List of TOP 20 best Foreign movies of 2020 to watch

This category includes a large number of films that intrigue the viewer with vivid special effects, unique plots, memorable scenes, and excellent actors who have become idols of millions of fans.

Today we are going to present you TOP 15 best english Foreign movies 2020 to watch.

Let’s begin.

List of TOP 15 best Foreign movies of 2020 to watch

15. Tenet

Many terrorist groups have appeared in the world, which have become more skillful to bypass the trap set up by the special services. For this purpose, two experienced agents are involved in the case; they must find the leader of terrorists. However, the partners will have to travel around 7 countries, find themselves amid many shootings, and finally understand whether they can do what the leadership attracted them for. The main characters of the film bear a great responsibility because if they lose, civilians will face danger…

14. Another Round

The Alcohol Experiment is on the list of good english Foreign movies.

Old friends meet again at the restaurant. Everyone ordered their favorite alcohol but one of them preferred mineral water since he was behind the wheel, so there was a reason to talk about drinking alcohol: the conversation turned to a scientific theory that claimed that a person lacks a small share of alcohol in their blood to feel happy. The heroes of the film decide to experiment. They will drink alcohol every day to achieve the desired result. The guys agreed to record their mood, feelings, and empowerment. First, they saw a positive trend – they felt so happy and free. Soon the experiment began to falter: all achievements were lost, and relationships with family members and colleagues ruined. What will the heroes do in this situation?

13. Summer of 85

Alex believed that the main thing in life is to strive to be happy. In the meantime, he plans to spend a fun summer on the coast of Normandy. It is here that a 16-year-old teenager comes to enjoy his vacation. The desire to ride a sailboat nearly cost him his life. A sudden storm wind almost flooded his small boat. Fortunately, a stranger comes to the aid of the hero of the movie. David quickly became friends with Alex. The guy was distinguished by his cheerfulness. Friends spend almost all their time together. It would seem that happiness could last forever. However, the summer is coming to an end…

12. Banksy Most Wanted

Picasso of the 21st centuryis on the list of best english Foreign movies to watch.

There is no pure art in the world; both simple spectators and art critics have always loved the artist. When one of the heroes of this film says that Banksy is a Picasso of the 21st century, we are talking about these myths. We do not know who he is. What we do know is that he is concerned about violence and inequality. We do not always know if Banksy is real or fake. However, we know that his graffiti is so expensive that they are “cut off” of the walls to sell. The plot of “Banksy Most Wanted” is an attempt to unravel what kind of person is hiding behind this mask.

11. Horizon Line

Sarah and Jackson arrived on a tropical island to celebrate their friends’ wedding. The lovers decided to take a flight in a small private jet to admire the surroundings. Once the girl took several lessons from a local pilot but she had long forgotten all the knowledge and skills she had. During the flight, the pilot has a heart attack. The heroes of the film will have to fly a plane and land on their own. Sarah will have to use the knowledge she has. However, the situation is sharply worsening: a large storm front is approaching them – the storm cannot be bypassed, so they will have to go through it. Will the heroes manage to survive?

10. Beasts That Cling to the Straw

Jung-Man’s story is on the list of best modern Foreign films.

The film tells the stories of several people who find themselves in difficult life situations. The first hero, Jung-Man, lives in a provincial Korean town. He works as a janitor at the spa at a local hotel, where he got a job after his own business went bankrupt. At home, his wife is waiting for him, caring for an elderly mother with progressive Alzheimer’s disease. Finishing the next shift, the hero finds a fashion brand bag full of money in one of the lockers. As a good man, he hides it so that he can bring it back. What will be next?

9. Blithe Spirit

In the center of the plot of the picture is a famous writer. A man has reached significant heights in the literary field, he has fame and money, but now he is unable to continue to delight his readers. This is due to the prolonged creative crisis – this circumstance becomes the reason that the main character of the picture decides to seek help from a soothsayer, a woman who, according to her, can solve the problem of the main character of the picture.

However, during the session, an irreparable event occurs – instead of solving urgent difficulties, the medium contacts the deceased wife with literature, and this even though the man is already in a new relationship. From this moment on, the late wife of the hero of the film will cause problems. How will the writer’s life develop in the future?

8. Concrete Plans

Workers’ plan is on the list of TOP 15 good Foreign films.

The owner of a farmhouse in an English county invites a team of workers to rebuild and restore old buildings. The guy just entered into inheritance rights. On the advice of his assistant, he invested all the money, but now there are serious problems. It turns out that he has not yet paid the mandatory tax, and the company where the funds are invested may soon collapse. If things go on like this, he will go bankrupt. The hero of the film is advised to postpone construction but he cannot argue with his girlfriend, so he is going to carry out his plan. Workers get down to business but soon realize that they may not be paid. Men take extreme measures. What are workers willing to do?

7. Terrible jungle

Elliot is a young man who loves to explore the life of various peoples. He wants to go on a journey across the Amazon, where one of the settlements called Otopis is located. This area is fraught with many mysteries, while the young man believes that he will feel safe there. This trip becomes an excuse to get rid of the reproaches of his mother who often pisses him off. To avoid conflicts, Elliot wants to go to the mysterious Amazon forest and no longer think about the city’s difficulties. He hopes that he will be able to find a piece of paradise there, but is it that simple?

6. Letto N. 6

Bianca’s new job is on the list of really good Foreign films.

After completing the courses, Bianca got a job as a nurse in the pediatric department of the new clinic. Previously, a psychiatric hospital was located on the site of a mental hospital, and the echoes of those times still excite the imagination of workers and patients. Bold and unshakable in her decisions, the hero of the film already on the first night faced with something inexplicable.

A strange boy in hospital clothes wandered through the dark corridors in search of his mother, but she could not communicate with him – he seemed to disappear into space. In the morning, Bianca learned the shocking mystery of the nighttime incident when she saw a real ghost. This fact made the girl take a closer look at the events taking place within the walls of the clinic, and most importantly, she intends to find out the truth about what happened to the boy many years ago. Will the hero be able to find the underlying cause?

5. Delete History

Marie is going through a difficult moment in her life. Her marriage was unsuccessful, and the divorce did not bring relief as her husband achieved full custody of the child. The woman plans to return her rights to her son but the struggle is hard for her.

Having decided to unwind and have some fun, the hero goes to a local bar, where she makes acquaintance with a stranger. She did not expect that a casual lover would post her nude pictures on the Internet. If she does not manage to delete it, the fight for the right to raise her son will become much more difficult. Bertrand is raising his daughter alone, so the news that his girl is being bullied at school leads him off the rails. He has only one desire to find and punish those people.

4. Call

An amazing coincidence is on the list of best modern Foreign movies.

The action of the film tells about two girls who met under an amazing coincidence: as it turns out later, the main characters of the science fiction film recognized each other during a telephone conversation, but one of them is from 1999, and the other is from 2019. They could not understand how this could happen, how the two realities came into contact in their telephone conversation. Over time, the hero from the present decides to adjust her friend from the future – this circumstance radically changes the life of the latter. How will events develop in the future?

3. Sadako

A girl who miraculously managed to survive in a fire is brought to the hospital where Mayu works. Her family’s apartment was burned out and her relatives were killed. The girl managed to survive but since then she is silent and does not say anything except her name.

Mayu, as a psychologist, must understand the reasons for the patient’s condition and try to help her. Soon the hero of the film understands that the ward is connected with Sadako. She bears a curse that is soon passed on to the doctor. Now she is in mortal danger, besides, the psychologist’s brother decides to shoot a video in a burnt-out apartment to become famous on the Internet. After this, he disappears without a trace.

2. The Soul Collector

The second place in the TOP fifteen good Foreign movies in theaters.

The head of the family, William, together with his wife and daughter, moved out of town, where he settled on the farm of his late father. Unfortunately, William did not keep in touch with his father for most of his life. In the very first days after the move, the heroes get acquainted with the local homeless Lazarus – he constantly carries on his shoulder a worn leather bag, which, as it turns out later, hides an ominous secret. It contains nothing other than pure evil, which intends to incarnate in the body of a new victim and begin to destroy everyone who gets in his way…

1. DNA

A large family gathers around my grandfather who is very dear to everyone. The man has lived a long and eventful life. Once upon a time, he met his love in Algeria and later became the head of a large family. The elderly man managed to set out his life story in an autobiographical book, which was published on the eve of his death. All the heroes of the film experienced real grief when their grandfather passed away. Most of all, his death struck one of the granddaughters. The woman is now going through a difficult period. She recently divorced her husband, and now she has to raise children alone. The situation and relationships with relatives after the death of a loved one push her to learn more about her Algerian roots so she goes on a long journey…

TOP 15 best new Foreign movies 2020 is coming to an end.

By the way, the TOP 15 new good Foreign movies 2020 release dates are already available on the Net.

Thank you for watching.

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