TOP 13 new good Heist movies 2019 – List

If you are going to see some interesting film with an exciting plot and do not know what to choose, then we recommend you TOP 13 best english Heist movies 2019 to watch. This popular genre is one of the oldest in the cinema. It is full of plot twists, tense moments, and high-dynamic scenes…

If you ready, we begin!

List of TOP 13 good Heist films

13. A.S. (25)

In the suburb of Belgrade, in a small rented apartment, lives a 25-year-old main character, who makes a living by petty theft. Andrei is his friend and accomplice. Together they decided to rob the exchange office, but on the planned evening, the robbery went wrong. In the hallway, they stumbled upon a girl, and Andrei took her hostage. As the police are looking for them, tensions rise, and the main character begins to make relationships with her. When the negotiator tries to convince the main character to give up, he realizes that he is lonely, and the girl taken hostage is everything that he will never have.

12. The Ruthless

Santo Russo is on the list of good english Heist movies.

Santo grew up in one of the poor areas of a small Italian town. Every day, he saw only violence, poverty, and people who sometimes had no money to buy food. Then he decided that his future should not be the same. The boy like many of his other peers was brought up on the streets with its cruel laws of survival. The teenager early learned all the injustices of adult life, but thanks to the courage, charisma, and cleverness, he was respected.

Enlisting the support of loyal comrades, he decided to break out of a poor area by any means. He succeeded. Now the main character of the film lives in Milan and has a lot of money. He earns a living by breaking the law. However, it is not easily to survive in the underworld, where he managed to earn credibility in the eyes of the mafia. The reason for this is that your best friend can turn unto the sworn enemy.

11. Chen mo de zheng ren

The survival of pathologist and his assistant is on the list of best english Heist movies to watch.

After killing the guards, armed criminals wearing masks rush into the Center for Forensic Medicine, where there are only one pathologist and his assistant. The motives of the gangsters are unclear, the goals are vague, and the medical workers will have a night of survival in a confined space.

10. Close

Sam does not fit the image of a typical woman. The reason for this is very unusual – the main character of the film “Close” chose an extraordinary profession and became an elite security expert. At the beginning of the story, she receives a new order but decides to abandon it, realizing the seriousness of the situation. As a result, the situation develops in such a way that Sam has to take under her protection a girl named Zoe, the daughter of a very rich man. When a girl’s father is killed, it becomes obvious that the girl is next in the list of criminals. Someone tries to kidnap Zoe, but Sam saves her. The protection by law enforcement agencies is not an option: not only hired killers but also police officers will chase the hero. Sam and Zoe are forced to kill several police officers with a dubious reputation. Sam’s attempts to contact the security company she works for lead to another attack by their pursuers. After this, the hero is finally convinced that she can only trust herself first. Meanwhile, Zoe’s stepmother is trying to take possession of all the assets of the family in order to deprive the stepdaughter of an inheritance.

9. The Highwaymen

Texas Rangers are on the list of best modern Heist films.

The actions of the crime drama occur in 1934 in the United States. A dangerous pair of criminals, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, who committed many crimes, including dozens of armed robberies, as well as several cold-blooded murders, escaped. All efforts have been made to find them, but the couple remains at large.

Then the governor decides to ask help from Texas Rangers Frank Hamer and his partner Maney Gault. These men managed to catch the most elusive criminals and this fugitive will not be an exception.

8. Motherless Brooklyn

The life of Lionel Essrog is on the list of best modern Heist movies.

The movie tells how one dishonest New York private detective named Frank Minna decides to take a few helpers from teens who are brought up in a Brooklyn orphanage called St. Vincent. Did he really need apprentices in his troublesome business, or did something stir in the soul of this man that made him try to atone for his many sins … Who knows? Anyway, he took four boys from the orphanage. Lionel Essrog is among them.

This young man suffers from several neurodevelopmental disorders, one of which is called Tourette, as well as a nervous tic.

Lionel spent most of his time in the library of the orphanage, where he read all the books. This was a clear sign that Tourette’s syndrome was developing because of which he either read something or watched someone … But soon these qualities were very useful to him.

7. Triple Threat

Tony Jaa is on the list of TOP 13 best Heist movies of 2019 to watch.

Somewhere in the jungles of Thailand, a detachment of mercenaries conducts an operation to rescue their leader who is declared as a terrorist. In the process, they kill everyone they meet and mine the camp. There they leave their own soldiers the Thai man Payu and the Chinese man Fei. They escaped and in order to earn money, they participate in an underground fight club. There they meet Jaka – the fighter who survived the attack on the camp. He dreams of avenging the death of his wife. In the morning, Payu and Fei go to the police station. At this time, a detachment of mercenaries already familiar to us is trying to kill the Chinese girl named Xian, who wants to spend her fortune on the development of the region and thereby put an end to crime. Almost all the bodyguards of the girl are killed and she miraculously gets to the same police station where Payu and Fei are located.

6. The Irishman

The film is based on real events that took place in America, which revolve around one of the most ruthless killers of the seventies, Frank Sheeran. Frank began his “career” as a car thief and a pickpocket. Strength of spirit helped him over the years turn into the worst criminal. In criminal circles, Sheeran was known as Irishman. Ruthlessness and imperturbability of the killer to his victims turned the gangster into a cold-blooded killer, whose thirst for blood over time only intensified.

The Irishman had a proprietary method of killing — a bullet behind the right ear. He managed to become a top-class hitman who completed more than thirty mission.

5. Polar

The professional killer is on the list of really good Heist films.

Duncan Vizla is one of the most dangerous and clever mercenaries. He always gets the job done. However, over the years, it has become increasingly difficult. Duncan understands that he is aging. The doctor advises the patient to go on a well-deserved rest. An accountant working for a mercenary corporation informs Vizla that he will have enough money for two lives, or even more. Duncan moves to Florida to live in a huge villa. Soon he meets a friend named Vivian who tells him about the death of his former colleague Michael. The man was shot in his own mansion. The most important thing is that this is not the only murder of a former killer…

4. The Informer

Since he’s been out, the protagonist of the exciting movie dreamed of forgetting forever about the past and starting a new life. In the past, he was a professional soldier and served in Special Forces. After committing a crime, he went to jail. Life in captivity seemed to him real torture. The hero decided that it would be foolish to turn down the opportunity to start everything from scratch. His family waited for him. It only turned out that the criminal past is not ready to let a man go so easily.  

The hero caught up with representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who told him to make a deal with them. The man had no other choice. He was faced with the task of becoming a member of a gangster grouping in Poland in order to bring the FBI agents to the leader of the organization. It was necessary not only to become a member but also to catch the leader in the act of selling drugs.

3. Synonyms

It is the third place of the TOP thirteen good Heist movies in theaters.

An Israeli man Yoav arrives in winter Paris in the hope that France will become his new home, and the French language a new means of communicating with the world. In one day, the hero manages to move into someone else’s abandoned apartment, lose all his clothes, nearly die from hypothermia, and make new friends. The saviors give him money, an iPhone, a magnificent Kenzo mustard coat, and a blurred fact that in time he will be able to become a real Frenchman.

2. Billion

When a father takes care of children, it is good. This is how it should happen because children raised in an incomplete family often grow up unhappy. The protagonist of the comedy film cannot be called a good father. The man has two sons born out of wedlock. He refuses to help and accept them. However, Matvey succeeded in business: obsessed by the financial sphere, he managed to become an influential banker. With this in mind, the behavior of a rich man who does not want to help his own children looks even more indecent. Matvey is so obsessed with the financial condition that he is afraid to share. At some point, fate turns away from the man. In a matter of days, he loses most of his savings. But the hero has a chance to return the money. However, it is not possible to do this without children. Now Matvey needs to do almost impossible – to restore the confidence of his sons and convince them to help him. Will the man be able to cope with it?

1. Triple Frontier

It is the leader of the TOP 13 best new Heist movies 2019.

The border zone between Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay is a paradise for terrorists and drug traffickers. Here they can feel completely safe, not even paying attention to the fact that special services sometimes attack their secret bases. For a long time, the Special Forces tried to clean up this place, but nothing brought the desired result. During military operations, many soldiers died, leaving their families without breadwinners. Five operatives believe that the time has come to act differently. They are no longer going to listen to the orders of the authorities and are ready to pull off their own operation. They are going to rob the local drug lord, thus killing two birds with one stone: deprive terrorists of funding and secure a comfortable future…

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