TOP 14 new good Suspense movies 2020 release

Suspense means anxiety and uncertainty. Of course, the master of the genre is Alfred Hitchcock but in this field, quite beautiful pictures have come out and are coming out from other authors. We will now look at a TOP 14 best english Suspense movies 2020 to watch.

If you ready, we begin!

List of TOP 14 good Suspense films

14. Fantasy Island

With the onset of summer, every resident dreams of leaving the stuffy city and moving to a resort. Rest under the scorching sun can brighten up even the most difficult period in life. However, not everyone can afford such a luxury. This is well known to Mr. Roarke, who constructed his fantasy island. The island can fulfill the most daring desires of wealthy clients. Roarke kept his project under wraps for months. And now, with the onset of the new holiday season, the fantasy island opens its doors to everyone.

People from all over America come here looking forward to an unforgettable vacation. It is difficult to surprise such people because they had visited many exotic resorts. However, what they have to face now will exceed all possible expectations.

13. The Invisible Man

Cecilia’s fear is on the list of good english Suspense movies.

Cecilia is a young woman whose life can seem like a fairy tale. She lives in an expensive mansion located on the outskirts of the metropolis. Cecilia can afford the most expensive outfits. She is married to a wealthy physicist. Her husband works in a local scientific laboratory but only a few people know about the research that he conducts.

Inside the walls of her huge house, terrible things are happening that have turned a woman’s life into a real nightmare. One day her husband began to conduct terrible experiments because of which he changed beyond recognition.

12. The Grudge

The cursed house is on the list of best english Suspense movies to watch.

The main character is a young woman working in the police. She is raising a child alone, which does not prevent her from fully devoting herself to work. Over the years of service, the hero had to deal with a variety of criminal cases. However, what she will have to deal with now will be beyond expectations. It all started with a challenge because of which the detective faced a shocking murder: a woman killed her entire family in her own house. And now the police officer has no choice but to begin her investigation of the whole incident.

After some time, she realizes that evil spirits may be involved. It becomes apparent that the house is cursed. And anyone who crosses its threshold will be doomed to a long and painful death.

11. Brahms: The Boy II

A happily married couple from America moves to Heelshire Mansion. For many years, the couple lived in a big city where they achieved a high level. Their income level allows them to move from the metropolis to a quiet suburb where the family could escape from the bustle of the city. They come across an advertisement for the sale of an old mansion. The husband and wife buy a mansion, after which they move there with their young son Jude.

The boy was against it because all his friends remain in the city. Here, far from his home, Jude has no one with whom he could spend his free time. Fortunately, on the very first day, Jude finds an old doll left in a local forest. The boy takes the doll with him spending all his free time with it. Jude had no idea how it would turn out.

10. Gretel & Hansel

Gretel and Hansel are on the list of best modern Suspense films.

Left alone, Gretel and Hansel are forced to rely only on their strength. They have lost touch with civilization and every day they are fighting for existence trying to get their shelter and food. The forest is fraught with many dangers that the kids did not even know about. However, after staying here a sufficient amount of time, they realized that even the kindest travelers could not be trusted, since their true intentions may be far from noble.

Everything changed when a small hut stood in the way of Gretel and Hansel. It might seem that the building is abandoned but it turned out to be wrong. A strange woman lives on the territory of the house. She turned out to be a good-natured woman. The stranger lets the children into her house and offers them everything they could dream of. However, what goals does the forest woman pursue?

9. Underwater

For decades, people have tried to conquer space, completely forgetting that on the surface of our planet there are no less amazing places that have not been studied by humankind. We are talking about the oceans, the depths of which are fraught with many threats, which many do not even know about. In the center of the plot are people who have devoted their entire lives to studying the depths of the ocean. They were honored to take part in a large-scale expedition to extract valuable minerals in the Mariana Trench. Here, far from the surface, they are on their own. The research station is provided with everything necessary for life and safety. Soon a catastrophe occurs, which forces scientists to flee.

Because of an underwater earthquake, the station breaks down. A certain group of people still managed to leave the sinking station. However, two researchers are trapped and are now forced to fight for their lives.

8. The New Mutants

Xavier’s mutants are on the list of TOP 14 best Suspense movies of 2020 to watch.

The world-famous Xavier, who became famous thanks to the role he played in the war between mutants and representatives of the human race, decided not to stop at good deeds. The man creates an incredible educational institution, which accepts mutants with superpowers. The main character knows perfectly well that all this will only bring positive results because he can teach mutants to control their powers so that they do not harm people.

The man starts working with his students and eventually concludes that some of them are stronger than others.

7. The Turning

Kate’s nightmare is on the list of really good Suspense films.

A young girl named Kate, who grew up in a small provincial town, is optimistic about moving to the capital. She expects to quickly find a high-paying job, break out of poverty and, possibly, make a good career. However, a huge metropolis meets its naive guest with an unfriendly attitude. To pay for an apartment and earn a living, she is forced to agree to a poorly paid job. Nevertheless, the girl tries not to lose heart and believe that everything will be ok.

After a certain period, an ad published in a local newspaper catches the eye of the main character. It says that a lonely but well-to-do man is looking for a responsible and kind-hearted woman of any age who will agree to become a nanny for his orphaned nephews.

6. Ghosts of War

The dark days of World War II will soon be over. In the meantime, the soldiers carry out the next task of the command – they are ordered to hold the French castle at any cost, previously occupied by the German command. Fighting comrades regard this as an opportunity for respite and relaxation after long years of bloody battles.

However, suddenly strange events begin to occur that turn being in the castle into a nightmare. They understand that they are not alone in the castle but their current enemy is the worst thing they have met on the battlefield. They make desperate attempts to leave this place but otherworldly forces do not want to let them go…

5. Relic

The hidden secret is on the list of best modern Suspense movies.

80-year-old Edna, after the death of her husband, lives alone in a small country house. She tries to manage the farm on her own but despite all her efforts, the estate gradually turns into an abandoned place. When, without warning her relatives, the old woman disappears without a trace, an upset daughter named Kay and granddaughter Sam immediately go out of town to find out the reason for what is happening.

4. Malasaña 32

The plot is set in the 70s of the last century. The young couple, tired of the troubled life in the provinces due to the crisis and lack of work, make the final decision to move to the capital and start from scratch. Taking with them three children and a paralyzed grandfather, the heroes make their way to Madrid and quickly find a large apartment in a decent area for a nominal fee.

Over time, family members begin to realize that they have strange feelings not at all due to the interior or architectural features of the building, and the pleasant impressions of the move are replaced by horror caused by a whole series of unexplained events. People begin to feel someone’s invisible presence nearby.

3. Candyman

The third place in the TOP fourteen good Suspense movies in theaters.

The film’s storyline is based on the ancient story of Candyman, who lived in the late nineteenth century. It all started when a black boy fell in love with a white girl, for which he was severely punished. The locals caught the young man, then smeared honey all over his body, and then released the bees, which bit the poor man to death. Although since that moment past many decades, they say that Candyman is not dead, and it can be summoned in a very simple way – just by reading a short spell standing in front of a mirror…

2. Behind You

A terrible story happened to the sisters who became the heroes of this drama picture. Claire and Olivia lived away from their home for a long time. They never had a home of their own. They did not know their father. And when the mother was alive, the whole family lived in the house of her sister Beth, who was distinguished by a grumpy character and not a very cordial attitude towards her relatives.

However, one day something terrible and inexplicable happened. Their mother went down to the basement and died in a completely incomprehensible way. It seemed that she had witnessed something monstrous and inexplicable to humans. As many as 40 years have passed since then.

All this time the sisters did not see their aunt. They were sent to another city immediately after the death of their mother. However, Beth was not happy when she saw her nieces. And not only because she has always been an inhospitable person but also for some other reason, hidden from the sisters.

1. Antlers

The first place in the TOP 14 best new Suspense movies 2020.

Something strange is happening in the schoolchild’s house. He is in no hurry to tell others about it, and only the teacher begins to suspect that the boy is in danger, and together with his brother-policeman decides to sort out the situation. Over time, they realize that they are not talking about harmless childhood fears: something sinister lurks within the walls of the old house.

TOP ends now.

By the way, TOP 14 new good Suspense movies 2020 release dates are available on the Net.

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