When does come out The Conjuring 3 movie 2018

Released in theaters in 2013, a horror film “Conjuring” grossed over $ 300 million with a budget of 20 million. Three years later, on screen appeared a sequel, and with a budget of 40 million grossed more than 305. It is clear that the release of the third part is only a matter of time. And the main questions are: “What the story will be the basis for a new horror?” and “When does The Conjuring 3 come out?”

Interesting facts and details

It is interesting that the episode of the sequel actually took place in the career of the Warren’s. And it was only one story among many. We need to look no further than the exhibits in the museum for the purpose of verification. By the way, Annabelle doll, which told the original film, there is also available, so there is a lot of materials for the filming of the third part. We can only guess what will select a director, who often himself developing scenarios for his pictures. Well, that’s why James Wan has managed to become a classic of the genre even after the release of his first “Saw”.

For those who are waiting for the film “Conjuring 3”, the news is disappointing – everyone says that the new film we have to wait until 2018. Although, had proved that it is good to the film to wait. In 2018, James Wan’s project another will out– “Aquaman”. And how a director will be able to combine shooting both films is unclear. However, in 2016, also came two films of James Wan – “Conjuring 2” and “Lights out…”. Of course, the comics “Aquaman” is a more serious project and with a wild field, so the question: “Who will be a director of the third part?” remains open. Especially, other sources call the estimated release date of the film 2019.

When is The Conjuring 3 2018 coming to theaters?

It is planned to release movie for 2018.


It should be reminded that the plots of two stories are virtually unrelated, they are united only by personalities Ed and Lorraine Warren, demonologists and exorcists, which both tapes played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Incidentally, they are real people. Although Ed died in 2006, Lorraine is still alive and operates a small private museum which displays artifacts infernal.

In films is changing the place of action. So, if in the first part, the events took place in America. The plot of the films based on the case of the Perron’s family life, living in the seventies of the twentieth century in Rhode Island.

Perrons argued that in their house there are some ghosts and spirits. Moreover, they say the number of ghosts was such that the home was like a kind of funnel which is the bridge from the other world.

How to live in a house where you’re not alone and under the constant supervision of dozens of strangers? What they need in our earthly life and what they want from the ordinary people? Why Perron’s house was inhabited by them?

Of course, nothing in the world happens for a reason, everything always happens for some reason or someone’s fault. Especially, the spirits would not leave their familiar world without good reason to come to where they never expected. What is the message they want to convey?

What can make the ghosts go away from our world forever?

Each viewer will perceive the picture in different ways but there will be no one indifferent.

In the second part take place in the London area of Enfield. Here in the big house lived Hodgson family that faced with this poltergeist.  The couple will be faced with a very serious enemy – a daemon that has always sought to be the sole master of these places.

The problem is that citizens do not want to see supernatural causes. They tend to ascribe to each other all the troubles that befell the city. And rather than ask for help, the townspeople at war with each other.

The official movie The Conjuring 3 trailer is not available. The trailer will come closer to release of the movie.

The development of the plot does not surprise spectators, but the film, as the first part, a really terrible – gloomy and frightening due to its atmosphere and the favorite techniques of James Wan.

There is no information what will bring the third part and where will we go this time but we hope that details on the plot will appear soon.


  • V. Farmiga as Lorraine Warren
  • P. Wilson as Ed Warren

Release Date

The Conjuring 3 2018 movie release date is scheduled for 2018, in the USA. However, this information is not officially confirmed.

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