah. She is a young mother who has recently had problems with her eight-year-old son. Until this age, he behaved like an ordinary child but after the next birthday, the boy seemed to be replaced. In addition, every day there are more and more problems. Sarah is confident that he has psychological abnormalities and therefore decides to go to one of the most experienced psychotherapists in the city. However, during the session, the boy demonstrates his true nature. Sarah is horrified to realize that a demon has possessed her child.

Realizing that supernatural being controls the boy, the hero needs to find a way to drive the devil from the boy. She cannot leave the child alone but at the same time fears that the devil can harm the family.

  1. It: Chapter Two

The action takes place 27 years after the events that were shown in the first chapter. After such a long time in the small town of Derry, a series of mysterious murders occur again. For the record, the events in the novel initially took place in the summer of 1958, after which they were transferred to the summertime of 1985. The Losers’ Club is getting together again to figure out what happened in the town. This time they are already adult people but still, it is difficult to cope with their fears. If you leave something unresolved in the past, it will definitely come to you soon – in the present – to try to challenge your future…

  1. The Education of Fredrick Fitzell

Number one of the TOP 17 best new Suspense movies 2019.

It is the second full-length work of director Christopher McBride after the 2012 film called “The Conspiracy,” in which Aaron Poole played the main role.

The shooting of the film took place in Toronto (Canada) from September 24 to the end of October 2018.

Fredrick Fitzell is 30-years old man who has an identity crisis. A chance meeting with one person becomes for Fred the beginning of a journey into his own past and on alternative futures. Fred must solve the old secret and choose one of the possible ways of his life.

A shot from The Education of Fredrick Fitzell

By the way, TOP 17 new good Suspense movies 2019 release dates are available. You can watch it on the Internet.

Thank you for watching TOP 17 good Suspense films 2019.

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