List of TOP 18 good Fantasy films

We invite you to a fascinating fantasy world filled with wonders and magic. Among the wide variety of genres, this one is good for watching regardless of age and gender. Everyone sometimes wants to dream and visit some beautiful and unusual place, where everything is a little different from the reality.

We are going to share the TOP 18 best english Fantasy movies 2019 to watch with you!

List of TOP 18 good Fantasy films

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  1. Aladdin

The plot of the film “Aladdin” takes place in a mysterious city called Agrabah. It is a place where the main character lives. His name is Aladdin. He is a local thief and just trying to survive in this difficult world. In addition, he manages to meet a girl named Jasmin. It turns out that she is the daughter of the Sultan. As a result, they were caught together and now the main character is in mortal danger. However, Sultan told Aladdin that he would not kill him if he gets the treasures that are kept in a cave. Aladdin agrees to the offer.

Aladdin found a strange and very old lamp there. Gene lives in this lamp. He said that he would fulfill any three wishes that his new master Aladdin would require of him. However, a terrible Jafar is chasing the lamp. Who will win in this game?

  1. Valhalla

Norse mythology is on the list of good english Fantasy movies

It is a fantasy based on Norse mythology. Viking children embark on a journey to the heavenly palace in Valhalla accompanying the famous gods Thor and Loki. The terrible wolf Fenrir stand against them. The children and gods of Asgard stand side by side against the enemies and try to prevent the destruction of the world.

Roland Møller in Valhalla

  1. Playmobil: The Movie

Marla’s younger brother Charlie disappears under unknown circumstances. It turns out that he moved into the large and freaky world of Playmobil toys. This magical place is not safe – Charlie is taken hostage by a local villain. Leaving her well-ordered life, Marla goes after her brother to the childhood universe, where she meets ancient warriors, fairy godmother, good-natured robot, secret agent, and villain-emperor.

Together it will be much easier for friends to cope with this task. On their way, they will meet with unexpected trials. However, thanks to this adventure, sister will be able to understand that she can overcome any problem.

  1. UglyDolls

Plush dolls are on the list of best english Fantasy movies to watch.

Events unfold in a magical world where amazing creatures live. They are plush dolls that look like cute monsters. Each of them has a unique character and personal preferences. Despite the formidable and somewhat strange look, they are very sweet and kind creatures that like adventures. The main character is Moxy – an incredibly energetic funny doll with many friends.

After you see them, the world will never be the same again.

  1. Dynasty Warriors

Since ancient times, Ming Dynasty warriors who guarded the emperor have been famous for their incredible courage and endurance. They always were entrusted with the most important tasks. Their commander was once mistakenly accused of treason against the Emperor of China. This cannot be ignored because the commander was the right-hand man of the Emperor. The warriors were sent to find and capture him. They will be able to overtake him. However, before entering into the confrontation, the warriors wanted to find out the true motives of the commander.

  1. Troll Hunters

The war between Gnomes and Trolls is on the list of best modern Fantasy films.

The adventure cartoon tells about a fairy-tale country where small and intelligent gnomes live. This is a whole world filled with unusual creatures, each of which lives its own life. They start families, have children, and build small houses. The main character of the cartoon is called Junior. He is not just a little gnome but also an inventor.

Once upon a time, angry trolls attacked the gnomes’ houses. All residents came together to fight the enemy.

A shot from Troll Hunters

  1. Dumbo

A circus impresario Max Medici appoints former circus star Holt Farrier and his children as guardians of the newborn elephant. This elephant has incredibly large ears. For this reason, it immediately becomes the subject of ridicule. Suddenly learning that Dumbo can fly, the circus owner decides to cash in on the elephant’s unusual abilities. The energetic entrepreneur who decides to make the baby Dumbo the main star of his new grand entertaining show joins the case.

  1. Untitled Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Sequel

The movie centers on a mysterious game “Jumanji” capable of transferring dangerous animals to the real world causing unpleasant natural phenomena or pulling the player into the game. It is impossible to quit the game until you finish it.

The continuation of 2017, which received the additional name “Welcome to the Jungle”, transferred the players directly to the jungle located inside the game. The same characters will be in the new chapter. The actors who performed their roles are returned to work on the project.

  1. Cats

The film adaptation of the famous Broadway musical is on the list of really good Fantasy films.

What do you know about cat life? Perhaps they keep some terrible secret and do not dare to open it to man. The new film adaptation of the famous Broadway musical will tell you the amazing story of a secret tribe of cats called itself Jellicles. Every year, cats of all breeds and ages gather at a big dump in order to choose a leader and select the chosen one to ascend to the Heaviside Layer.

Each of the applicants must prove that he deserves to go to the cat’s paradise. Stories are accompanied by beautiful songs, which further adds drama to their personalities. In the center of the whole storyline is Grizabella.

  1. Paradise Hills

Uma is the daughter of a former tycoon who committed suicide by losing his company because of the billionaire Son Prescott. Now Prescott plans to marry a young Uma. By rejecting his proposal, Uma wakes up on an isolated island where an expensive educational institution for girls is located. Here, schoolgirls undergo re-education or in other words brainwash.

  1. Avengers: Endgame

The final battle of Avengers is on the list of best modern Fantasy movies.

The Avengers more than once coped with the strongest enemies and saved our world. This time they had to confront the most powerful enemy in the universe. For a long time, Thanos was waiting for the right moment to fulfill his mission. The time has come. The superheroes cannot manage to stop him. He fulfilled what he was destined to do and killed half the population of the Earth. The Avengers lost the most important fight in their lives. However, the war is far from over and the final battle of Thanos against the surviving superheroes is coming…

  1. The Isle

After the mysterious collapse of the merchant ship, the three survivors find themselves on a small foggy island. There they meet four people who behave affably and promise to help them get out. But really, the hermits keep a terrible secret connected with the legend of the ghostly siren.

  1. Monster Hunter

An ordinary American guy learns that his ancestor was the legendary Monster Hunter. He must go into parallel reality, find like-minded people, and become a great warrior to destroy the creatures from the fantasy world before they destroy ours. There he will meet friends, lead a special assignment team, and will alone confront the giant monsters. During his arrival in the mysterious world, terrible murders occur. A group of unknown persons attacked the victims. The guards did not manage to find the attackers and then the special detachments are involved in the investigation. However, during the mission, the connection with detachments was lost. After that, the Alpha group with the main character is sent to the rescue.

  1. Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Pikachu is on the list of TOP 18 best Fantasy movies of 2019 to watch.

The action begins after mysterious disappearance of private top-class detective Harry. This case must investigate his son. He will be assisted by a former partner of his father, Pikachu. A boy and pokemon join forces in an exciting investigation of this confusing story. In pursuit of evidence in the city – a modern city where people and cute creatures live together- they meet a wide variety of Pokemon and uncover a terrible conspiracy that can destroy this peaceful coexistence.

  1. What Men Want

The main character is an unlucky sports agent who hardly survives in the world of male competition. After the accident, she has the ability to read men’s thoughts. The hero uses this gift to climb the career ladder and in particular to sign a contract with a future basketball star. She will have to act carefully in order to prevent serious mistakes, which will affect the future fate…

  1. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla is in the TOP eighteen good Fantasy movies in theaters.

The legendary Godzilla returns. Cryptozoology specialists from the Monarch agency, created to combat giant monsters, can do little. This time, Godzilla will have to fight with three kaiju monsters – the huge intelligent butterfly Mothra, Rodan, and the creepy three-headed King Ghidorah. Neither the police nor the army is not able to contain the raging monsters generated by radioactive mutations. In order to avoid death, humanity is better not to intervene in the battle of giants. However, some brave people are trying to make contact with kaiju. They want to use the monster for their own purposes.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog

In the first place, it should be pointed out that the picture will combine computer animation and real actors. The creators of the animated film decided to transfer into it not only the main character (the hedgehog) but also his loyal friends: Knuckles the Echidna and Miles Prower. Together with them, Sonic will have to go through many obstacles in order to defeat the villain Doctor Eggman and prevent his plans from being accomplished. The main weapon of the hedgehog will be rapid speed and agility.

A company of friends waiting for the battle with the inventions of the malicious doctor, the salvation of other heroes, and risky ideas…

The director of the cartoon is Jeff Fowler. This movie is his directorial debut. Previously, Jeff acted only as a screenwriter or as an actor. He also worked with Miller on the “Gopher Broke” cartoon and “A Gentlemen’s Duel” (screenwriter). In 2000, he made his film debut in “Gilmore Girls” (actor). The main kind of Fowler’s activity was shooting video game trailers.

  1. Hellboy

The first place of the TOP 18 best new Fantasy movies 2019.

In the center of the plot is Hellboy who was dragged into our dimension by occultists from the Third Reich at the end of World War II. However, he did not get to the Nazis and eventually grew up at the American military base, after which he joined the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, a secret organization protecting the USA from mystical creatures.

In a new chapter, he will have to fight against Nimue the Queen of Blood.

In addition, it should be noted that the TOP 18 new good Fantasy movies 2019 release dates are already available on the Net.

Thank you for your attention!

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