TOP 12 new good Mafia movies 2019 – List

The mafia genre is one of the most popular among moviegoers. If you recall all the films about the mafia, you’ll have a very large list, so we prepared TOP 12 best english Mafia movies 2019 to watch. You can write in the comments even more good movies about gangsters and mafia so that everyone can get acquainted with them.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 12 good Mafia films

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12. 21 Bridges

The action of the film “21 Bridges” takes place in the United States of America. On the streets of a huge city, you can meet many participants from various criminal gangs. Civilians are afraid to go out when the next shooting begins. It is especially scary to go outside at night. The criminals are engaged in looting and the clans are trying to divide the territory among themselves. The police officers cannot cope with criminals. They do not even have time to get from one scene of the attack to another. The authorities simply cannot control the situation. Many law enforcement officers become corrupt and many of them do not even try to hide it. Mafia completely captured the territory of Manhattan. James has been a detective for a long time. Colleagues respect him very much. Once corrupt police officers framed him. Now the action begins…

11. The Ruthless

A member of an influential crime gang is on the list of good english Mafia movies.

At the age of sixteen, Santo Russo left Calabria with his mother and younger brother to join his father, a former member of an influential crime gang. The family settled in Romano Banco, a suburb of Milan, where the young man began working as a porter and became friends with Mario Barbieri, the son of a local gourmet shop owner. Here in the suburbs, he also begins to learn the Milanese dialect.

On New Year ’s Eve, when his entire family celebrates the holiday, Santo and his best friend are walking through the streets of Milan. The police officers stopped them near the stolen Lambretta scooter, suspecting them of committing a crime.

As soon as their innocence becomes apparent, the police officers contact the parents of both boys, but the father of the main character refuses to recognize him, and then forces the boy to spend 4 months in a colony for the juvenile. Here the guy made friends with Slim, a boy from Calabria. A new friend went to jail for a few robberies. Together they will establish fruitful cooperation in the criminal world of Italy.

10. The Highwaymen

The famous rangers are on the list of best english Mafia movies to watch.

In 1934, the Great Depression is in full swing in the United States of America. Farmers go hungry, workers do not get paid, and the crime is flourishing. The country was flooded with tens of thousands of armed gangsters, which, contrary to prohibition and aggressive police actions, felt like kings of life. A young couple in love, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow, stood out among the notorious psychopaths. Together they created the gang of well-armed bandits. They robbed banks and killed everyone on their path. They moved between five states making it difficult for the police to catch them.

After they helped make a daring escape of criminals from a federal prison, Texas Governor hired ranger Frank Hamer to finally solve this long-standing problem. Preferring to work alone, he was not happy to cooperate with the retired law enforcement officer Manny Gault, but he had no choice. Together they had to stop Bonnie and Clyde.

9. The Collini Case

A judicial scandal is on the list of best modern Mafia films.

Caspar Leinen will have to investigate the sticky case of an unremarkable mechanic, the Italian Fabrizio Collini, who killed the German businessman Hans Meyer without apparent motive, after which he himself surrendered to the police. The state of affairs is complicated not only by Collini’s silence and the more experienced lawyer applying for the post of the protagonist but also by his personal participation in the case: the victim’s granddaughter Johanna. However, Leinen accidentally succeeds in finding a clue, thanks to which he realizes that he has been faced with the largest judicial scandal in Germany.

8. Joker

The main hero of the movie “The Joker” becomes a man named Arthur Fleck. He was absent for a long time in Gotham and now, after all this time, he decided to return to the city. Here he left his mother, for whom he is going to care for. He is completely not worried about the world around him and he believes that this is the most correct way of life. Everything is going as well as possible, but then at one point, he will find out that his family is somehow connected with the Wayne family. He is going to find out all this. In order to do this, he will have to become one who will terrify the streets of Gotham. What consequences will this lead to and what will he manage to find out?

7. Domino

ISIL is on the list of TOP 12 best Mafia movies of 2019 to watch.

The events of the film “Domino” unfold in the territory of Denmark. The main character still cannot recover from the death of a partner. They worked together for many years, and one day on the next mission, a man became the victim of a crazy killer. Now Christian wants to get on the trail of a criminal and punish him. Soon the man learns that Imran, who was part of ISIL, became the murderer of his partner. Now he has to send him to prison. After some time, the hero still manages to find the killer. However, he finds himself caught up in a dangerous operation arranged by the CIA. The main objective of this operation is to know the number of Syrian terrorists. The reason for this is that the attackers are preparing a big terrorist attack in Copenhagen. Imran becomes an assistant to Americans. However, at this time, Christian becomes a hindrance to the operation of the Intelligence Agency.

6. The Irishman

The surrounding reality is not perfect: people tend to spoil the life of themselves and their loved ones. Irishman is the nickname of a mysterious man hiding the past under a veil of secrecy. He managed to keep secrets until the police accused him of killing many thugs. It is necessary to prove innocence before the law, and it will be difficult to cope with this task alone. He will have to try hard to clear the name of dirt. He had a chance to change his own fate, but he must act quickly and intelligently, otherwise, he will not escape. Will a lone man be able to defend his honor and not go to jail because of killing gangsters?

5. Killers Anonymous

Killer Organization is on the list of really good Mafia films.

The plot of the film “Killers Anonymous” takes place around a secret society, which is located in a huge city. This society includes people who are strangers to each other, and they have only one desire – to kill. These are the most common killers working for a variety of people. They began to unite in order to exchange experiences and thoughts. This society has one unconditional rule – no one should disclose to outsiders what is happening within these building. However, something terrible is happening that makes the killers reconsider their lives.

4. The Corrupted

A criminal organization is in the TOP twelve good Mafia movies in theaters.

The action of this film takes place on the eve of the 2012 Olympic Games. Games are scheduled to be held in London. It was at this time that the protagonist comes out of jail. He is trying to regain the love and trust of his family that had been lost.

Once the guy was engaged in boxing and was quite talented in this area. Now he wants to achieve peace in his life in order to be able to be with his son Archie. However, it turned out that it is not easy to do. The fact is that his brother is connected with a criminal. It is hard to break this connection.

In the past, the main character was an assistant to this criminal. And he was the one who put him behind the bars. Then he was forced to take most of the blame for the crimes committed. The criminal is the head of a criminal organization and has connections with various politicians. The main character is trying to save his little brother, but he finds himself embroiled in a corruption plot.

3. The Brave

The third place of the list of best modern Mafia movies.

Lazarat is a small village located on the territory of Albania. After provocative interference in the policies of the state was carried out by other forces, a terrible event occurred that affected the lives of millions of citizens – they became participants in the civil strife, which instantly destroyed the established way of life. A bloody battle of participants began to unfold on the territory of peaceful valleys and huge megacities, which received not only financial support but also the latest weapons. The state simply falls apart forming small parts.

2. Triple Frontier

The protagonists of the film “Triple Frontier” are five operatives who are tired of their work. They constantly have to chase after drug dealers. To stop this mess, they decide to turn one tricky plan. The guys are going to kidnap the drug lord. This will help them to stop all the supply of drugs and provide a good future for themselves. If they kidnap him, they will get a lot of money, so it will be necessary to come up with a detailed plan.

1. Triple Threat

The first place of the TOP 12 best new Mafia movies 2019.

Fighter Payu serves on a secret intelligence base, hidden in the jungles of Thailand, which contains a dangerous terrorist Collins. A detachment of a former infantryman, Devereaux, is hired to free a valuable hostage. The bribed Thai guard Jaka helps to penetrate the protected area, but in exchange for the promised reward, he almost gets a bullet in the forehead. The same fate awaited the wounded Long Fei, but he guessed about the betrayal and managed to pull his partner out of the mined camp.

They begin to participate in underground fight club, where they meet the surviving Payu, who hopes to avenge the attackers for the death of his wife. While in the police station, the trinity willingly agrees to work for the wealthy young Chinese woman Xian, pursued by a gang of those mercenaries who left them to die.

The millionaire’s daughter stood up for the Chinese province that was unjustly oppressed by gangsters. In addition, even when they killed all her bodyguards, she did not abandon attempts to expose the criminal activities of drug traffickers, thanks to her father’s connections seeking an open trial. Now she has no choice but to entrust her life to three strangers who have long been looking for Devereaux.

TOP ends now.

By the way, TOP 12 new good Mafia movies 2019 release dates are available on the Web.

Thank you for watching TOP 12 good Mafia films 2019!

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