When does come out Eloise movie 2017


Upcoming release of a new detective thriller «Eloise» with elements of horror movie is one of the most anticipated cinema events of this winter. It is already known, when Eloise comes out, as well as technical details and the cast.

What is so interesting about this movie

Eloise is a detective horror thriller, which immerse the viewer in a sinister and fascinating story. Director of the picture is Robert Legato, who is well known for his work in the genre of science fiction and horror movie. One of the most famous of his works – the series Star Trek the scenario for «Eloise» was written by Christopher Borrelli – honored master of thriller and action movie. An experienced team of artists (Bill Boes, Gary Warshaw and Courtney Hoffman) and cameraman Antonio Riestra work on this picture.

Filming took place within the walls of the real psychiatric clinic «Eloise Insane Asylum», which is located on Lake Michigan in the United States and used to work from 1839 till 1984.

Eloise movie 2017

Budding horror movie with star cast

The creators of Eloise picked up a brilliant cast for the movie. Most of the actors played in famous motion pictures and are familiar for the viewer. The most famous of them: Eliza Dushku (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), Brandon T. Jackson (Californication), Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean), Chace Crawford (cartoon voice in Robot Chicken, Family Guy), P.J. Byrne (The Wolf of Wall Street, Bruce Almighty).

The concept of this horror movie is highly realistic. Thriller effect is created not by scary monsters, zombies or maniacs on the hunt, but by inner feelings and fears that live inside each person. Viewers will have to face their own fears via the adventures of the main characters of the movie. Mysticism, psychology and action intertwine in a common material, which have to satisfy the fans of the genre. Detective story and money issue gives the movie special sharpness and intrigue. The movie has to become a real present for all the fans of Horror genre.


The story takes place in an abandoned mental hospital where the main characters invaded to find the documents for their friend, which he need to get a huge heritage (over 1 million dollars). Sister of the main character, which left a legacy was treated in this clinic and he need to find the documentary confirmation of her death. Friends of the hero decided to help him and went to the hospital together to find the necessary documents. They did not even expect that their adventure will turn into a real nightmare.

Eloise movie

Psychiatric hospital is very sinister place. Clinic conducted horrific experiments on patients. Over its lifetime, it became an abode for many ghosts and souls that could not find the rest. The heroes of the movie face with the world of supernatural forces (Eloise ghosts).

In addition, inside the hospital premises formed a kind of temporal anomaly, in which events of the past, present and future are closely intertwined together. The heroes of the movie have to go through the terrible, scary and tragic events, together with the long-dead patient clinic. During this trip they meet with most of their fears, which they have to overcome and find the truth about themselves and their real past.

The plot of «Eloise» is very similar to the storyline of 2nd season of «American Horror» series, where the action is also taking place inside the psychiatric clinic, which is full of ghosts and mystic things. This theme is very extensive and exciting for the audience and we can expect many scary things in the movie. Detective component makes its own input, which is also not going to disappoint the audience.

Fans of mystical thrillers and horror movies will find a lot of interesting things and exciting things in this picture.

Eloise 2017 movie release date

The planned release date of Eloise movie in the United States is 3rd of February 2017.

Premiere in UK and Europe is planned on 6th of February. Viewers in Russia will be able to see this picture in theaters from 9th of February.

Movie Eloise trailer

Official movie trailer is already available on youtube.

Judging by the video, Eloise 2017 is dynamic and eerie thriller which can make the audience freeze in front of the screen. The movie has quality visual picture, bright and harmonious visual effects and good musical arrangement.

Good reason to go to the cinema this winter.

It is already defined, when Eloise is coming to theaters.  For the fans of mystic genre, thrillers and horror movies it is a good opportunity to go to the cinema to watch a good movie.

It seems that authors of the movie did a really good job, and Eloise may be one of the best movie premieres of this winter. It is possible that «Eloise» is the best horror movie, which came out recently.

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