List of TOP 15 good Teen films

The teen movie, as a rule, centers on high school students. Despite the fact that the plot of such films revolves around drugs and entertainment, they still become the biggest box office hits. So if you are a fan of this genre, then you will like this list of TOP 15 best Teen movies of 2019 to watch.

Let’s go!

List of TOP 15 good Teen films

Joey King in Summer '03

  1. Benjamin

Each family has its own problems and interesting stories. The family we are talking about is different and it is difficult to call them ordinary because everyone’s sins may point out that even the righteous people can make mistakes.

The main hero of the movie, Ed, brings a company of friends and family members together to resist the alleged addiction of his 15-year-old son Benjamin. The night of mutual recriminations, accusations of adultery and revelations leads to an attempt to heal this dysfunctional family.

  1. Jumanji 2

An unpredictable game is on the list of good english Teen movies.

The fact that Sony Pictures started developing a continuation of the successful reboot of the famous franchise of 1995, which took place in 2017 and brought profits of more than $700 million, became known during CinemaCon.

There is no information about the plot of the movie but there can be no doubt that the dangers associated with the insidious and unpredictable game “Jumanji” will only gain momentum. Again, the viewer is waiting for mind-blowing puzzles, deadly traps, elusive, and even invisible animals. Moreover, the goal is to stay alive and find a way home.

  1. After

Sometimes destiny binds completely different people together. In our case, Tessa and Hardin. Tessa is an excellent student who never violates the rules established by society. She always honors parents and respects the opinions of adults. Hardin looks like an angry rebel who does not like to listen to others. Despite the dramatic differences, Tessa fall in love with a tough guy. In this matter, she does not listen to anyone: neither the ex-boyfriend, nor the teachers, nor the parents. Tessa wonders what happened to Hardin and why he began to hate the world. Moreover, Tessa is sure that she will be able to change Hardin and reduce his aggression.

  1. Summer ’03

The complicated life of a teenager is in the TOP 15 best english Teen movies 2019 to watch.

The main hero of the movie is a girl named Jamie. A young girl shares her thoughts about what summer is and is believed that summertime is happy memories. However, as it turned out, the memories cannot always be happy and the girl learned about this from her grandmother Dotty when she visited her in the hospital. Grandmother lying on her deathbed shared with her granddaughter with memories relating to each family member. Moreover, Grandma decided to share them with Jamie’s father.

  1. Happy Death Day 2U

The first film was about a girl named Tree. She is a young and beautiful girl and her birthday is on Monday. Probably, the holiday would have been great if a person in a baby mask did not kill the girl. However, the fate brought a “gorgeous” gift — she will live this day again and again until she knows the reason for her murder. Tree eventually figured out who it was and threw neighbor Lori out of the window.

The second movie will tell about events that occur two years after those horrible days. Tree will again end up in a time loop. This time, she wants to understand why this happened to her for the first time.

  1. Lion King

Simba and African savanna are on the list of best english Teen movies to watch.

It is interesting to note that the original plot of the new cartoon The Lion King 2019 was significantly different from the final version. Initially, the events of the cartoon supposed to unfold around the war of lions and baboons, while Scar was also a baboon and their leader. Simba was not expelled but simply ill-bred so that it was not difficult to remove him from power. However, in the end, it was decided to return to the original plot.

The events of the story transfer the viewer to the African savanna where dramatic events unfold in the royal family of the Lion Pride with intrigues and passions. Here there is love, betrayal, terrible murder, exile, and most importantly – retribution.

  1. A Dog’s Way Home

During the walk, a young guy named Lucas finds a charming homeless puppy and decides to take him home. The dog was called Bella.

As the god grew older, it began to help the owner in work – the young man took her to a rehabilitation center, where she tried to entertain people in distress, forcing them to smile and forget about their own misfortunes, pain, and injuries.

When Lucas was away, Bella was very bored and one morning chasing a squirrel did not notice how she got lost.

  1. Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland is on the list of best modern Teen films.

The director of the movie promises that in the second part world borders will be expanded, new places will be added. In addition, a team will be added by new heroes. The movie also will have negative characters.

Tallahassee will face a rival who wants to steal his girlfriend. For a long time, brutal men will conflict despite the apocalypse occurring in the world.

This time, the threat will not come from the bloodthirsty and ruthless zombies, which are easy to kill, but from other people, which are smarter than the walking dead.

  1. Aladdin

The picture will unfold in the beautiful city of Agrabah ruled by a kind and fair Sultan. His grand vizier Jafar plans to seize power. However, he needs a magic lamp for this. In this lamp, a powerful genie is imprisoned. He is obliged to obey the owner of the lamp and fulfill his three wishes. Unfortunately for Jafar, the lamp is kept in a cave buried in the sands of the vast desert. The only one who is pure soul can enter there. The treacherous vizier finds such a person. It turns out to be a simple street thief Aladdin – a boy who forced to rob market merchants in order not to die of hunger. Jafar persuades him to get a lamp. In the end, an ordinary thief turns out to be the master of genie – an incredibly talkative and active sorcerer who dreams of breaking free from the bonds of his dungeon.

Aladdin, unlike Jafar, does not need power. However, he really wants to please the daughter of Sultan Jasmin – an intelligent and beautiful girl. Aladdin, believing that the princess would never fall in love with someone like him, decides to portray himself as an overseas prince. While the guy with the help of genie is trying to conquer the heart of Jasmine, Jafar leads his game. He only needs to steal the lamp. Then the genie will be obliged to obey his new master…

  1. Artemis Fowl

A born con man is on the list of really good Teen films.

Hidden from prying eyes, deep beneath the surface of the earth’s crust, there is a world inhabited by gnomes, elves, leprechauns, and other magical creatures. They hid from people and created their own highly developed civilization. Their secret would have remained unsolved but a young Artemis Fowl, a born con man and the only heir to the criminal geniuses, found a way to their world. He managed not only to find evidence of the existence of the underworld but also came up with a plan – to rob its inhabitants.

  1. The Angry Birds Movie 2

It is interesting to note that in the first part of the cartoon there were hints at a possible sequel. After the credits, the main antagonist was showed – the green pig that lost the battle but does not intend to surrender and already builds evil plans. As in the game, the movie is built on the confrontation of birds that cannot fly and unusual pigs. In the cartoon, the main character is the bird named Red. He had an unhappy childhood – he did not know his parents and even his peers mocked and humiliated him. As an adult, Red had a serious problem – he began to have fits of anger, which he could not control. This is the reason why he feels ill at ease on the island of happy and carefree birds.

  1. Manou the Swift

The life of Manou is on the list of best modern Teen movies.

The plot of the cartoon unfolds around a cheerful swift Manou who considered himself as a seagull because he was brought up by a family of seagulls. Thanks to the occasion, the truth was revealed to him. He realized that he is Swift. Now he had to choose with whom to live next. Soon he decided to go to Paris to be away from problems. All changed when rats stole the eggs of all birds. Manou could not leave the birds in trouble, so he stayed to help them. This decision helped the brave main character of the cartoon to unite two hostile packs, to find true friends, and love.

  1. Avengers: Endgame

The third place of the TOP fifteen good Teen movies in theaters.

After the last fierce battle, most of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy were killed. They are forced to combine their efforts and enter the final battle against the insane Titan Thanos. All members of the Avengers organization will have to be ready for their own destruction because not only the life of all humankind but also the vast universe is at stake. Mad Titan has a Gauntlet with all the stones. The final battle will be difficult and insane for the heroes but there is no other way out.

  1. The Secret Life of Pets 2

The film tells about a completely different life of our pets – when they are left alone at home. At this moment, they begin to communicate with each other in a language that we can understand, perform acts that are completely inappropriate for them, adopt our bad habits and enjoy all the benefits of modern communication services. They enjoy using the Internet, “hang out” on social networks, watch TV and listen to music. It is unlikely that their owners would have thought that their dog would listen to hard rock.

  1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The first place of the TOP 15 best new Teen movies 2019.

Before us is the sequel to the animation cartoon Lego 2014, which based on the world-famous Danish designer. Warner Animation Studio funded animation production. It became a worldwide hit and with a budget of $ 60million grossed almost $500 million. In addition, the movie received the BAFTA award for the best animated film. At first, the creators of the cartoon doubted whether the process would succeed but after receiving the financial results, the second part was immediately sent to the development.

The plot of the picture revolves around worker Emmett who was accidentally perceived as the real savior of the world. Our hero is not ready to be a hero. Now he has to prove to himself and everyone that he is able to cope with this task.

The TOP ends now.

By the way, TOP 15 new good Teen movies 2019 release dates are available on the Net and thank you for watching TOP 15 good Teen films 2019.

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