TOP 10 best Western movies of 2017 to watch

Western is a fascinating adventure genre of cinema that tells of events taking place in the Wild West, where the main characters are brutal cowboys, armed, as a rule, with pistols of the brand Colt or Smith & Wesson. With the help of them, they administer justice, punishing bad guys, or saving civilians or charming women who have fallen into the hands of scoundrels while trying to earn a couple of extra dollars.

The best westerns are closely intertwined with the historical genre because they tell about the events of the 19th century.

What is the best Western movies in 2017?

If you want to watch a fascinating and interesting film of this genre, then we recommend you pay attention to our TOP 10 best Western movies of 2017 to watch, where we collected the best films. This section will significantly shorten your choice and you will be able to find the most worthy film for yourself. The Wild West is waiting for you!

List of best Western movies 2017

  1. Any Bullet Will Do

The film takes place in 1876 in Montana. The Bounty Hunter chases his sibling with the help of young fur trapper.

Any Bullet Will Do

  1. Wild Faith

The movie will take each of us to the beginning of the nineteenth century and show the hard times of the civil war that took place in Michigan. It was in this American place where our protagonist lived who believed in a bright future and was a veterinarian. The man is in the thought of who need such a bloody defense of his political interests because the number of victims will not affect the decision of the rulers. The hero’s main dream is the cessation of senseless confrontation.

Wild Faith

  1. The Beguiled

Having started watching the movie, the viewer is in a closed boarding house for girls. The educational institution was hidden so far from the outside world that few people know about its existence. But it is thanks to its location that students have the opportunity to forget about the pressing problems of human civilization and completely devote themselves to study.

The Civil War begins, and the remoteness of the institution becomes salutary for all pupils. Suddenly, next to the boarding house is a wounded corporal of the North Army. Noticing it, one of the pupils shows sympathy. Despite everything, she saves his life and delivers to the boarding school. The officer who appears here is not able to move independently, so he cannot escape. And while he regains his health, suddenly the girls around him, who have long forgotten about male attention, begin to feel warm feelings for him. Gradually it becomes a bone of contention between the girls who for a long time easily got along with each other, keeping a peaceful environment.

  1. Hostiles

It is a dramatic western about the illustrious American officer, who, before his resignation, reluctantly accepts the last task – to lead the dying Indian leader to his native lands, overcoming the dangerous plain.


  1. Brimstone

Having started watching the film, the viewer gets acquainted with a young girl named Liz. She lives with a loving husband and children. Despite the impossibility to talk, she managed to learn the language of gestures. And even if others cannot understand her intentions, an attentive daughter always comes to the rescue, which over the years of cohabitation has learned to understand her mother better than anyone.

During the day, Liz works as a midwife and always comes to the aid of everyone who needs her help, and in the evenings she is waited by a caring and attentive husband and children.

Liz’s life cannot be called ideal, but she is happy with everything that she has. She is calm, reasonable and ready to compromise. But life completely changes at a time when a new Reverend appears in the church. Differing aggressiveness and cruelty, he inspires fear in all local residents. Soon, he makes an attempt to take from Liz everything that is dear to her. Despite her position, she is not going to sit and watch her life crash. The movie also includes in the TOP 10 best recent Western movies because it was first shown in January at PSIFF 2017.

  1. Damsel

It is a comedy western about a young businessman who lives in the 19th century, who goes to the Wild West after his beloved bride. Marrying a dream girl is all that a loving hero wants, but his romantic journey cannot be called smooth.


  1. Woman Walks Ahead

The events in the film begin in 1889 when the widowed Caroline went to the Indian reservation in order to try to help the Indian leader named Sitting Bull to defend the rights to their ancestral lands. However, these events have their own prehistory…

Sitting Bull is a historical face. This is one of the most famous Indian leaders, who led the resistance of the indigenous population to pale-faced invaders and were not afraid to oppose their armed forces.

He was born approximately in 1830 or 1831, and his authentic name in his native dialect of Lakota Indians sounds like Tatanka Iyotake, which translates as, Bull, sitting on the ground. Sitting Bull was the leader of the tribe Hunkpapa, one of the parts of the Lakota people belonging to a group of Sioux peoples.

Woman Walks Ahead

  1. Howlers

This is one of the scariest movies of our TOP 10 best modern Western films 2017.

Once upon a time, a gang of biker werewolves kept in fear of a small town in the Old West. The brave shooter managed to expel these creatures, but now they come back and our hero rebels from the grave to again stop these monsters, tormented by a thirst for blood.


  1. The Scent of Rain & Lightning

When a young woman finds out that the murderer of her parents was released from prison, she faces the fact that she again has to heal old wounds. In this process, she learns the destructive power of hatred and understands the true value of family secrets.

The Scent of Rain & Lightning

  1. Dark Tower

The shooter, Roland Deschain, wanders through the post-apocalyptic land in search of the mythical Dark Tower, which will help him restore balance and save the world from ruin.

Dark Tower

So our TOP 10 best new Western movies 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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