TOP 10 best Family movies of 2017 to watch

There are many options for family leisure, and one of the most accessible is a joint film screening. In this case, it is not just an organized trip to the cinema – you can always watch a movie at home, in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere. It’s so nice to get together in the evening with the whole family and see a good comedy or a melodrama.

In our TOP 10 best Family movies of 2017 to watch, the movies are collected that will be equally interesting to watch for both children and adults. Do not worry that the kids will see something cruel or scary on the screen because family movies are always proven movies that teach goodness and justice.

List of best Family movies 2017

Beauty and the Beast

One day, the old lady asked to be seated at the castle of Prince Adam, but the arrogant master refused her and soon he regretted it. The old woman turned out to be a sorceress and repaid the prince for his “hospitality”. She turned Adam into an ugly monster, not forgetting about his servants. Now the prince has only one unique opportunity to remove the curse: The girl must sincerely love him.

But is it possible to fall in love with a monster?

The Boss Baby

This important story at all times for adults and children is said on behalf of the seven-year-old brother of the newborn – the dreamer Tim. The newborn is not an ordinary child at all; he wears business suits and sees the business problem in everything.

One day, Tim learns about the plot, which aims to eliminate love in the world which was organized by his director of Puppy Co. But Tim alone cannot stop him. The boy shines to unite with his “unloved” brother in order to save the guardians and restore order to the Earth.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Greg urges his family to go to celebrate the 90th anniversary of his beloved grandmother. But this is a cover; his main goal is the largest annual computer games show that runs near the grandmother’s house. How to combine these two activities?

Despicable Me 3

The kindness of a former villain, a thief, in general, a disgusting person, knows no borders. Gru is very affectionate for the daughters now, and the harmful Lucy has become a caring hostess of the house. A lover of horror stories Edith, little Agnes and the know-it-all Margot had long forgotten about the orphan past and terrible adventures. And, as before, there are a number of minions. These amusing yellow short fellows have completely forgotten how to make real dirty tricks, and their constant leprosy is ridiculous and amusing.

Despicable Me 3

Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants – a superhero invented by the 2 boys and this captain enthralled all the kids from the primary classes. But the more his glory grows, the less this is pleasant to the director Mr. Knapp. In the end, he decides to put an end to this craze for the entire subordinate institution and goes on the warpath. Captain Underpants have no choice but to become a real fighter against the forces of school evil.

Comedy animation film directed by David Soren, based on a well-known series of books about two classmates and created by the artist Dev Pilkey, who, in turn, in this film acts as a screenwriter for a couple with Nicholas Stoller. The latter is known to the public due to his directorial work on both parts of the comedy “Neighbors”. A children’s light film with casual humor is apparently aimed at young spectators who love stories about superheroes.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Gotham is again in danger. And the only guardian that this city deserves is Batman, the alter-ego of billionaire Bruce Wayne, who lives in his huge ancestral estate with the butler Alfred. But this time the superhero is compelled to take on a partner a guy named Dick Grayson, whom he himself without remembering, adopted in one of the secular receptions. The newest Robin will make Batman a company in the fight against his arch-enemy Joker, who escaped from the Arkham psychiatric hospital, and Harley Quinn, who is ready for the most insane mischief, to leave the entire Justice League fools, including Batgirl. It also includes the TOP 10 best recent Family movies because the movie was already released.


The hero of the cartoon is a twelve-year-old boy who lives in Mexico. He, like all his peers, loves to play and learn about the world around him. Coco is very inquisitive. He is literally interested in everything around him, but he never learned the greatest secret of the family. So it would go on and on, but once Koko heard the conversation, from which he learned that his parents are very unusual people. After that, the young hero decides to find out the whole truth about his parents and find answers to all the questions. To solve such an impossible task, he had to resort to the help of close friends who without hesitation decide to help a friend. However, the investigation led the young seekers to the box of Coko’s grandfather that was hidden in a secret place. What is in it, perhaps, will be the answer they seek. The boy will have to experience not only joy and surprise but also fear. The discovery of a long-standing mystery will lead to the most extraordinary and surprising family reunion.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in the third place of our TOP 10 best new Family movies 2017.

Four guys find an old board game that looks very mysterious. They begin to play it without thinking twice. At that time, they did not even expect that everything that was happening in it would materialize in the real world, absolutely everything. But the worst thing is that in this game, in any case, you cannot cheat. If you still break the rules, Jumanji will punish the most brutal way.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Monster Trucks

High school student Tripp wants to escape from the boring town where he was born and raised, and enthusiastically builds a monster track from the wreckage of old cars. And when the incident on the rig releases an amazing creature from the ground, knowing the sense of speed, Tripp has a real chance not only to finally change his life but also to find a real friend.

A Dog’s Purpose

Dogs come in different breeds, suits, and sizes. They are our most loyal and devoted friends, and we teach them good manners. Dogs always think about us, but sometimes about bacon. All of them every day meet us at the doorstep in the belief that as long as they have someone to lick and love, there is a sense in their life.

Our TOP 10 best modern Family films 2017 is coming to an end.

We hope that you in our TOP find the answer to the question – What is the best Family movies in 2017?

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