TOP 10 best Fantasy movies of 2017 to watch

Unusual visual design, unreal events, a fictional world, impregnated with magic and miracles are features of a genre such as fantasy. Pictures immerse a person in another, even a fictitious reality, and millions of spectators around the world love them for this. After all, how we all sometimes suffer from a lack of miracles!

In our TOP 10 best Fantasy movies of 2017 to watch, you will find movies for every taste. Exciting scenes, unusual scenery, and great musical accompaniment is what you really need now.

List of best Fantasy movies 2017

  1. The Shack

It is a screen version of the philosophical and religious bestseller about the experience of human communication with God. Four years have passed since the small daughter of Mack was kidnapped by an elusive maniac. Someone unknown invites Mack to that shack where was found the girl’s bloody clothes, and mysteriously signs the invitation: “Papa”.

  1. Kong: Skull Island

Once an expedition was organized on a mysterious Skull Island, from which not all of its participants returned. But the surviving members of the expedition brought with them to New York a huge monkey of unprecedented size – King Kong. This huge creature amazed the imagination of all people, but the expedition members did not say much about what they saw on the mysterious island. For example, they saw dinosaurs there which had not yet died out on this earth, huge insects, and also a mysterious substance that could justify the fact that the animals that existed there reached such huge sizes.

In the 1970s, several brave souls decided to once again go to Skull Island to explore its amazing world and learn the mystery of substance, which, incidentally, may well be just a myth. However, the main character of the film has a personal interest in traveling to these mysterious places: during the first expedition his brother disappeared without a trace, and now the traveler hopes to find him, believing that he is still alive. With what dangers and incredible adventures the participants of the new expedition will encounter, you will find out if you watch this fascinating film. It is also in TOP 10 best recent Fantasy movies because it was released in March 2017.

  1. Justice League

Even such superheroes as Superman and Batman, sometimes cannot resist the powerful villains with their insidious plans to destroy the planet and all humanity in order to please their ambitions. For this noble mission: to fight against evil throughout the world, the superheroes unite in a single unit and call it the Justice League. Now people can sleep peacefully in their homes: they are guarded by fearless and supernatural heroes.

  1. Thor: Ragnarök

Loki seized the throne and overthrew his own father Odin. But he did not reign for long. The reign of Thor’s younger brother threatens Asgard with total destruction. The end of the world, which the Scandinavians call Ragnarok, is near.

One major hero cannot cope with the plague. Therefore, the Hulk will help him with the rescue of Asgard.

Two superheroes unite to overthrow the main enemy – the demon Surtur. In the plans of the villain is not only to destroy the heavenly city, but all 9 worlds. He was already defeated in the fight with the father of Thor. Will this be done again?

  1. The Dark Tower

It is the screen adaptation of the novels by Stephen King. Roland nicknamed the Shooter, goes in search of the legendary Dark Tower.

The Dark Tower

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The fifth part of the world-famous fairy-adventure epic, which will tell about new adventures of the charming and fearless adventurer Captain Jack Sparrow…

  1. Wonder Woman

Princess Amazon, a warrior with incredible power and possessing magical artifacts. She comes to the world where men rule and becomes the main superhero among women who fights for justice.

  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It is the eighth episode of the legendary space saga. The new generation of Jedi will face the Dark Side of the Force and resist it.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

The most charming movie of the TOP 10 best new Fantasy movies 2017

Once Prince Adam was a real handsome man, but he was narcissistic, evil and unfair too. The Mighty Sorceress decided to teach him a lesson and turned him into a terrible monster, as he was inside. To remove the spell from himself and his castle, which literally became alive, Adam must heal his soul, learn kindness and, most importantly, become a beloved. All this should happen until the moment when the last petal falls from the enchanted rose, which the sorceress gave him. For a long time in the image of a monster, the prince is never come close to fulfilling at least one condition.

In a remote village lives beautiful and kind girl Belle, whose father, going to the fair, lost his way in the forest and became a prisoner of the Beast. Belle, without thinking twice, goes in search of the father and finds the bewitched castle. She becomes another captive of the Beast and his servants. Gradually, the girl understands that the prince is only outside so terrible, but inside it lays a good young man. It is Belle who can become that girl who sincerely loves the Beast and remove the curse. But will she have time to do this before the last petal falls from the rose because people who learned about the deeds of the monster come to the castle to kill him?

  1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

The name Jumanji is familiar to many people. A cult film on the famous plot was filmed in 1994. The story tells an exciting board game, it was found by the twelve-year-old Alan and his girlfriend Sarah in the attic. The desire to start the game leads to disaster: Alan for 25 years falls into the game and becomes a prisoner of the world of severe jungles. After 25 years, the game is again in the hands of other children. The game takes the guys to a parallel world, where terrible monsters and wild beasts reign. New players manage to free Alan, but the game does not want to free its members.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

So our TOP 10 best modern Fantasy films 2017 ends.

We hope that our TOP gave you answer the question – What is the best Fantasy movies in 2017?

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