When does come out Cadaver movie 2018

The horror movie by Diederik Van Rooijen which will come in 2018 is called “Cadaver”. All known information on the movie, you can see in the article below, including the answer to the main question: “When does Cadaver come out?”

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Production and Creators

The production of the film will be made by the Dutch director D. Van Rooijen. He has a wealth of experience in thriller productions. For the films “Daylight” and “Taped”, he was twice nominated for a national Dutch film award. The work of the talented director was marked by Hollywood, so the American remake of the film “Taped” is already in production.

The script for the picture was written by Brian Sieve, previously he was involved in the work on the second and third parts of the franchise “Boogeyman”. Producers of the horror are Tod Garner and Sean Robins, with the support of Scott Strauss and Clint Coopper.

The events in the film will take place in the morgue, in which the employee of the police department got a job. Due to lack of money, the girl decided to find a part-time job and settled herself in the morgue of the nearest hospital. After a while, she begins to notice strangeness and inexplicable events, and then collides with the dead man, into which demons have settled.

Undoubtedly, the project is in the capable hands of Van Rooijen and can develop into a full-fledged franchise, like many other films of the studio “Screen Gems”. It is worth noting that the director in the near future plans to work on a remake of psychological thrillers “Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock.

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When is Cadaver 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will in the beginning of February 2018.


Possession is traditionally interpreted as the invasion into the human body of demon that controls his actions and thoughts, provoke unpredictable reactions and leads one way of evil.

Today, the Christian history of the universe a few demons took seriously, but the phenomenon has long excited the minds of researchers who are studying the issue.

Before we consider this issue, should distinguish between the religious interpretation of demonic possession and the phenomenon itself. Thousands of books are devoted to the demoniac, and they do not cease to appear every year. In general Christian tradition holds that the demon can bend the will of man, to bring down their prey from the right path and push to commit sins.

Thus, it is believed that the devil’s servants may change and the appearance and behavior of a person simply beyond recognition: their aggression towards others, suicidal tendencies, there are cases of epileptic seizures, there are hallucinations of various kinds, man talking on behalf of the devils that obsessed, sometimes even using unknown the language of science.

Irrational hatred of worshipers and Christian symbols is another important sign of demoniacism. But in this case, first of all, you need to talk about mental disorders, and not about any outside interference. So, to confirm the correctness of this approach, one can consider descriptions of obsession in the Islamic tradition, in which, dislike of everything Christian, of course, is not indicative of any deviations or, especially, interference of evil forces. In Islam, the signs of demon infestation in a person are his inadequate behavior, mental abnormalities, frequent loss of consciousness or hallucinations. It is common for Muslims to assign responsibility for such a person’s state to Shaytans or Jinn.

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The official movie Cadaver trailer is not available.


Recently released from a rehabilitation clinic for drug addicts female police officer tasked with patrolling the cemetery of the city hospital, there she will face a series of nightmarish events caused by possessed corpse.


  • S. Katic as Lisa Roberts / Nurse
  • G. Damon as Andrew Kurtz
  • S. Mitchell as Megan Reed
  • L. Herthum as Grainger

Release date

Cadaver 2018 movie release date is planned for February 2, 2018, in the USA.

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